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The Process: Hollowed Out Books

  1. Guest Post: Designing the Next Instant Camera

    Click, snap, whir. The  once-familiar mechanical sound of instant cameras no longer echoes at parties, long ago replaced by the din of digital shutters. But the folks behind Prynt hope to change all that, and bring instant photography back to the mainstream. Prynt is a case for your phone that turns it into an instant camera. Just load it up with inkless instant film, take aim, and print those shots in a snap.

    Recently, the team at Prynt interviewed their own lead industrial designer, Robin Barata, for a project update. It was a great conversation, so we've decided to share that interview right here.

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  2. Welcoming Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, and Switzerland to the Kickstarter Community!

    We’re thrilled to announce that Kickstarter is now available to creators in five more European countries: Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. Starting today, artists, inventors, designers, and makers of all types can launch projects on Kickstarter and share them with our global community.

    People from all around the world are using Kickstarter to work together and bring creative ideas to life, and this year we’ve focused on adding European culture and creativity to the site. We’re available to creators in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden — and now these five new countries as well. We’ve made the site available in French, German, and Spanish, and added a new tool for captioning your videos in lots of different languages.

    The creative community in Europe dates back through centuries — after all, it's the source of some of the world’s most significant art, music, and literature. Believe it or not, the idea behind Kickstarter is equally steeped in history. Ever heard of Mozart?

    But European creativity doesn’t exist just in museums and books. It’s happening now, in cities across the continent. We’re celebrating our European launches this week at Sonar+D in Barcelona, the international conference that covers the digital transformation of the creative industry. We’ll have a series of talks and workshops, and we’ll be presenting a selection of unique projects at the intersection of art and technology in the #MadeWithKickstarter space at MarketLab, with creators themselves on hand to discuss their work. Please say hi if you’re there!

    Can’t make it to Barcelona? Still excited about Kickstarter in Europe? Today’s your day to start a project, share it with the world, and make something amazing.

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