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Meet the Team: Victoria and Alfie

  1. Kickstarter Celebrates Documentary Month

    Somewhere between the invention of Netflix Streaming and right now, documentaries started enjoying quite a renaissance. It's not like they weren't great before, we're just saying that after a whole lot of them popped up on Netflix, we heard the sentence "I just want to watch a documentary" 98% more times than before (not actual math). 

    Similarly, we noticed that our friends were suddenly experts in really weird things like fainting mountain goats or modern vikings or lost photographers. What we're saying is that docs are entertaining and informative and often beautifully done. Furthermore, there are a whole lot of them that were funded through Kickstarter, all very much worth watching, especially as it starts to get cold and dark before lunchtime. 

    As luck would have it, November is the month when not one but four documentary festivals are happening all over the globe. Guess what?! We'll be at all of them, so check below for a handy guide of what to see and do if you're thinking about attending any (or all) of them.

    CPH: DOX, November 6-16, Copenhagen, DK

    We've partnered with CPH: DOX to select five documentary projects from their community that will be launching Kickstarter campaigns over the next year. The projects will receive hands-on mentorship from Kickstarter staff, and great documentary vets like Gary Hustwit (Helvetica, Objectified) and Rachel Grady (Detropia), among others. In addition, our very own George Schmalz will be hosting a discussion about making and producing documentaries with Kickstarter. In addition, the ten films below will be screened as part of CPH: MARKET.

    Above All Else // Approaching the Elephant// Art And Craft //  Below Dreams // Buffalo Juggalos // First to Fall //  In Country // RICH HILL // Tomorrow We Disappear // A Will for the Woods

    DOC NYC, November 13-20, New York, NY

    DOC NYC happens on our home turf of New York, and the roster of docs being shown is proof: a whopping 38 films made by Kickstarter alumni will be shown at the festival. In addition, our own Dan Schoenbrun and Kickstarter film alumni David Thorpe (Do I Sound Gay), Chad Walker and Dave LaMatina (I Am Big Bird), Mina T. Son and Sara Newens (Top Spin) will host a panel featuring lessons in creative funding, promotion, and audience engagement.

    Do I Sound Gay? // The Yes Men Are Revolting // Back on Board // I Am Big Bird // Almost There // In Country // Kasama-Yaki (Made in Kasama) // The Life and Mind of Mark DeFriest // The Wound and The Gift // Rubble Kings // Some Kind of Spark // Stop // Tough Love // Florence, Arizona // Grazers: A Grass-Fed Beef Cooperative Story // Hotline // Haunters // Little White Lies // Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine // Sex and Broadcasting, a film about WFMU // Marmato // The Return // Capturing Grace // 9-MAN // Top Spin // She's Beautiful When She's Angry // Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia Lost Rock n Roll // Heaven Adores You // Salad Days: The Birth of Punk Rock in the Nation's Capital // Love & Terror // Finding Vivian Maier // Keep On Keepin' On // RICH HILL // Reverence: A Documentary Short on Branded Yarmulkes // Cherry Pop: The Story of the World's Fanciest Cat // World's Longest Yard Sale // Embedded // Us, Naked

    RIDM, November 12-23, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Montreal's RIDM features a number of innovative, experimental docs including three Kickstarter-funded films: Clouds, Buffalo Juggalos, and Evaporating Borders.

    IDFA, November 19-30, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam is Europe's largest doc festival, and Dan Schoenbrun and Liz Cook from Kickstarter's film team will be in attendance to talk about Kickstarter projects that experiment with the way we tell stories, whether it be in cinema, journalism, technology, or any other projects that exist outside the realm of film.

    If you're attending IDFA, Liz will also be on hand to meet with filmmakers that want advice or feedback about Kickstarter projects.

    See hundreds of films made with Kickstarter on our Watch page.

  2. Brain Dump: Bleeding Palm's Ronnie Rivera

    The Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse is hard to explain. Or it isn't. In fact, it's exactly what the title says it is: Miami Heat's Christopher Bosh has animated adventures as a "weird crazy space god." To (hopefully) better understand the mind behind such a bizarre piece of art, we talked to one the people behind the series, Bleeding Palm's Ronnie Rivera, about swamps, killer whales, and tropical Chinese food.

    How do you start each morning?

    Coffee, coffee, coffee while I stare blankly at a computer screen for about an hour wondering where I went wrong.

    Small thing you can’t live without:

    My mini Wacom drawing tablet

    Last great meal you had:

    Dim Sum at Tropical Chinese restaurant

    Music you loved as a teenager: 

    The Subhumans, N.W.A., Dr. Dre, Dead Kennedys, Kreamy Lectric Santa, The Crumbs

    Place you wish everyone could visit:

    Big Cypress Swamp, there is a darkness and emptiness there that everyone should experience.

    Last idea or factoid you came across that stayed in your brain:

    The killer whale is a natural predator of the moose.

    First movie you saw in the theater:


    Person in your field whose career/life/work you admire:

    Lucas Pope, the artist behind Papers, Please and the upcoming Return of the Obra Dinn.

    Favorite app? 


    What’s your computer desktop/phone lock screen?

     Your favorite personal item of clothing: 

    My Vault 101 hoodie

    What do you carry with you every day? 

    Lucky 20 sided dice

    Favorite place to eat: 

    Josh’s Deli in Surfside

    Who did you learn the most from? 

    The internet.

    Favorite thing about the place you live:

     It is seriously crazy here.

    Favorite time of day and why: 

    My favorite time of day is early evening after the evil daystar has set, it's less humid then.

    First book you remember being really affected by:

    The Stranger

    Favorite thing to work with: 

    It's been a while, but I love to work with acrylic paint on wood panel.

    What is the last thing you made? 

    Concept art for a future project tentatively called GLADEZ: 2077

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