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  1. Site:Lab -- Michigan Artists Squat Legally!

    SiTE:LAB @ the old Junior Achievement Building 's video poster

    Sometimes The Man can also be the man(nnn!!). Allow me to elaborate. 

    A local Grand Rapids real estate company just offered Site:Lab — a non-profit arts organization that stages exhibitions in vacant commercial and industrial buildings — 25,000 square feet of space in which they’ll be organizing pop-up art shows for the next seven months. The space is on loan free of charge (!), and, as Site:Lab has done before in locales as unique as a former water filtration plant and the old Grand Rapids Federal Building, the exhibitions will feature a wide variety of Michigan art students’ conceptual and experimental new media and performance artwork.

    While the space is free (as aforementioned, The Man is also the mannn!!) and the show is running on the generous time of dedicated volunteers, there are many out-of-pocket event expenses that come with staging exhibitions, and that’s where y’all come in.

    On April 15th, this barebones concrete space will house “Praxis,” a one-night-only site-specific exhibition featuring the work of 100 art students and faculty; in June it will feature selected BFA works from the region; and in September it will hold the 3rd annual ArtPrize competition. In between, the space will be made available to house a variety of projects, great and small. Site:Lab’s Kickstarter project ends this Saturday, April 9th, so hurry up. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but The Man has done enough; it’s our turn now.

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  2. Portable Fortitudes: 54 Talismans for home & abroad.

    A few years ago, artist Corina Dross and her friends seemed to be prone to those sorts of young person calamities most of us know too well. Cynicism, narcissism, ennui, bicycle mishap — you know, the usual stuff. Armed with good intentions and artistic talent, Corina did what she could: she started making little illustrated talismans for herself and her friends. There was “Protection from Heartbreak,” for those on the precipice of romantic disaster, or “Protection from Infestation,” for the dreaded victims of bedbug breeding grounds. She and her friends carried these drawings around, tucked into totebags, between notebooks, hung on the fridge, “to save them from terrible fates.”

    “It was a paranoid year,” Corina says, “and I’d run out of practical solutions.”

    These talismans have now grown into a full deck of pocket-sized icons that all of us can keep for ourselves or share with our own friends. Called Portable Fortitudes, there are 54 beautifully illustrated cards to keep you resistant to every day woes. Lynda Barry and Walt Whitman, for inspiration, Protection from Idle Hands, for procrastination, Protection from Those Who Love You, maybe to keep your mom from calling so much.

    I love them all, and probably need most of them. Especially Walt Whitman. Everyone needs a Walt Whitman trading card.

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