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The 2nd Annual Kickstarter Film Festival

  1. New Projects Are A Wonderland!

    It's the summer solstice everybody! That means the sunlight lasts until it's late enough to drink respectably, we can all wear shorts again, and our serotonin levels are spiking like crazy with all the available Vitamin D.  Go figure, then, that our favorite projects this week would be a little bit rowdy: LARPing on the Subway (P-A-R-T-Y), nudie musicals revived, Bobby Fischer's sex life, and, of course, the one that will save the world. Get into it! And be sure to stop by our Discover projects page for more. 

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  2. The Kickstarter Blog: New and Improved!

    Hi there, and welcome to the revamped Kickstarter Blog! Today we're thrilled to unveil a whole new look and feel, as well as its new home here on Kickstarter proper. Yay!

    Though the digs may be new, the editorial approach is not. We’ll still be bringing you Q&As, in-depth profiles of projects, tips and tricks, and much, much more at least twice daily. As you take a look around, here are some of the changes you’ll see:

    • All blog comments are now from Kickstarter accounts (the old blog had used a third-party commenting system). Because of this change, all previous comments could not be ported over. This is a bummer, but in the long run we felt the benefits to shifting everything here outweighed that short-term inconvenience.
    • The Tumblr that had previously hosted the Kickstarter Blog ( will now behave much more like a typical Tumblr. We’ll be posting to it many times a day, and it will feature completely different content than what you see here. More pics, more reblogs, more fun. Keep visiting! (Note that there may be some DNS weirdness over the next day as we redirect traffic, but all should be normal soon.)
    • It's now much easier to browse our archive thanks to the addition of categories. Want to see some of our how-to posts from a year ago, or what won the Kickstarter Award for Best Project of 2009? This is now easily accessible.
    • The sidebar includes a long list of fascinating project updates handpicked by our team. These posts are some of the best things on all of Kickstarter, and they tell the stories behind some incredible projects. Recommended!

    We're really excited about these changes, and can't thank you enough for reading. We hope you like it!

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