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The First 100,000 Funded Kickstarter Projects in 100 Numbers

Last night at 11:29pm EST, an inspired and visually striking photography project called “Falklands/Malvinas: One War, all Wars” became the 100,000th project to be successfully funded with Kickstarter. Using a system that didn’t exist just seven years ago, photographer Adriana Groisman and 282 of her supporters pushed another creative idea one step closer to reality.

In the 6 years, 9 months, and 10 days since Kickstarter launched, much has changed and much has remained the same. It still takes tremendous courage to step out on a limb, and try to create something entirely new. But from where we stand, the state of creativity is more encouraging than ever. To celebrate this milestone we took a look at 100 numbers behind those first 100,000 successfully funded projects. It's a list that reflects some of the best and brightest qualities of the Kickstarter community, and the creative spirit that animates it.

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Unsolicited Advice for Project Launch Week

Everyone at Kickstarter HQ knows that I'm a huge fan of planners and notebooks, and Adam J. Kurtz's (a.k.a. ADAMJK) are definitely one of my faves. Every year for the past four years, he's run a project for his "Unsolicited Advice" agendas. Each one is full of little quips, maxims, and exercises to keep you motivated throughout the year. This year's even came with stickers. Who doesn't love stickers? 

We're always coming up with different suggestions and tools to help creators through the process of starting their projects, but nothing comes close to this thorough planner of sorts that Adam has put together for us. (Sorry, no stickers in this post.) –– Carol

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Introducing Badges for Projects We Love

To date, there have been more than 280,000 creative projects on Kickstarter — phew! Whether you’re a backer looking to find great ideas, or a creator looking for inspiration for your own project (or both), we want to help you find compelling ideas that are thoughtfully presented, exciting, and that bring communities together. With this in mind, we’re excited to introduce Projects We Love, a simple way for us to feature projects that go the extra mile.

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Creator Hangouts talks Immersive Theater with Tassos Stevens

Our last Creator Hangout brought us face-to-face with Tassos Stevens, the founder, runner, and artistic director of Coney, a troupe that specializes in immersive theater. What does Coney consider immersive theater? Imagine a performance that takes place in the heart of your town or city, guided by prompts from a phone call. Intrigued? Hear what Tassos had to say about Coney's past Kickstarter projects, and something new that's in the works:

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Ein paar Tips für deinen Projektstart von den zweifachen Projektgründern aus der Designagentur THINKS

We recently had some great Creator Hangouts with German creators. Here are some of the highlights for our German-speaking friends!

Was sind die kleinen Dinge, die man noch vor dem Kampagnenstart machen kann, um auf Kickstarter erfolgreich zu werden? Florian Goetzke und Lennart Rieper von der Hamburger Design Agentur THINKS erzählten uns, wie sie sich auf ihre Kampagne für das Projekt Towell vorbereitet haben. Hier sind drei ihrer tollen Tricks.

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What would you ask your favorite filmmaker?

Our film team considers this question quite regularly. Right now they're at Sundance hosting office hours, chatting with filmmakers, and watching #KickstarterFilm screenings. But even when they're not out and about chatting with directors, producers, and other folks that make films happen, they're doing it right here at Kickstarter HQ. Here's a recap of who our film team has spoken with during their last few Creator Hangouts.

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Announcing Kickstarter for Android

At last, Kickstarter has an Android app. And you can get it right now, right here.

With this first release, we focused on creating a great discovery experience for backers. It's easy to dive into thousands of live creative projects from every corner of the Kickstarter universe. But it's just as easy to hone in on specific projects most likely to speak to you, or be surprised by ideas you didn’t expect to find.

We've built in a personal approach to discovering new projects — and connecting to older ones — by including our activity feed. From spotlighting projects your friends have recently backed, to surfacing the latest updates from creators you’ve supported in the past, activity feed is a play-by-play of all the news that should be on your radar. And if you want the latest from projects you’re following immediately, you can also be notified directly when they post an update.

The most hardcore Android fans will appreciate that our designers and engineers followed Google’s material design guidelines when building the app, so it looks and feels really nice, too. This is just version 1.0, so stay tuned for more features — like tools allowing creators to manage their projects.

Go ahead and download the app (it’s free!), and let us know what you think. We hope you love it as much as we loved making it for you.