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  1. Unplanned Downtime

    This evening, Kickstarter was down for about 55 minutes, from 11:35pm-12:30am EST.  This was unplanned downtime, stemming from a hardware failure at our host.  To compound the problem, their automatic failover, er, failed.  We’re working with them to identify the root cause of the failure, and make sure it never happens again.

    No data was lost, but we understand how frustrating downtime can be, especially for those projects that are close to their deadline, like Bots High, 1024 bits of you and me, and Gary King’s How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song (91% funded with 20 hours left!). 

    Please accept my apology and feel free to contact me directly with questions at

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  2. YouTube Fun

    In honor of Friday, we thought we’d share a handful of fun Kickstarter-related videos we’ve come across recently.

    The first comes from XY, a boy band with a Kickstarter project. They were kind enough to upload a video wishing Kickstarter a happy birthday! (Our actual birthday is April 28th if anyone wants to send cake. We love cake.) Take a look:

    Next is one we randomly stumbled across. It’s for a project coming soon apparently, and it contains a dubious (but maybe not!) assertion: Kickstarter will get you laid. Just watch:

    And finally, we have this beaut from Dissection of an Olive, a film project:

    Funny! That’s how we say our name, too! Just straight yelling. It’s totally worth clicking through for their film trailer as well. Looks great!

    Finally, not on YouTube, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t share the best two-second project update video we’ve seen yet.

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