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  1. Glimpses of a Past New York

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    It’s been almost ten years since the 9/11 attacks brought down the Twin Towers, and while it’s all too easy to remember the destruction and tragedy of that day, it can be significantly more difficult to remember what it was like to see two of the world’s tallest buildings against the New York City skyline. After nearly a decade of their absence, many New York residents may never even have experienced the sight firsthand. 

    Sensing that it was the right time to act, Brian August is seeking to give us back the Towers using a slightly unusual tactic — framing their absence in our daily lives. His project is an app that offers us a window to the past in a way that is profoundly simple:

    Activate the app on your iPhone and you'll be guided towards the World Trade Center. Once properly oriented, augmented reality kicks in and renders their silhouette — in a pencil-like outline during the day and in shimmering light at night.

    Users will then have the ability to snap a picture of the "Towers," add their personal story to it, and share it with others. Brian's approach combines technology and art to recreate a deeply human experience and offer a glimpse into a world in which the Twin Towers still stood tall.

  2. The Wow Moment

    The other day I was surfing the web and stranded on a crowd funding website called Kickstarter, unknown to me at that time, is a platform for artists to publish their projects in order to raise a specified amount of money, necessary to realize their goals.

    As I am interested in photography, I saw this great and compelling video by a photographer named Larry Towell, asking me to support his project financially in order for him to make a last trip to Afghanistan and finish his photo book. (I didn’t know him either.) I backed the project for $25 (I know that’s not a lot of money, but I didn’t know the organization and just wanted to check it out.) My contribution would only be collected if Larry would have raised the total of $12,000 in pledges before a specific date.

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