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  1. Kickstarter Films at the Oscars

    You may have heard that some award show called The Academy Awards is happening this Sunday. This is, needless to say, always a big thing for film, but it's also a big thing for us. Every year since 2011, at least one Kickstarter-funded film has been nominated for an Oscar, and this year is no different. Congrats to Finding Vivian Maier for its nomination for best documentary feature! 

    To get prepped for the event, we gathered all of the previous nominees in one place along with the trailers for those films. You can head over to our Watch Now page and get them all in before Sunday night if you start now.

    Finding Vivian Maier (nominated for best documentary feature 2015)

    The Square (nominated for best documentary feature 2014)

    Inocente (winner, best documentary short 2013)

    Kings Point (nominated for best documentary short 2013)

    Buzkashi Boys (nominated for best live-action short 2013)

    Incident in New Baghdad (nominated for best documentary short 2012)

    The Barber of Birmingham (nominated for best documentary short 2012)

    Sun Come Up (nominated for best documentary short 2011)

  2. The Headlines: Five Great Journalism Projects

    Journalism may be one of Kickstarter's newest categories, but writers, editors, and publishers are already launching great work into the world. From conflict reporting to new storytelling platforms, here are some of the most exciting journalism projects live on our site right now.

    GlobalPost Senior Conflict Correspondent

    GlobalPost Senior Conflict Correspondent project video thumbnail
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    Award-winning GlobalPost is behind some of the most important and dangerous journalistic work out there, creating a fearless team to continue telling human stories in violent conflicts all around the world.

    The Riveter Magazine: Longform Storytelling by Women

    The Riveter Magazine: Longform Storytelling by Women project video thumbnail
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    The Riveter — a women's longform lifestyle magazine in print and online — has sold out of every copy they've printed. Now, they're ready to go steady and make it a quarterly publication, bringing more women's voices into the media.

    Reports from the Energy Battlegrounds

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    Last year, the Vancouver Observer ran a project to report on the tar sands in Canada. Their new project is taking it national, launching a new publication focused on tackling energy politics and the environment. 

    Femsplain: Feminism Full-Time

    Femsplain: Feminism Full-Time project video thumbnail
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    Femsplain is a space for anyone female-identified to share experiences, connect and learn together. In order to continue elevating important and diverse conversations, they're now looking to pay their contributors.

    Massively Overpowered

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    sound recently lost their corporate sponsorship, but no matter: they're now turning to their fans and readers to create a new independent site to continue delivering news and editorials about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) genre. 

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