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Drum Roll, Please... Kickstarter-Funded Films at Sundance!

  1. Interactive Documentaries and Storytelling: Creator Hangout with Elaine McMillion Sheldon

    During our last Creator Hangout, our documentary film lead Liz Cook chatted with Elaine McMillion Sheldon. Elaine is a multi-award winning documentary filmmaker and visual artist. In 2012, she used Kickstarter to help fund her Peabody award-winning interactive documentary, Hollow.

    Watch the video from our Hangout to learn more about how Elaine:

    • Brought the story of “Hollow” front and center in her campaign messaging.
    • Kept backers engaged throughout all of the phases of her campaign.
    • Budgeted her time, especially when it came to rewards.
    • Thinks about the many mediums of storytelling.

    Head here to find out who we’ll be talking to during our next Creator Hangout.

  2. Design & Tech Roundup: Digital Artisans

    Pixel Vision
    Pixel Vision

    Now that so many of us carry computers in our pockets and store our photos, documents, and more in the cloud, it's easy to think of technology as relatively formless — a series of black boxes and touchscreens that invisibly exchange data. In response to this misconception, some designers have embraced the opportunity to craft distinctive physical objects for our digital experiences. In this line of thinking, the projects below combine electronics with traditional craftsmanship to create devices that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are technologically impressive.

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