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  1. Colorful!

    Things have been awfully colorful today over on our site Activity Feed. From art shows to oil paintings to fall-inspired recipes, these shades are just too pretty not to share. Check them out below!

    Sculpture artist Derek Weisberg has posted photos from his recent exhibit in Florida. There’s even a shot of his 90-year-old granddad pitching in to help. Aww! 

    Speaking of grandparents, the recently launched Great Wissahickon Project has posted a lovely oil painting (above) by special request of her grandmother. This particular piece is oil on linen, but artist Colleen McCubbin creates art in all kinds of mediums — like by sewing together 7,000 hand-cut pieces of canvas. Woah!

    Although artist Jessica Rath’s project — to create sculptures of 2500+ varieties of endangered apples — was successful a few months ago, we’re happy to see that she hasn’t forgotten about backers! She’s giving them first dibs on these pretty, limited edition porcelain apples. Holiday gifts anybody?

    The Improvising Chef has posted a delicious-looking recipe for Savory Winter Veggie stew. I don’t think we can officially call it “fall” until we’ve made this at least once!

    It’s piles of pretty fabric and spools of colorful yarn galore over at The Loved One, who shared their recent trip to a fabric warehouse in LA. 

    We love it! Keep ‘em coming, guys!

  2. The 31-Day Chorale Challenge

    31-Day Bach-Style Chorale Challenge project video thumbnail
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    Composer and soprano sax player Rob Mosher was sitting around one day browsing Kickstarter and thought to himself: How can I use this platform? He decided to come up with a project that would allow him to use the site as well as do something new with his music. From that brainstorm the 31-Day Bach-Style Chorale Challenge was born: a personal quest to compose 31 original Bach-style chorales in 31 days, to blog about the compositions daily, and to record all the pieces himself.

    This project marks the first time in Rob’s life that he’ll be sharing his artistic process with others. In his video he notes a few of his motives:

    1. I’d like to find my own compositional voice within Bach’s form.

    2. I’d like to explore new ways to fund myself.

    3. I’d like to integrate my process more with society.

    Talk about a fabulous chicken-or-the-egg story! Often, our project creators are people already seeking funds who were tipped off to Kickstarter as a useful tool. But sometimes creative people come to Kickstarter first, get to know the site, back a couple projects, and then start to consider inventive ways to use the platform themselves — sometimes just for the heck of it. Want to reach your audience in a new way and experiment creatively within your medium? We want to see more of that!

    You can join Rob’s chorale challenge here or attend his fundraiser concert next Monday night, November 15th at 8:31 pm at Old First Reformed Church in Brooklyn, NY, 729 Carroll St. (

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