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Kickstarter in Canada: the Yearbook

  1. Stop Internet Slow Lanes

    When you click around the Internet today, you might see a well-known and much-loathed symbol: the spinning wheel that means loading, waiting, pausing, buffering, and waiting some more.

    No one wants to see this! It’s the worst! But today we, and some of our favorite sites, are choosing to display it as a form of protest. We’re speaking out against the FCC’s draft Internet regulations that would allow cable companies to create a two-tiered Internet, divided into fast and slow lanes. These proposed rules would stifle innovation, discourage creativity, and destroy the Internet that we know and love.

    We’ve been speaking out about Net Neutrality for a while, in the Washington Post and on this blog. But now it’s really down to the wire, with final comments due to the FCC on September 15. Today is the day to tell our elected officials: this isn't right, and we won't stand for it. Please call your Senator and add your name to this letter of support. Otherwise we’ll all be seeing a lot more of that spinning wheel.

    Thank you.

  2. Introducing the #LOL Tag

    What is comedy? Webster's Dictionary defines it as ... haha, just kidding. We wouldn't do that to you. 

    Comedy is definable in the broadest sense, but also so personal. Because of its specific nature, actually defining Kickstarter projects as comedy is tricky. It makes sense to put, say, The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival in the comedy tag (comedy is in the name), but what about more conceptual projects like the Nicolas Cage Tea-Towels or the Sleepy Hoosband Calendar? What if you don't think those are funny? Turns out that's okay, because our new (and growing) #LOL tag encompasses all kinds of comedy projects, from Obvious Child to The UK's First Major Bubble Football Tournament, to the project where Kurt Braunohler hired a skywriter to write stuff like "how do I land?" in the sky. 

    The tag is still growing, and will probably continue to grow as long as people have weird, idiosyncratic ideas they'd like to bring into the real world. Check it out right here.

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