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Creator Q&A: Harald Geisler of Typographical Calendar

  1. New Site Features

    Today we’ve introduced a bunch of exciting new features to the site. Let’s quickly run through them!

    What is Kickstarter?

    For logged-out people who visit Kickstarter, we’ve added a simple header/pop-up that explains how Kickstarter works. Look for the blue bar at the top of the page. Newbie friendly!

    Recently Launched

    Recently Launched is back! Browse the latest additions to Kickstarter and race to become the first backer on great new projects.

    Embeddable Video

    Project videos are finally embeddable! Just click the “Embed” button under the pitch video to choose between embedding the video or widget.

    Project Analytics

    We’ve been working on a host of great analytical tools for creators, and we’ve got the first of these today: a handy graph charting a project’s progress. These are available only to creators on their Activity page. Stay tuned for more tools in the near future. 

    Team Page

    Curious who Kickstarter is? We’ve added a new Team page featuring a hypnotizing array of videos featuring all of us trying (and failing) not to laugh. We’re feeling a little awkward about this one today.

    Jobs Page

    Want to work at Kickstarter? Take a look at the Jobs page to get a sense for what we do and to see photos of our awesome office. Right now we’re looking for a designer and a product person. Is that you?

  2. The Future is Really, Really Well-Designed

    I’ve noticed something recently: people are using Kickstarter to make some really cool stuff.  First there was Pinch, a gourmet salt-and-pepper shaker, successfully raising funds to manufacture a limited-edition first production run. Then there was Glif, a wildly successful campaign to create a simple, smart accessory for the iPhone 4.

    Now, every day seems to bring a wave of new, innovative design projects. They range from the purely functional to the socially activist, but they all have one thing in common: they’re using Kickstarter as a dynamic platform to independently pursue their individual modes of production. Below are are a collection of my recent favorites. Check ‘em out!

    Heavy Leather NYC — by Rachael

    Heavy Leather NYC custom guitar strap roadtrip project video thumbnail
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    Rachael Becker handcrafts each of her awesome leather guitar straps — which she refers to as “guitar armor” — at her small shop in Brooklyn, New York. Not only is her style badass, but she often works closely with her clients to create unique straps customized to their specifications. The results range from super classic to heavily ornamented to like-woah-glitzy, but they all have one thing in common: 100% rock and roll!

    Racheal posts photos of her custom creations, like the slick leather strap she made for Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler (above), on her Facebook page

    The Future is Shiny — by Design Glut

    Liz and Kegan are a pair of recently graduated design students on a mission to make things that make you happy! They specialize in housewares, jewelry, and accessories with “unexpected twists.” The ladies have a fantastic eye for the unusual, the charming, and the purely whimsical, but they aren’t afraid of a little political parody —  their Crude Jewelry will only be manufactured if oil prices hit $100 a barrel. Ha! Crafty, cool designs with a wicked sense of humor that are also smart and fully functional? Count me in!

    Their Egg Pants are “the latest and greatest breakfast fashion for soft-boiled eggs.” I don’t know about you, but my “breakfast fashion” (mindlessly gobbling cereal) could definitely use some improvement.

    The World Links necklace is not only pretty, it lets you wear the entire world around your neck. I’ve always wanted to do that!

    Bird Project — by Tippy Tippens

    BirdProject: Biodiesel Glycerin Soaps for BP Oil Spill Cleanup project video thumbnail
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    BirdProject is creating a limited edition line of black, bird-shaped glycerin soaps. A socially conscious design project, the soaps are intended to both showcase a smart use of manufacturing waste (glycerin is a bio-diesel byproduct) and provide a symbol of restoration and recovery for those affected by the BP oil spill — within each soap is a white, ceramic bird, made from Louisiana clay and intended as a special keepsake. 

    You can check out progress shots, behind the scenes moments, and inspirational musings over on creator Tippy Tippens blog

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