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  1. Letters and their Shapes

    Font is an important part of the way that we think about what we're reading — the way we consume the message. Think about all the considerations that designers have when they think about fonts, the wild variety of opinions that people have about Comic Sans, and all the recent talk about what makes a good or bad resume font. There's even a whole documentary about Helvetica. The shapes of letters affect the way we process information.

    Typography and font have an iconic history on Kickstarter, too (ha ha, pun intended). Scroll down for an overview of the ways in which people are thinking about design, typeface, and the relationship between the two across the site — some of these projects are live, and some are from Kickstarter's history. 

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  2. A Few Tips for Journalism and Publishing Projects

    Creator Basics is a series of short videos featuring creators from categories across Kickstarter. In the videos, creators behind successful projects share some of their best tips for planning, executing, and fulfilling a project. For this part of the series, we talked to four writers and publishers across the worlds of publishing and journalism: Alex Shvartsman of Unidentified Funny Objects, Farai Chideya of One with Farai, Lisa Lucas of Guernica, and Daniel José Older of Long Hidden.

    The questions tackled above include how to prepare for your project (having a clear vision and a solid network is important), creating a video (keep it short!), and more. You can find (and subscribe to) all of our Creator Basics posts on our YouTube channel

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