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Five Creators, One Question: Illustrated

  1. Researcher Hope Nicholson and Canadian Comics' Golden Age

    The Golden Age of comic books is best known for having birthed superheroes such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. But these characters are all-American inventions. At the same time, Canada was in the midst of its own Golden Age of comics. Spawned by a Canadian wartime trade prohibition known as the War Exchange Conservation Act, these two golden ages played out concurrently, but entirely independent of one another.

    Many of the comics from this period of Canadian comic history remain in museums or private collections, but over the past few years, researcher Hope Nicholson has worked tirelessly to collect and archive two of these titles in book form. The titles are Nelvana of the Northern Lights, about a heroic Inuit goddess, and Brok Windsor, about an adventuresome doctor in a strange land. We spoke to Nicholson about her background in comics, and why preserving Canadian comic book culture is important.

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