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  1. Discover A Handful of Fashion Projects

    Legend has it that, if you wanted to, you could construct an entire outfit plus like every accessory entirely from Kickstarter fashion projects. There's a lot there, and more coming every day: from belts to really durable pants; from rainwear to boots to piles and piles and piles of wallets that get slimmer every day—it's all here. We combed through the site to find some interesting live fashion projects right now. 

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  2. Talking Shop: A Lifetime of Street Art

    Leon Reid IV came to the Kickstarter HQ to give a fascinating talk about his life as a public artist. He discussed his own artistic evolution, from his beginnings with cloak-and-dagger street art in Cincinnati, Brooklyn, and Berlin, to his work's later iterations, at first clandestine, and later endorsed by the art world. 

    Many of Reid's pieces focus on both interactivity and site specificity: they are large-scale installations that are unavoidable to people walking around them, and they invite reaction and response. Watch the video above for an overview of Leon's career making public art — and find out how a reflective vest and hard hat will let you get away with anything. 

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