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Checking in from the Archives

  1. Happening: Curated by John Walter, Director of The Earth Moves

    When we asked John Walter, the director of The Earth Moves, a film about composer Philip Glass and Robert Wilson's seminal experimental opera Einstein on the Beach, to send us some links that inspired him and the making of his film, we weren't expecting such an incredible trip into the history of Glass, psychedelic music, opera, and culture in general, but that's what we got back. Below the cut, you can see the seeds of culture that would inform Glass and Wilson's ambitious work, and in turn, the film that Walter would go on to make—from strange World War I propaganda to the language of dolphins.

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  2. Tech Weekly: Making Magic

    The rhetoric of technology is steeped in magic. After all, as Arthur C. Clarke famously mused, "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." But the heap of cold hard silicon and circuits that we call technology is often responsible for an entirely different kind of magic. Not illusion or trickery, but a very real power to live out our fantasies.

    This week's Technology projects are all about the stuff that dreams are made of.

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