Splat! Kickstarter at the 2017 London Design Festival

“The Making of Products should:
Invite chance and improvisation so that every product is different.
Use experimental processes but be simple in their form.
Be enjoyable and challenging.”

These are a few of the principles that guide Granby Workshop, the architectural ceramics studio founded by Turner Prize-winning design collective Assemble. The workshop grew out of a larger effort to revitalize Liverpool’s Granby neighborhood, producing distinctive architectural materials to renovate local homes and creating new manufacturing jobs within the community. Check out this video to learn more about their process and story.

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Kickstarter Is Now Open to Creators in Japan

(Scroll down for the English translation.)



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A Showcase of Human Imagination

Projects of Earth began with a question inspired by the Voyager Golden Record: What would you create to represent life and culture on Earth in 2017?

With the launch of this initiative, we hoped to create a showcase of human imagination, and thanks to you, that vision has become a reality. Today we’re extending a huge thank you to the 120+ artists, designers, musicians, and makers from around the globe who answered this question through their own creative projects. The one-minute video below offers a glimpse at their unique ideas — from paintings of our technological future, to an all-terrain Earth rover, to a dance homage to American cinema. Take a look:

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You Are Here: Projects of Earth


 “Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us.”

—Carl Sagan in Pale Blue Dot, referencing a photo of Earth taken by the Voyager 1 space probe from a record distance of 6 billion kilometers.

When the first Voyager space probe launched into orbit on August 20, 1977, forty years ago yesterday, it carried on board an exceptional artifact: the Voyager Golden Record. This “galactic greeting card” was designed by a team led by Carl Sagan to share scenes, sounds, music, and greetings from Earth — a metaphoric snapshot of humanity — with any far-off life forms who might discover it.

Today, millions of people will witness a rare solar eclipse. This cosmic event reminds us of something profound that’s often overlooked: we’re all together on this pale blue dot. Projects of Earth is a creative initiative inspired by this collective vision of humankind. Between August 20 and September 5 — the original launch dates of the two Voyager space probes — Kickstarter creators will launch projects that explore life and culture on Earth in 2017. Together, these projects will create a multifaceted portrait of our world today.

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Let's MAKE Vinyl

Coffeeshop Selection by Gramatik
Coffeeshop Selection by Gramatik


As we announced in June, Kickstarter Music is very pleased to be developing a collaboration with Qrates intended to simplify vinyl pressing and production what we’re calling MAKE Vinyl. Our ongoing goal is to help and support the bands and musicians we work with gain access to the tools and resources they most often need. MAKE Vinyl provides this support by helping creators plan, manufacture, and fulfill their projects — so they can focus on making music.

The first batch of MAKE Vinyl projects are live now. We’re sharing some of them — and a few other Music projects we dig — below. Get into it.

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A new Kickstarter Gold Standard: Celebrating repeat creators

Last month, over sixty of the most inventive creators in Kickstarter history returned to the platform for a special initiative called Kickstarter Gold. These artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers, and makers were invited by Kickstarter's Outreach and Curation teams to launch new projects putting fresh spins on their most celebrated works.

From 3Doodler to Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, Music for Cats to Chineasy, Kickstarter Gold projects had a remarkable success rate of 92%, garnering nearly $4.4 million in support from backers.

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Bringing Messages to the Kickstarter Android App

Some great news for Android fans: Starting today, we’re bringing our messaging tools to our Android app. And we’re doing it in a new way. Since we built this just for mobile, we designed a layout that’s similar to the way you’re used to seeing conversations on your phone.

To read and respond to your messages, just head to the main menu, visit your profile, and tap the envelope icon.

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