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A Few Tips on Knowing Your Audience

  1. Projects They Love: Bikes

    Every so often we'll pass the mic to a member of our community to give them a chance to talk about the projects they love. This time we've asked Matt Haughey, creator of, and Kickstarter super-backer. Matt has raced bikes in Oregon for ten years, so we asked him to tell us about some of the bike-centric projects he's supported.

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  2. Discover Music and Tech Projects

    If we were to walk up to you and yell "MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS" right in your face, you would—depending on your age and where you live—likely think of a guitar or a drum or maybe a trumpet or other horn. Or maybe a violin? Some other kind of classical instrument? You get the idea. There are a lot of instruments out there, and the common thread between them is that they were all invented a really long time ago. 

    What about new instruments though? Things that take pre-existing models and combine them with technology to create something we haven't really seen yet? Well, a lot of those are being made right here on Kickstarter. Get them all and form a band, or just hoard them and start your own one person project.

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