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The Pauses Will Make You Laugh

  1. Reward Pricing Continued

    Earlier today we came across an interesting exchange touching on some of the reward pricing issues we discussed last week. On the comments page for the “Grassroots and Ink: Sketches from the Frontlines of a Historic Campaign” project, a backer made a gentle suggestion for better reward pricing and structure and then the creator responded. Take a look:

    Nice work by Michael offering genuinely constructive criticism, and kudos to Jenn for hearing him out. We’re looking forward to seeing what she comes up with. For more on Jenn’s project (we’re fans), head here.

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  2. Expanding Creativity

    Yancey recently equated our daily perusal of  “Recently Launched” projects to unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning — and the comparison has stuck with me. He’s right! We’re uncovering so many cool, innovative, and unusual projects these days that they really have begun to feel like presents. Not only are project creators blowing our minds with their ability to think outside of the box, but they’re pushing the boundaries of what we define as “creative” in the first place.

    Here are a handful of awesome, recent projects that made us go: “Whoda thunk it?!”’

    Creating album covers out of honeycomb

    100,000 Honey Bees to Create Album Art — by Why I Must Be Careful

    This might be the most incredibly unique album packaging we’ve ever come across. Portland-based musicians Why I Must Be Careful are constructing a series of specially designed beehives out of 12” wooden frames, then introducing thousands of bees to the environment. Over time, the bees will build up the frames with honeycomb — encasing each record. So amazing!

    Building a summer garden on a rural, family farm

    The Garden Summer — by Hailey Wist

    Hailey’s project will help her build a garden with four, urbanite friends on her family’s rural, Arkansas ranch. Together, the pals will document their experiences as they learn to farm, cook, and live entirely off the land. Although a summer garden may not be a traditionally creative pursuit, Hailey has incorporated both community-driven and artistic elements into her over-all goal — making her pursuit picture-perfect for Kickstarter.

    Creating coyote marionettes for a live puppet show

    Coyote Pursues — by Matt Reeck, Deborah Simon, and Dan Wonderly

    Matt, Deborah, and Dan are constructing are constructing a multi-media performance of marionettes, video and music that will portray two coyotes living in a world where people no longer exist. The coyote marionettes are intensely beautiful and surreal pieces of art. We were transfixed at first glimpse!

    Bringing traditionally made textiles to the world market

    2 Quechua Girls, 8,000 Miles, Cusco to Santa Fe — by Awamaki

    Awamaki is a small non-profit organization that brings economic opportunity to an association of Quechua women weavers from impoverished, rural communities in the high Andes. An endearing pitch video and a series of hand-made rewards make this an all-around awesome project.

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