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Creator Q&A: Silk Road in Stereo

  1. Tips from Creators and Beyond, 2nd Ed.

    Tips: getting to know them is the best way to tackle a Kickstarter project. No matter how many projects you peruse on the daily, it's always a good idea to seek words of wisdom from those in the know. Last year we rounded up a collection of great pieces from knowledgeable creators all across the cyberscape, and while their tips and tricks still ring true, we think it's time for another round.

    7 Things To Consider BEFORE You Launch Your Kickstarter Project

    Filmmaker Nathaniel Hansen, who raised funds for his documentary project The Elders last year, says what you need to succeed boils down to three things: a good idea, a lot of hard work, and a network of supporters. He offers a fascinating in-depth analysis of how to rally your fans — and your fans' fans — around your project. The good news: everyone has fans. The scary news: making the most of them can take some hard work. First you reach out to your closest contacts, and then you dig for your evangelists: those who will get behind your project and help you promote it through their own networks (preferably extensive ones that don't overlap with yours). Back to the good news: the effort will create tighter bonds with those you know, and new bonds with those you don't!

    Ultimately, getting people interested in supporting you stems from the heart and soul of it all: the story.

    Story is everything. Let me back up. Your story is everything. People aren’t so much getting behind the idea as they are getting behind your passion to produce it. ... It HAS to have heart. Kickstarter isn’t a place people come to make an investment expecting a financial return (it's forbidden, in fact). They come to engage with other interesting people and to help along artistic projects they feel add value to the world in which we live.

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  2. Creator Q&A: Mosquita y Mari Was $20k Short in 24 Hours and Still Came Out on Top

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    Mosquita y Mari's rise to successwas better than the playoffs. Watching the project dominate our Popular category in its final day, our whole office bit our fingernails as director Aurora Guerrero raised $20,000 in the last 24 hours of her campaign, pushing her film across its $80,000 finish line just in time for their deadline. The project totaled 888 backers (love that) raising a total of $82,468. 

    Inspired by Guerrero's own background, Mosquita y Mari is a "coming of age story that focuses on a tender love between two young Chicanas that struggles to find its place in their lives and in today's world. As their friendship grows, a yearning to explore their strange yet beautiful connection surfaces." Featuring multiple explorations of identity,MyM's collision of worlds is seen through the eyes of two teenage Latinas. Unlike filmmaker Jennifer Fox who raised $150k in order to deliver her fully completed film, Guerrero turned to Kickstarer for production funds, asking her backers to trust and believe in her vision without getting to see the results right away. Nearly nine hundred backers took that leap of faith, and just one day after she reached her goal, Mosquita y Mari held its first open casting call. Guerrero and her Kickstarting team — Producer Char Agabao, Producer Chad Burris, and Campaign Manager Laurie Ignacio — joined forces to answer a few questions about their success.

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