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20 Questions with Roman Mars

  1. 20 Questions: Photographer Alex Davis

    If you look at photographer Alex Davis' project page, his goal is pretty no frills. He has 100 rolls of film. He wants to get them developed. He wants to make a book of those photos. The photos are great, full of tiny details, like a piercing stare or a windshield streaked by dust and wipers. They're well worth being published in a book. You can see a selection scattered throughout the interview below. 

    Tell us about the last great meal you had: 

    Thai food place in Cincinnati called Thai Express. Stir fried chicken with veggies—spice level 8—it's on point.

    First movie you saw in the theater: 

    Don't remember, but do remember watching the first Freddy Krueger movie, scared the shit out of me.

    Small thing you can’t live without: 

    My watch.

    Music you loved as a teenager: 

    East coast hip-hop, I took a train from Cincinnati to LA with my grandparents, the only CD I listened to was Big Pun's Capital Punishment album. I know it by heart. I was always the young buck of the crew, and we always listened to Wu-Tang. Once we got that Ghostface Iron Man album, we had it on repeat.

    How do you start each morning? 

    I've been into this Buddhist book I borrowed from my friend who lives in NYC.

    Favorite app? 

    Translate app, I'll talk through text for a whole day to friends in a different language, helps me learn how to speak a different language too.

    What’s your computer desktop/phone lock screen?

    Nine screen shots of Sean Sheffey doing a SS flip in the Mouse video. The one that he is styling like a pimp, that line at the LA Grey Hound bumps. DA BEST.

    Your favorite personal item of clothing: 

    Recently its been this zip-up jacket I found in my parent's basement. Its all white with navy blue sailboats all over it. Or maybe this Buddhist ring I got when I was in Italy about four years ago. I just got it fixed.

    What do you carry with you every day? 

    This pen I got from the army surplus store, it has magical powers. It will write in 250 temp, plus the freezing cold, way below zero. Also you can write upside down, it's water proof, it's dope. I don't know when I'll be in any of these situations but you always gotta be ready to get a girl's number.

    Favorite place to eat: 

    Mom Dukes' house

    Place you wish everyone could visit: 

    White House, moon and Mars on the same night.

    Last idea or factoid you came across that stayed in your brain: 

    That this is just a long ass dream that is already planned out. Everyone is on the right path whether you like it or not. You can change it, but it's what is already gonna happen.

    Person in your field whose career/life/work you admire: 

    GXONETHOA CREW. Video in the works.

    Who did you learn the most from? 

    My pops. Actually I'm still learning. Life is hard to figure out so I've stopped thinking about it. Just going on with whatever is happening. For all the kids out there, just go on with your life and do whatever you want. Don't bite anyone, just be yourself. If you have a positive idea, jump up and do it. Fuck the rest.

    Favorite thing about the place you live: 

    Fav thing about the place I live is that I don't live anywhere. I was in SF for about six months, then went back to Cincinnati for a month, then went to NYC for a month. Now back in Cincy for a month, next stop is SF.

    Favorite time of day and why: 

    When the sun is out.

    What is the last thing you made?

    This interview happen. Sike! Nah. I made a few collages in London while I was on a skate trip. I would get free newspapers from the tube. They turned out pretty dope.

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    Recently the Radiotopia crew came to our office to have a conversation about how they got where they are — and where they are is pretty special. Uniting a number of exceptional storytellers under one banner, Radiotopia points to a bright future for podcasting. Considering the storytelling chops on display, it's no surprise that their conversation was fascinating all the way through: whether they were talking about the future of audio storytelling or the past.

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