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  1. When Transparency Goes Creative

    One month ago I made a small donation to PlayLab’s Peep Show project, an interactive art installation of a dozen large, colorful pyramids in a storefront window, each with a peep hole revealing something unexpected. Though I knew I wouldn’t make it down to Norfolk, VA, to catch a glimpse myself, I wanted to cheer on PlayLab’s initiative of offering people something they might not normally see and putting a surprised smile on people’s faces.

    A few days ago the project was successfully funded, and I got an email update from PlayLab. To my surprise, they put a smile on my face, too. Not only did they send out a news article about the Art|Everywhere event that they participated in, a slew of photos of the sculpture, and a video of people peeping, but they scanned all of their receipts and posted them on their website so that backers could get a sense of where their money went. Though I didn’t doubt them for a second, the sincerity of their efforts was touching—and cute! Another added bonus: PlayLab revealed a sampling of the local artwork behind the peep holes.

    What a charming reminder that my donation was appreciated and put to good use. Props to PlayLab for allowing everyone, near or far, to participate.

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