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  1. Kate Bryant's Project "Pigeon: Bags For Bikes" Lives On

    Here’s something we thought was pretty awesome. 

    Kate Bryant, project creator of “Pigeon: Bags For Bikes” recently shared this update with her backers:

    Here is an exclusive first look at the prototype! That’s right, no one else has seen it online! A second prototype is in the works, with attachments for bicycles and minor adjustments. Drop me a line and let me know what you think!

    Again…thank you for pledging. Since we didn’t meet our goal, no pledges will be processed. But if you would like to contribute, you still can — directly through the Pigeonco website

    (And still receive a tote if you like.)

    Even though Kate didn’t make her funding goal, she’s continued keeping her backers up to date on her progress toward creating a beautifully designed (yet practical!) bicycle bag:

    Just because a project doesn’t meet its funding goal doesn’t mean the creative process has to end.  Congrats on a beautiful prototype, Kate! 

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  2. New Feature: Following

    Kickstarter is more than a platform for funding creative projects — it’s a way to tell stories. A musician completes a long-dreamed project, an artist attempts something incredible, a hopeful pursues their deepest ambition. Stories abound on Kickstarter. 

    Creators share these stories through project updates, essentially project-specific blogs recorded as it happens. Stumbling across an amazing project update is one of Kickstarter’s greatest pleasures. It’s like reality TV, except real.

    Today we’re introducing a new section of the site that makes it much easier to experience these stories, called Follow. Follow is a simple activity feed of what’s happening on Kickstarter that includes:

    Stuff We Like: Great finds from around Kickstarter picked by the Kickstarter team: project updates, project launches, newly successful projects. We look at everything and share the best stuff as we find it.

    Backed Projects: Developments from the projects you’re backing: the latest project updates, the big milestones, etc.

    Created Projects: All activity related to your created project: new backers, latest comments, and more.

    Followed Projects: A new function on Kickstarter. Following a project allows you to track the updates of projects you’re interested in, but not backing. To follow a project, look for the “Follow This Project” icon:

    And when you follow a project, we’ll also send an email reminder to back the project if you haven’t already when 72 hours are left.

    The Activity feed combines these four streams into one. This is the default view.

    Follow isn’t meant to overwhelm you with information. It’s a selective feed of Kickstarter’s best as defined by what you back and follow, and by what we uncover. It’s a quick jump into great projects and the stories within them. You can find it in the site’s navigation bar.

    We’re really excited about this feature, and we’d love to hear what you think. Drop a comment here or shoot us a line on the site. Either way your feedback is a huge help. Thank you!

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