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An Update From Space

  1. Welcome Cindy!

    Hi!  I’m Cindy, and I’ll be joining the superduo of Yancey + Cassie as part of the new Community Support Triforce. 

    I’m a big nerd — and I know these days being a Nerd is supposed to be cool — but somehow that coolness seems to have completely eluded me!  Before coming to Kickstarter, I spent a lot of my time blogging at and at my own sci-fi themed blog, Matter Anti-Matter.  For some reason, when I showed these things to the kind souls at Kickstarter, they still wanted to talk to me!  

    When I’m not thinking about sci-fi and nerd stuff, my brain space mostly thinks about Food and all the infinite things I could be eating if time travel and teleportation were possible.  I keep a record of all the things I cook and eat here, and hope that when I’m 89 years-old I’ll be able to look fondly at the archives and say, “Wow, I sure ate a lot of food.”  

    That’s me in an internet-based nutshell. I’m really excited to be here, and can’t wait to learn about all of your great ideas!

  2. Spotted: Remedy Quarterly

    I was casually browsing at my favorite bookstore yesterday afternoon when I spotted an issue of original Kickstarter success story Remedy Quarterly on the magazine rack, snuggled between copies of Monocle magazine and Diner Journal. Funnily enough, I felt my stomach leap. There it was! A Kickstarter project! IN REAL LIFE!

    I was so excited I snapped a picture, which really got my wondering … has this ever happened to anybody else? Have you spotted the fruits of a successful Kickstarter project in your day-to-day life? Let us know! We’d love to share your stories in a (hopefully!) regular Spotted feature.

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