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The 2010 Kickstarter Awards

  1. Peace, Plants, Art and the work of Adam Purple.

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    “I said at the time, and I still feel it: it would have been better to kill me and leave the garden. Well… that’s the way I view it.”

    The Garden of Eden was an “earthwork” created and maintained by artist/amiable hippie Adam Purple in the Lower East Side of NYC between the years of 1975-1986. It spanned five city lots, creating a pattern of brilliantly green, concentric circles when viewed from above — a striking image that did not escape the eye of street photographer Harvey Wang, who took to documenting Adam’s work. Now, 25 years later, photographs are all that remains of what was once a revolutionary piece of environmental art. 

    Candid, saturated in sun, and lent a colorful burst of energy by Adam’s idiosyncratic, mostly purple (natch) wardrobe, Harvey’s photos beautifully capture how one man’s hard labor and perseverance transformed an abandoned, urban space into something of a wonderland. 

    Harvey is using Kickstarter to fund an exhibition of his photographs at the FusionArts Museum (Gallery B) from February 2-20. You can get a glimpse of the show below, support the project here.

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  2. Somebody Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming

    A sampling of the salts I sent my premiere Kickstarter supporters. 

    I was excited about Pinch — a combination salt & pepper shaker with a foot in high-minded design — when it launched, even more so when I spoke with industrial designer Craighton Berman about it directly, and now, as I’ve followed along with the product’s manufacture and distribution on his blog, I’m also finding myself seriously impressed! Within just a few months of his project’s end date, Craighton has produced a limited-edition, first run of Pinch and begun shipping it out to backers. 

    I love the break down of salt types he provides (above), and the quirky, hand-made packaging is a clear indication of both his thoughtful approach to design and his affection for his backers. Don’t know about you, but I’m already brainstorming recipes! 

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