Kickstarter Projects Recommended Just for You

There are 5,841 creative projects to discover, be inspired by, and support on Kickstarter right now. A couple hundred more from around the world will launch before the day is over. They spring from the minds of emerging and established creators of all stripes, and span the creative spectrum. There’s something for everyone. But how can you find the ones that speak directly to you?

Today we're announcing something helps with just that: Recommendations.

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The Kickstarter Film Team's Top Five Animated Films

We're thrilled to share that two acclaimed, animated Film projects from Kickstarter creators have been recognized by The Academy this year. Congratulations to Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson (Anomalisa, nominated for Best Animated Feature) and Don Hertzfeldt (World of Tomorrow, nominated for Best Animated Short) whose groundbreaking films are in the running to win the little gold man. We’ll be crossing our fingers Sunday night as we cheer on these talented Oscar nominees.

To celebrate these nominations, Liz Cook, George Schmalz, and Dan Schoenbrun from our Film team have put together a list of animated works that have influenced them and had lasting personal resonance.

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The Envelope, Please: Celebrating the Kickstarter Creators Nominated for Oscars

Here at Kickstarter HQ, we're eagerly counting down to Sunday, when we'll be celebrating the film industry's biggest night: the Academy Awards. Since 2011, at least one Kickstarter-funded film has been nominated for an Oscar each year — including one win in 2013 for Inocente, which took home a statue for Best Documentary Short. 

This year, we're rooting for the incredible works of three Kickstarter creators who have made the coveted cut. Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson’s Anomalisa, which was funded on Kickstarter with the help of 5,770 backers, is nominated for Best Animated Feature, while Don Hertzfeldt’s World of Tomorrow, now available on Blu-ray thanks to 4,478 passionate fans, is nominated for Best Animated Short. We're also singing the praises of "Manta Ray" by J. Ralph and Anonhi (formerly known as Antony Hegarty), which is nominated for Best Original Song. "Manta Ray" appeared in the film Racing Extinction — which was titled The Heist when 1,086 backers helped bring it to life.

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Introducing the Community Tab

It takes just one person to launch a Kickstarter project, but that’s only the beginning.

Behind every successful campaign is a community of people who want to help the creator’s idea come to life. More than 10 million people from 231 countries and territories have supported creative projects on Kickstarter. That spirit of community and global demonstration of generosity is something we wanted to celebrate. So we created the Community Tab: a new way to put the people who make projects possible front and center.

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A One-on-One with our Dance Outreach Lead, Jes Nelson

This Sunday (yes, Valentine's Day), our Dance Outreach Lead, Jes Nelson, has opened up her schedule to hold one-on-one consultations with dancers to talk about their project ideas. She's hosting these in collaboration with the 44th Dance on Camera Festival, New York's most widely attended dance films event, celebrating dancers, filmmakers, and the thought provoking films that bring them together. 

If you're in New York this weekend and would like to chat about your dance project, sign up for a one-on-one. She'll be hosting them on Sunday, February 14, starting at 1PM. If you can't make it, you're still in luck. We had our own one-on-one with Jes, and she gave us some pointers on how to get started.

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Announcing the Kickstarter + Berlinale Talents Network Partnership

Kickstarter is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Berlinale Talents, an initiative of the Berlin International Film Festival (known as the Berlinale) taking place February 13-18, 2016. 

The partnership’s primary goal will be to nurture and engage creative talent. Since 2003, Berlinale Talents has been the festival’s creative academy, summit, and networking platform for up-and-coming film professionals from around the globe. The summit runs for six days during the Berlinale and offers a wide variety of program elements such as master classes, panel discussions, workshops, and various hands-on training and script development programs for three hundred invited film professionals from twelve fields of work, as well as the cinema-loving audiences of Berlin. This new partnership is part of Kickstarter’s ongoing initiative to provide education and mentorship opportunities for emerging talent in the film community.

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