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  1. Spotted: Remedy Quarterly

    I was casually browsing at my favorite bookstore yesterday afternoon when I spotted an issue of original Kickstarter success story Remedy Quarterly on the magazine rack, snuggled between copies of Monocle magazine and Diner Journal. Funnily enough, I felt my stomach leap. There it was! A Kickstarter project! IN REAL LIFE!

    I was so excited I snapped a picture, which really got my wondering … has this ever happened to anybody else? Have you spotted the fruits of a successful Kickstarter project in your day-to-day life? Let us know! We’d love to share your stories in a (hopefully!) regular Spotted feature.

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  2. Recently Successful

    There’s so much activity on Kickstarter right now even we have trouble keeping up. Yesterday alone we had 14 projects successfully cross the finish line, with funding totaling more than $110,000 between them. Not bad for a Sunday.

    Among the projects reaching their goals were some of our community’s favorites, including the epic webseries Dragons, whose trailer featuring two lovable burnouts had us on the floor. Also in film were How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song, a musical from Gary King which has found a big following, Bots High, a documentary on battle robots in Florida high schools, and Endangered Wildlife, a doc detailing Kenya’s troubled animal preserves.

    In the visual art world, we were thrilled to see Pesi’s inventive 1024 Bits of You and Me succeed. Pesi’s proposition was beautifully simple: pledge $10, submit a word, and receive a painting of that word in return. The project was very well done, with 28 project updates — including regular reports on works in progress and images of finished paintings — and 114 comments. A fertile and sustainable community emerged out of this project (more than 50% of its backers have supported other Kickstarter projects), and Pesi has done an amazing job nurturing it. Well done.

    We also loved the smallness of Mia Erin Beach’s Bit Parts: Photographs project: $5 for a postcard, $7 for a 4”x6” print of one of her beautiful photographs. And of course photos were a key part of Emily Richmond’s continuing quest to sail around the world, as she offered up more $15 Polaroids to backers — 51 lucky folks snatched them up. Yesterday also saw Chris Maverick fund his Cosmic Hellcats Adventures comic and Janeen make her book My Best Khaki Pants. 

    On the music side there are lots of success stories, including rapper Ras Kass’ hugely successful campaign to release a limited-edition vinyl run (we always love those). Also in music: Matt Griffo funded a comedy album; Hi Ho Silver Oh funded a tour; and Choke the World made a new record.

    It’s an incredibly diverse group of creators, and we’re honored that they chose Kickstarter to bring their projects to life. Congrats to all of them!

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