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A Few Tips on Maintaining Momentum During Your Project

  1. Janelle Asselin on Making a Modern Romance Anthology

    Fresh Romance Issue 1 Cover by Kevin Wada
    Fresh Romance Issue 1 Cover by Kevin Wada

    Romance comics were a massive part of the comics industry for decades, before mainstream interest shifted to superheroes. While romance never really went away, it did become marginalized. Now, editor Janelle Asselin is preparing to revitalize the genre through Fresh Romance, a monthly, digital romance comics anthology designed to showcase all types of relationships. In other words, it's a modern anthology for modern times. We spoke to Asselin about the creation of Fresh Romance and her publishing company Rosy Press.

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  2. Discover Comics Anthologies

    Anthologies! Also known as the great, lumbering, difficult beast of just about every industry. As a format, they're wonderful: multiple voices tackle a unifying subject; big names are placed next to rising stars; art is taken on its own terms instead of the names attached to it. The only catch is that, whatever the format, they can be incredibly challenging to assemble. All those voices to juggle! All those deadlines!

    Nevertheless, creators at Kickstarter consistently unite to create anthologies, proving that with some tenacity you can realize your vision, even if that vision happens to involve a whole lot of different voices. Here are a few comics anthologies that are live on Kickstarter right now.

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