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Roddy Bogawa's TAKEN BY STORM Premieres @ SXSW

  1. Kickstarter Heads to PAX East

    We’re heading to PAX East in Boston this weekend to present a panel on using Kickstarter to fund game development projects. You can find us in the Cat Theatre from 12:30pm - 1:30pm on Friday, along with some wonderful folks from the following projects who’ll share their stories and experiences with you:

    Hadean Lands by Andrew Plotkin

    Hadean Lands: Interactive Fiction for the iPhone's video poster

    Infinite Blank by Evan Balster

    Infinite Blank's video poster

    Human Contact by Joshua A.C. Newman

    Human Contact — a hard SF roleplaying game about humans's video poster

    Cards Against Humanity by Max Temkin

    Cards Against Humanity's video poster

    But there’s more! You also won’t want to miss Gameful’s Jane McGonigal deliver her keynote address (10:30am @ Main Theatre) or rock out to The Protomen on Friday night (you might even get a cameo in their currently funding documentary).

    Hope you can make it, and if you do, make sure to stop by our panel and say hi — we’d love to meet you! 

  2. How to Build a Robot

    The irony-reveling duo behind fave project “Replacing the ‘N-Word’ with ‘Robot’ in Huck Finn” are blowing our minds on a few fronts right now. Firstly, their method of leveraging satire as an educational tool for discussing highly complex social issues with students, secondly, their wild success ($26,000 in a matter of weeks — congrats, guys!), and now, thirdly, their recently posted update unveiling the meticulous, handmade construction of the Robot Jim figurines they’re offering as rewards. Um, cool.

    The little guys, built by “Day of the Robot” artist Chad Meade, are made by handpouring, sanding, and painting a conglomeration of clay, wire bits, plaster, foil, and, my favorite, “…metal bits from my large collection of junk.” One person’s trash, truly another person’s treasure!

    You can check out the full video (and some pretty cool fan art) over on their project blog, here.

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