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  1. Creator Q&A: Jeremy Bastian's "Cursed Pirate Girl"

    Cursed Pirate Girl: "Our Generation's Alice in Wonderland" Jeremy Bastian comic book project video thumbnail
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    Jeremy Bastian’s Cursed Pirate Girl is a comic book series about a young girl’s high seas adventures as she searches for her missing father. Set in the 18th century and rendered with gorgeous pen-and-ink style artwork, Jeremy hand draws each page of the comic using impossibly tiny brushes, resulting in illustrations filled with mind-boggling levels of detail. It’s a labor of love that requires absolute patience: a single page takes up to two weeks to draw and each issue of the comic can take up to a year to produce.

    Jeremy’s fans have been more than happy to wait. After three years of hard work, he’s finally releasing the first-ever collected edition of Cursed Pirate Girl, including exciting limited edition, hand-stamped and signed copies exclusive to Kickstarter.  Jeremy talked with us below about the origins of his story, his stylistic inspiration, and what fans can expect to see in the future. Support the project here.

    Absolutely love the look and feel of Cursed Pirate Girl — it’s not something we often get to see in the comics world. What’s your stylistic inspiration, and how intense was the process of illustrating it?

    Growing up with comics, I learned a lot about line work by trying to copy the images. Comic art has such amazing line work, and I kinda became obsessed with lines. Then I was introduced to artists like Doré and Dürer, Joseph Clement Coll, Franklin Booth, and Max Klinger and they helped show the possibilities of what you could do with lines. Couple that with the fantastic qualities of Arthur Rackham, Kay Nielsen, Heinrich Kley, Harry Clark, and so many more amazing illustrators that I could just drone on about, I finally found a look I was happy with. As a comic artist you try to find your own uniqueness, something about your work that isn’t in every other book. To get to this point took years of trying to find my own voice in that regard.It is pretty intense. I have a certain degree of competition with myself, every next thing must be better than the last and in more ways than one. Like how bizarre can I make something, how textural can I make it, and is there a way to make it even more detailed? 


    Where did the story of Cursed Pirate Girl come from? Was this something you’d had brewing inside for awhile?

    Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved the realms of fantasy. I grew up reading and studying the stories in the “My Book House” series. My dad would read my brother and I the “Chronicles of Narnia” before bed. My most favorite story book of all though was “The Ship’s Cat”, a pirate story of an English cat who gets captured by Spainish soldiers after a battle on the ocean. I have always wanted to do my own “fairy tale” and when I decided that the best way to get into the comic world was to just do my own story, I wanted it to feel like a lot of those stories I loved as a kid.  I also wanted to create a character that would fit into the what we all look up to as a “classic” character. Cursed Pirate Girl is my Alice, Dorothy, and Nemo ( from “Slumberland,” not the clown fish) all in one. She has much more fight in her, but I think with what our times require of our fictional characters now-a-days, I don’t think it’s too off the mark. So yes, I guess the idea was stirring for quite a while. In the end, it took just a couple of weeks to carve out the story of CPG from the amalgamation of experiences I had with fantasy books as a child.

    Your project has been a runaway success, and it sounds like the world wants more! What lies ahead for Cursed Pirate Girl

    Well I originally wrote CPG as a six issue story arc, but since it takes me so long to draw it we decided the best way to present it is in two volumes. So there are going to be three more issues in this, the first Cursed Pirate Girl story. I do have about three more story ideas already brewing, so I’m soooo not done with abusing my fans with more intricately laced, strangely populated, and outlandishly designed adventures. 

    Anything else you want to share with our readers? 

    This might come off as corny, but I would just like to say to parents out there, appreciate and engage your children’s imagination and support their individualism. 

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  2. In Love at First Launch

    Mondays are our favorite day of the week at Kickstarter.  Mondays mean we have an entire weekend’s worth of projects to catch up on, and the finds are always numerous, exciting, and — most of all — difficult to keep to ourselves. We’ve collected a few of our favorite newcomers below. Be sure to follow along and see where they go! 

    V-luxe - the future of iPad entertainment is here.

    V-luxe - the future of iPad entertainment is here. project video thumbnail
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    Are you cybered-out by Apple’s monopoly on tech products and our souls? Still can’t stop yourself from buying the iPad and each iteration of the iPhone? Fret not. The V-luxe is here to help vintagify your media. Paula Anne Patterson of BKNYdesign has created a retro-styled television set to house your iPad, so you can watch flicks and listen to tunes from your suped-up gear but with the feel of watching good ol’ television. Check out the video to see it swivel! Get the V-luxe or stylin’ felt accessories here as well as support a future scaled-down model for the iPhone. - Daniella J.


    Seven years ago, Zana Briti began to have vivid dreams of a praying mantis. Motivated by that other-wordly image, she began making midnight expeditions into the woodlands with a camera and some lights — spending hours photographing the insects she would find there. Her work, which eventually took her to Botswana, Panama, Malaysia, Bolivia, and Australia, will now be compiled into a multi-media migratory museum she calls “Reverence.”  The project combines an amazing story, a hauntingly beautiful pitch video, and (oh yeah) Zana Briti is the critically acclaimed director of the independent documentary Born Into Brothels. We’re into it. - Cassie M.

    Glif - iPhone 4 Tripod Mount & Stand

    Dan Provost and Tom Gerhardt are two designers who realized the creative potential of the iPhone 4 could be infinitely expanded with one simple accessory. Enter The Glif! As you’ll see in their pitch video, this tiny, pocket-sized accessory works as both a tripod mount and a stand for the iPhone 4. The potential uses for the Glif are many, and iPhone users turned out in droves to support the concept — the project reached its funding goal within 24 hours of launching. Exciting! - Cindy A.


    Lumarca project video thumbnail
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    Lumarca is an LED light installation which can display both images and motion in 3D. Perhaps the most impressive thing about futuristic light box is that it’s powered by a few everyday objects, most of which, aside from a computer and video projector, are available at your local hardware store. The crux of the Lumarca Kickstarter project is to lower the cost of production, while boosting the experience, with the goal of making DIY Lumarca kits available to anybody! - Mike M. 

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