Welcoming Camilla Zhang to Kickstarter’s Publishing & Comics Team

Today we’re excited to announce that Camilla Zhang has joined Kickstarter as Comics Outreach Lead. As a creator herself, Camilla’s work has been published by Top Cow, Reading with Pictures, and Crossed Genres. She’s also worked with Marvel, Mad Cave, Reading with Pictures, and DC Comics, where she helped edit the entire Before Watchmen series, Batman: Black & White Vol. 4, Batman: Death by Design, and Batman: Noël. And last year, she was selected to be in Marjorie Liu’s Genre Fiction workshop at VONA, an organization for writers of color.

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Join us for Kickstarter’s Summer of Poetry

Photo by Lauren Renner
Photo by Lauren Renner

Take part in a season-long celebration featuring new poetry projects, live readings, and more.

Poetry, one of the world’s oldest art forms, is thriving online. With so many options for how to share work and engage with new audiences, it seems like there has never been a more exciting time to be a poet.

Kickstarter is a place that connects poets and poetry publishers with readers who care deeply about their work. Since 2009, more than five hundred poetry projects have come to life with the help of the readers and poetry lovers on Kickstarter. We’ve seen chapbooks like No Experiences, anthologies like Anchored in Deep Water, translations such as Then Come Back (the lost poems of Pablo Neruda), a live performance series from Button Poetry, and even a poetic tarot deck.

In June, we’re launching our first-ever Summer of Poetry, a season-long celebration featuring amazing new projects and poets for you to discover, poetry readings on Kickstarter Live, and events at our Brooklyn HQ. We want to spark conversations about what poetry is, who gets to write and publish it, how poetry sustains us, and how we can expand the world of poets and poetry.

Photo by Lauren Renner
Photo by Lauren Renner

“Poetry surprises and deepens our sense of the ordinary. Poetry tells us that the world is full of wonder, revelation, consolation, and meaning.” —Tracy K. Smith, U.S. Poet Laureate

We invite you to participate in these conversations with us by launching your own project sometime between June 1 and August 30. (Check out our video about how to raise funds and build community around your poetry project on Kickstarter.)

Learn more about Kickstarter’s Summer of Poetry here, and be sure to send your project links, treatises, explorations, readings, videos, events, raw material in all its rawness, and any other ways you are celebrating poetry to poetry@kickstarter.com.

We can’t wait to hear your voice.

Ready to launch a project? Head here.

New: Watch for the Hardware Studio Badge on Projects

Last year we announced Hardware Studio, an initiative from Kickstarter, Avnet, and Dragon Innovation that helps hardware creators get ready for manufacturing. A major part of that effort is Hardware Studio Connection, which allows qualified creators to get one-on-one advice from the electronics and manufacturing experts at Avnet and Dragon.

The Connection program has been a bit under the radar since then, but that’s about to change. After spending months developing their projects with help from the experts, four participants in the program are launching on Kickstarter today.

These projects will stand out in two ways. All participants in Connection will have a “Hardware Studio” badge under their project video:

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Introducing Kickstarter’s New Director of Music — Meredith Graves

Today we’re happy to announce that Meredith Graves joins Kickstarter as our Director of Music. Meredith embodies a spirit of creative independence at the core of Kickstarter. She’s a talented writer who explores music, language, and identity for publications including Pitchfork, SSENSE, and i-D. She’s the founder and frontwoman behind the hardcore punk band Perfect Pussy. She established the independent record label and book publisher Honor Press. And most recently she was an anchor and journalist for MTV News, where she discussed rank-choice voting and Album Generic Flipper with Krist Novoselic, freestyled with Migos, and accidentally became a meme after a particularly Chance encounter with Beyoncé.

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Exploring a “Totally Virtual Ecosystem” with DiMoDA and The Creative Independent

Join the Digital Museum of Digital Art (DiMoDA) for the launch of its third VR-based exhibition with a preview event hosted by The Creative Independent at National Sawdust on Thursday, May 17.

It’s important to understand that virtual reality, augmented reality, and all these other nascent technologies are creating a new world. In this new virtual ecosystem, people are going to be able to experience each other socially, buy things, and even become other things. So since our society is moving in that direction, it’s important to establish good precedents while we have the chance… In a way, that’s the responsibility: to propose alternative views, alternative content, and bring people to the table that would normally not have a seat in writing the future.

— Alfredo Salazar-Caro, co-founder of the Digital Museum of Digital Art (DiMoDA), in an interview with The Creative Independent

Here at Kickstarter, we’re always keen to see how artists and other types of creative people will push the boundaries of new technologies to build the future they want to see. That’s why we’re thrilled that on May 17, artist and DiMoDA co-founder Alfredo Salazar-Caro will be showcasing the third VR-based exhibition he’s produced as the latest installment of an event series from The Creative Independent.

The Creative Independent is a resource of emotional and practical guidance for creative people, published by Kickstarter, PBC. This year, The Creative Independent has been collaborating with the Williamsburg-based, Kickstarter-funded venue National Sawdust to produce a series of events focused on process, collaboration, and what it takes to bring brand-new creative works to life. As part of this series, DiMoDA will share its latest VR-based exhibition, titled New Talismans + Mind/Body Dualism, during an immersive walk-through and artist talk happening on May 17, 2018.

How can art be curated and exhibited for a completely virtual space? What does it take to develop creative work in a technology that’s still so nascent? After a projected tour of the new exhibition, these questions and more will be discussed by Alfredo alongside featured artists Rindon Johnson, Shane Mecklenburger, and Christine Papania and Benjamin Forest of ARIADNE, who created the soundscape for the immersive exhibition.

If you’d like to see this immersive exhibition for yourself, be sure to grab an advanced ticket via National Sawdust’s website.

Welcoming Kickstarter Fellow Marisa Mazria Katz

Today, I’m happy to announce the appointment of Marisa Mazria Katz as our newest Kickstarter Fellow. 

Marisa is a New York-based writer who has covered culture and politics in cities that include Casablanca, Kabul, Port-au-Prince, and Istanbul. Her work has been featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Review of Books, Time, Vogue, and The New York Times. In addition to her writing, she ran a U.S. State Department-sponsored program in Casablanca, Morocco, that taught journalism and blogging to youth who have been marginalized. 

Marisa Mazria Katz
Marisa Mazria Katz
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Kickstarter Comes to London's V&A Museum

The Victoria & Albert Museum in London is a vast temple of design and the decorative arts, with a world-renowned collection of over 2.3 million objects. So when the museum asked us to help curate a selection of Kickstarter projects for their latest exhibit, we said… yes please.

The exhibit, which opens Saturday, is called The Future Starts Here, and it explores the power of design in shaping the world of tomorrow. Its curator, Dr. Rory Hyde, asked us to put together a list of projects that came to life on Kickstarter and were making an impact on the world, but that might not have found support through conventional means. From there, in conversation with Rory, we settled on four exemplary projects.

We’re so grateful that the V&A is recognizing the innovative work of our design and technology creators. Here are the projects that will be displayed in a Kickstarter-themed case at the exhibit:

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Join Kickstarter at the 2018 Bay Area Maker Faire

Sometimes, how you make something is just as important as what you make. At this year’s Maker Faire in San Mateo, California, we’re showcasing creators who use materials in innovative, unexpected ways to make their projects more sustainable, accessible, or just plain beautiful.

You’ll see functional microscopes you can fold out of paper, architectural building components 3D-printed out of clay, lamps grown from mushroom roots, and much more. Read on to learn about what you’ll find at our booth and beyond.

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