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  1. Hang Jones's Country Music Narrative

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    We’re big fans of genre-bending and media-meshing, so when San Francisco country band Hang Jones popped up on Kickstarter with a film-esque vinyl release project, we took notice. Their debut album “The Ballad of Carlsbad County” is a concept record that chronicles the life and fall of the notorious outlaw William Bishop, with each song on the record serving as a chapter in the story of William’s downward spiral. How wonderfully dramatic!

    Now the band’s looking to finance a limited edition vinyl release that will be accompanied by a booklet detailing the story of each song and how it ties into the overall arch of the story. Even better, they shot some sweet clips in classic Hollywood Western style for their pitch video to complement. Check it out for some vast desert scenes; men in vests and cowboy hats; and an all-out, rolling-on-the-floor brawl.

    You can support the project here.

  2. Some Holiday Chuck

    It’s Thanksgiving week and we’re feeling festive. To celebrate, we’ve invited a few of our favorite project creators to share some of their creative holiday spirit. We hope you enjoy. Happy Holidays!

    We’ve introduced you to Melissa and her Pop Culture Doll Project once before — and we thought we were big fans of her then — but you can count us a step up from fandom to total fanaticism after she sent over this special edition Chuck Norris Thanksgiving Paper Doll! What better way to spend the holidays than with Chuck!? You can dress him up like a pilgrim, have him carve the turkey, or serve him some mashed potatoes. And let’s be real… nobody can chop up a bird like Chuck. Thanks, Melissa! (You can check out more of her work over at her Etsy store.)

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