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  1. Bulk Quantities

    On July 10th we rolled out an update to Kickstarter's Project Guidelines prohibiting rewards in bulk quantities. This update was in response to a trend we've seen in recent months of projects offering rewards in quantities upwards of 20, 50, and even 100 of an item. When we introduced this change we weren't specific about how many of a reward constitutes a "bulk quantity." This caused unnecessary confusion, and we want to address that question today.

    As of today, we're defining "bulk quantity" as a reward that offers more than ten of a single item. We feel that a limit of ten will prevent bulk commercial transactions while still allowing independent stores (the most frequent backers of these rewards) to back projects and share them with their communities. Projects are welcome to offer rewards intended for stores so long as they are in quantities of ten or less.

    Backing a project has always been about joining a community just as much as it is getting stuff. That's one of Kickstarter's defining traits, and we want that to always be true. We're incredibly proud of the ways that Kickstarter has helped creators bring their work to life and get it out into the world. Watching independent stores use Kickstarter to promote the work of independent creators has been amazing, and we hope it continues.

    Sorry for causing confusion, and thanks as always for your support.

  2. Case Study: Eephus League

    On March 17, 2011, Bethany Heck sent out a project update to the 807 backers of her Eephus League Baseball Scorebook Revival Project on Kickstarter. She'd been working with a printer in Montgomery, Alabama to accelerate the printing process so that the scorebooks could arrive in backers’ hands by the opening day of baseball season, April 1. But with five days remaining until the project’s close on March 22, it was starting to look like that wouldn’t be possible after all. In an update, she wrote:

    I just went to visit my printer up in Montgomery and I have some news... First off, the corners of the book aren't going to be rounded. I'm quite upset that they neglected to tell me until this point, but it's too far in the process to back out and I'm financially obligated at this point. […]

    The second bit of bad news is that the books aren't going to get to me by next week, which puts them getting to you by opening day in serious jeopardy.

    The timing of the campaign had been a coincidence; when asked later whether she’d intended to send out the scorebooks by opening day, Bethany said “I didn't even think about that.” But once the coincidence became clear and the project’s baseball fan backers began to express their anticipation of opening day, Bethany decided she had to give it her best shot. The day’s press check at the printer had left her deflated, though. Would backers be disappointed?

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