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  1. 2014: The Second Quarter in Numbers

    A lot has happened since April when we last took a look at the numbers — we threw a block party for the Kickstarter community, shared the Creator Handbook, created a page that collects over 100 Kickstarter-funded games, went to the White House Maker Faire with a dozen creators, and launched some new features to make starting a project even easier.

    Here are the full numbers for Q2 (April 2 - July 1, 2014):

    Dollars pledged to projects: $144,210,565
    Average pledged per day: $1,584,731
    Successfully funded projects: 5,716
    Total backers: 1,132,329
    New backers: 703,604

    Here’s a snapshot of what April to July looked like:

    By the Numbers:

    1,000,000,000 dollars now pledged to successfully funded projects.

    1,584,731 dollars pledged, on average, each day in Q2.

    373,977 Project Updates were “liked” between April and July. That’s a lot of good updates!

    105,857 people backed Reading Rainbow, which now holds the record for the Kickstarter project with the most backers.

    11,724 people backed more than 10 projects.

    1,073 Kickstarter-funded films were submitted to the Kickstarter Film Fest! (We watched every single one of them! See the final slate here.)

    370 people backed more than 50 projects.

    148 Kickstarter-funded games are available to Play Now! Here are some of the top picks from members of the community.

    113 new sub-categories! We added everything from Space Exploration to Vegan Food to Mobile Games to Photojournalism, and more. Some might say there’s a sub-category for everything.

    24 Kickstarter-funded products were featured in the MoMA Design Store.

    20 works of art were featured in Kickstarter’s first art show! We included pieces by Jeremy Bailey, Swoon, Heather Hart, Howard Tangye, and the Marina Abramovic Institute.

    11 people spoke with us for a story that answered the question Why there are so many wallets on Kickstarter?

    10 new people joined the Kickstarter team between April and July.

    3 Kickstarter-funded comics were nominated for Eisner Awards!

    2 new featured categories were added. Say hello to Journalism and Crafts!

    1 awesome block party went down! Thanks to the tens of thousands of people who came out to enjoy a beautiful day in Brooklyn. Relive it here.

    For more, check out our stats page, updated at least once a day with the raw data behind Kickstarter.

  2. How to Host Your Own Kickstarter Film Fest

    The fourth annual Kickstarter Film Fest begins July 18 in Brooklyn, with more screenings to come in Los Angeles and London. Can’t make any of those? No problem! The Kickstarter Film Fest can also swing by … your house! To learn how to screen the whole program for yourself and your friends, just watch the video above. (Go ahead, we’ll wait.)

    Got it?

    For reference, here's just about everything you’ll need to have a great DIY fest of your own:

    • A thing to watch on. A computer works great. A big-screen TV is even better. And if it’s nice where you are, you can get a projector, go outside, and watch the festival on a great big white sheet or a wall.
    • A thing to sit on. Chairs are cool, but the thing you sit on can also be the ground. If it’s the ground and there’s grass, maybe get a blanket involved, so your clothes don’t stain.
    • Popcorn (optional). To get popcorn, basically just apply heat to some unpopped popcorn kernels. A little oil helps. Some people like to add butter and salt.
    • Beverages. Popcorn can be salty, especially if you salt it. Keep a delicious beverage handy! (This is not optional because it’s actually pretty important to stay hydrated.)
    • People who you like who maybe enjoy films. One thing we’ve learned at Kickstarter is that the world is full of terrific people who enjoy watching films while sitting on things and holding delicious beverages. You probably know some. You’re probably related to a few! Get them in the mix. The more the merrier.
    • This link. You'll have to wait until July 18th before you use it — but once everything’s ready, you'll be able to head right here and get started. Have fun, and thanks for helping all these great films come to life!
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