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  1. Glif Get Busy

    Glif, a recently successful project to independently manufacture a tripod mount for the iPhone 4, just posted this fun time lapse video of a day spent assembling and packaging prototypes. There’s an awful lot of time, sweat, and determination involved — and from the delighted response of their backers, it’s clear that the effort is appreciated. We agree. At their best, Kickstarter projects are just as much a celebration of the creative process as they are of the final product, and this video makes the former both real and exciting. Can’t wait to see more!

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  2. Bleu Talks to Kickstarter

    A couple months ago, pop musician Bleu blew his Kickstarter project out of the water, raising five times his funding goal — just under $40,000 — from nearly 400 fans. He then stumbled across another highly successful music project by Jim Bianco, and the two decided to go on tour together. Kickstarter matchmaking!

    Bleu and Jim hit up New York City on their east-coast leg, and Bleu stopped by Kickstarter HQ before the show to play us a few songs and talk about what it takes to make a good project. Check out his sincere advice, some fun reward stories, and clips from the show in the video above.

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