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  1. Made of Fire: Burning Man 2010 Project Round up

    We’re thrilled that Burning Man has sent so many innovative, ambitious, and diverse projects our way this year! We thought we’d show you a sampling of a few incredible Burning Man projects that promise to impress (and burn!). You can also learn more about launching your own Burning Man project here.

    MEGATROPOLIS- The Life and Death of a City by Megatropolis Crew

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    The Megatropolis crew is literally building a city in the desert, comprised of six iconic buildings, the tallest of which will climb 54 feet into the sky. Each building is its own unique, themed space complete with stages for performances, activity, and spontaneous production. At the end of its week-long life span, a great fire will consume Megatropolis, embodying the transience of cities. They’re also offering a tantalizing reward: the chance to have your own private room at the top of one of the buildings.

    Tiny Tropolis- Diorama Art Installation by Team Tiny

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    Don’t be fooled by the name! Tiny Tropolis is an installation of 100 dioramas, each representing its own “tiny” city and spanning 160 feet across the desert. Artists from across the globe have come together to contribute their own unique dioramas to the collective and be a part of the “tiniest little city in the world.” At the end of the Tiny exhibition, backers will have the opportunity to take home their very own tiny city.

    The Temple of Flux by Flux Foundation

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    This year’s Temple of Flux is being led by a team of female builders who are excited to see their large-scale sculpture come to life. The temple’s design merges seamlessly with the natural landscape of the desert, drawing inspiration from the canyons carved by wind and water over time. The end result is a series of five gracefully curved walls that transform from a solid, heavy base to increasingly fragmented edges as they approach the sky. Even if you can’t make it to Burning Man, backers have the chance to place their own dedications on the walls of the temple (via the postal service)!

    Helix Spire by Masho

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    It wouldn’t be Burning Man without something you can climb on. The Helix Spire is a sculptural play toy and a climbing tower that will soar to 25 feet above the playa, providing hours of fun and amazing views of the desert. As the name implies, the sculpture is modeled after one of the most basic building blocks of life: DNA.

    The Portal: A Transformative Sound Installation by Capra J’neva

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    The Portal’s ornate, lace-like architectural structure will house its “Aeolian Pyrophonic Hall and Whispering Wall,” an interactive sound installation that utilizes wind produced by massive fire organs (and participants!) to play harps. Accompanying the chorus of harps will be the whispering wall, where participants can write their secrets, hopes, and dreams onto a scroll that is then whispered into a microphone inside the hall. Though participants may be sad to see it go, the entire installation will be burned in a beautiful ceremony at the end of the event.

    But wait, there’s more! See all the Burning Man projects on Kickstarter here.

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  2. Join Our Community Team

    Kickstarter is hiring! We’re looking for an outstanding customer service addition to our tight-knit community team.

    You will support the Kickstarter community by responding to our daily stream of customer questions and corresponding with potential project creators about their project ideas. You’re diligent, patient, and enthusiastic, and you aren’t satisfied unless the job is done right. You love to write and your communications skills are excellent.

    You’ll contribute to Kickstarter’s editorial efforts as well, writing about creativity and the creative process (see this blog for examples). You love creativity, and pursue your own projects and passions when you can.

    This position is full-time and on-site at our awesome NYC office in the Lower East Side.


    Send us a little something about yourself, along with links to your personal homepage, resume, and some of the interesting projects you’ve worked on to jobs at kickstarter dot com. Thanks!

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