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  1. Accidental Music Brings New Sounds to Orlando, World

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    Orlando, Florida is like a lot of cities in America, but there is one crucial difference. Well, maybe two. Firstly, they have the glistening geodesic castle of Epcot, and secondly, they have a seriously interesting classical music scene. What’s an interesting classical music scene, you say? Isn’t a "concert hall" that place where my Germanic grandmother went every Friday with all her ladies? Don't "composers" only exist in a mythical hallway filled with busts of angry dead dudes with furrowed brows?  I can’t speak to the former, and as for the latter — well, yeah, but that’s not the whole story.

    Classical music is still alive and kicking these days, although you may not recognize it in its contemporary incarnation. Enter the Accidental Music Festival, an event looking to celebrate the culture of new music in Orlando through concerts, discussions, and composition workshops meant for just about anyone. The result?  A vibrant culture of new music composition and performance that will fill the concert halls of today and tomorrow. New music, classical music, electronic music, avant-garde music, unclassified music — whatever you want to call it, it's good music.

    Do you spend most of your days further up north? Don't worry, there are plenty of opportunities to hear some transcendent new sounds in the Big Apple, otherwise known as New York City.

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  2. Wish Fulfillment

    When you’re two weeks away from production on a film with no financing in place, you need to make a decision: either pull out and cut your losses or push forward and burn. I experienced this decisive moment last week, as I was driving through Baltimore in my ‘95 Volvo 850, listening to UGK.

    Inspired by the spirit of Bun B and the late Pimp C, I decided to make a permanent gesture and tattoo the title of my new film, I Used to Be Darker, where I would see it every day. This level of commitment made sense, a kind of wish fulfillment that would serve as a reminder of the goal at hand—or in this case, forearm.

    I knew immediately that the tattoo had everything to do with Kickstarter, and not just because it would make a splashy campaign video. Opening the project up to the public and asking for support felt as permanent a gesture for me as the tattoo, riskier in many ways. Declaring desires and ambitions out loud makes us vulnerable. That’s scarier than needles, scarier than forever because you feel it now. It’s also the only way I know how to make anything happen.

    That’s not entirely true. I have a few other tricks for making things happen. More than a few, and they all have proper names and pulses and stories of their own. It takes a village to make a movie. I roll deep. I get by with a little help from my friends. So that day last week, I made a U-turn in the 850, collected Clayton, my student intern, and a video camera and hit the parlor where we’d tell our story.

    And then we turned our story over to the place where real people gather to support each other’s projects. You’re reading this now because you’re one of those indispensable, giving, risk-taking folks. I’m really glad you’re here.

    At T minus two weeks, the I Used to Be Darker crew is rolling into town or taking days off from their local jobs to work on pre-production. They’re all faith and heart and creative energy. Already no-one’s getting enough sleep. Soon our incredible cast will join us. Check out our page to learn more about them. Take a little detour to have your heart broken and mended by the music of Kim Taylor.

    We’ve passed $8,000 in our campaign, another $32,000 to go. We sincerely hope you like our story and our incentives and find yourself inspired to support our project. We admit it. We’re saying it out loud. We’re offering daily specials on Facebook to sweeten the deal, to say thank you personally, creatively and often.

    Meanwhile, the tattoo’s healing nicely, and we’re moving forward with everything we’ve got.

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