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Al Jaffee on print, art, laughing, and fold-ins

  1. Printing & Packing with Coming & Crying

    The problem with making a book is that eventually you make books:

    This was taken a few weeks ago at Coming & Crying headquarters, a roomy one-bedroom in Brooklyn that, I can only assume, is normally much roomier. Earlier that week, an 18-wheeler double parked outside the building, rolled up its gate, and unloaded a pallet of books that had been printed and bound in Iceland. Somehow Meaghan and Melissa were able to haul these upstairs, and on a Saturday night four of us sat on the floor, packed envelopes, slapped mail-merge labels on them, and settled into the sort of satisfyingly mindless work that leaves your head clear and your fingertips sticky.

    Coming & Crying is now out in the world. Last week it was for sale at McNally Jackson (see below!), and though they sold out quickly, there are now more in stock. As backers and contributors receive their books and Meaghan and Melissa have been tracking their reactions. You can still buy it online, though we’ll also be at the Brooklyn Book Festival this Sunday and Meaghan and Melissa will be there with us, selling and signing books. Come by and say hello. We’ll have more info about this soon, but mark your calendars!

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  2. Kickstarter Firsts

    The long weekend yielded all sorts of creator productivity, including a few Kickstarter “firsts” that we’d be remiss not to share with you. From public humiliation to meta-pitch videos to adventures in cuteness, these creators will stop at nothing to see their projects succeed. Enjoy!

    First Time A Grown Man Has Publicly Humiliated Himself Wearing Batman Underroos For Kickstarter

    First Time A Project Has Filmed A Trailer For Their Pitch Video

    First Time A Swordsman Has Been Mistaken For A Bear

    Lines of Fire: A fantasy battle board game. (Monthly Game Creation Project Sept 2010) project video thumbnail
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