Kickstarter at San Diego Comic-Con 2016

July has arrived, and with it comes that monolithic manifestation of all things comics and pop culture known as Comic-Con International. Its exhibit halls, awards, panels, and programming are positively packed with Kickstarter projects and creators. In celebration of said projects and creators, here are some of the Kickstarter-related goings-on at this year’s Comic-Con.

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The Project Review Process: From Submitting to Getting Approved

A big part of the work that we do on the Community Education team is checking in with other teams to understand any feedback that we're getting from you –– our community. One area that brings up a lot of questions is our project review process. This post will address the most frequently asked questions we get about project review and highlight some helpful pointers from our Integrity and Support teams. They’re the pros that review all of the projects that come our way and answer many questions about our rules. Together, we've pulled together everything you need to know about the project review process.

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Black Lives Matter

The tragedies that have taken place this past week in Baton Rouge, Minnesota, and Dallas have been heartbreaking, and infuriating. Painfully, they are not events isolated to this moment. Racial inequality is systemic, racial prejudice is pervasive, and racial injustice is overwhelming. The unbearable atrocities they precipitate are far too frequent.

But that truth is not inevitable. Speaking up matters. Standing together matters. Peace and understanding and common purpose matter. We stand with #BlackLivesMatter, and with the friends and families of all those affected by these tragedies. 

Please learn more and get involved here.


Hey, UK! Kickstarter + The Guardian are hosting five talks, just for you.

Since our UK launch in 2012, we’ve been (delightfully) overwhelmed with the number of brilliant creative projects coming from communities all over the UK. And on the heels of passing £100 million in funding for UK projects, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Guardian Live, featuring a series of five talks to be held in London and Edinburgh from July through November.

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Popping Yolks and Photographing Food with Egg Poppa

Jenn de la Vega is a person that you want to be your best friend. In 2014, she launched a project to put out a cassette release with her band, The Shortsleeves. Since then, she's joined us for Creator Hangouts, dropped some wisdom for Creator Basics, live-tweeted rocket liftoffs, become editor-at-large for Put A Egg On It, and made me really, really hungry with her Instagram. Her photography skills are on point and she does a good job making the internet salivate. For that reason, we decided to ask her for some food photography tips that we could share with all of you. While some of the focus is on food, many of her other tips can really help anyone that's new to photographing, or 'gramming their work. –– Carol

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11 Tips to Assemble your Project Dream Team

Behind every project is a creator, or team of creators, working to make it happen. And while it's perfectly fine to work on a solo project, collaborating with friends or colleagues can be fun and rewarding, too. Sharing the work of running a campaign also means more time and energy to focus on what you're making, and someone to share the successes and challenges with. Here are some tips to help you collaborate more effectively and produce work that you and your dream team can be proud of. 

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