A Few Tips on Getting Press for Your Project

Your project is live, but what's the best way to spread the word? You really believe in what you're making, you've been trumpeting it on all forms of social media, even real-life social media (talking to others), but you want to take it to the next step. How do you do that? Getting press certainly helps.

The video above offers tips on how to focus your efforts, how to get in touch with the right publications, and how you can expect press to work in your favor once you get it.

Director Brendan Toller on his Documentary Danny Says

Danny Fields, Iggy Pop, Lisa Robinson, David Bowie
Danny Fields, Iggy Pop, Lisa Robinson, David Bowie

You might think that you don't know Danny Fields, but if you're interested in rock music history, and more specifically, New York rock music history, then you must. Fields was a key figure, helping guide The Ramones, Iggy Pop, and others as they rose in popularity. We spoke to Brendan Toller, the director of Danny Says, about documenting the life of a crucial figure in rock music's storied past.

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Kickstarter Transparency Report 2014

Kickstarter's mission is to help bring creative projects to life. As part of that mission, we work to foster creativity and artistic expression, while always striving to be clear and transparent about our policies.

Today we’re reinforcing our commitment to those values by releasing this transparency report. It details requests and claims we received in 2014 about projects and members of our community, from people and companies with copyright or trademark complaints, and from law enforcement and government entities. Transparency around these requests can help to ensure that they are being made for the right reasons.

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The Process: Michael Bilsborough's Capitalist Collages

When New York-based artist Michael Bilsborough's project HELLO TODAY: Capitalist Collages popped up on the site, we were impressed with the way he took otherwise bland images from high-end business magazines and transformed them into sometimes unsettling, occasionally eerie, but aesthetically pleasing collages. We asked him to explain the process behind creating some of these, and learned that even the act of doing the project on Kickstarter is, in a way, part of the art.

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Discover the Outdoors

If you spend a lot of time outside, you've probably looked at your tent or backpack or whatever it is that helps you do what you like to do when you're out in nature, and you've probably thought about how you could make the thing in question so much better if only you had the resources. Here are a few innovative projects, designed to make your life in the wilderness a little more comfortable.

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Introducing Subtitles and Captions

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Creativity is for everyone. That belief’s central to what we do here at Kickstarter — we want to make it easier for more people to connect and get involved in creative projects, big or small. And part of living up to that goal is making sure our website is for everyone, too.

Today, we’re happy to announce a new feature that makes Kickstarter even more accessible to our huge, global community. This community spans hundreds of nations and territories, all seven continents, countless languages, and individuals at all different levels of hearing. When a creator reaches out to that community to share a new idea, we want all those people to have access to what they’re saying. So we’ve added captioning and subtitles to videos, to make sure they can be understood by everyone who watches — whatever their language, and whatever their hearing level.

Take a look at the video above to see it at work! Notice that "CC" symbol in the upper-right corner, and in the player controls? Hover over the controls to bring up a list of caption tracks, and choose the one you need:

For creators, it’s just as simple. Whether you’re working with your main project video, an additional clip for your project page, or a video update, you can add as many tracks of captions or subtitles as you like — to make sure anyone who wants to get involved with your project can experience the whole thing. Just click in the editor to start captioning any video you've uploaded:

We're excited to see even more people connect and explore creativity — across languages, borders, and hearing levels alike!

Photographer Doug DuBois on his book My Last Day at Seventeen

Photographer Doug DuBois spent five summers in Ireland, photographing a group of teenagers in those last moments before they entered into adulthood. The photos are striking—both a universal look at adolescence, as well as a specific take on what it means to be a teenager in the housing estate of Russell Heights. My Last Day at Seventeen is a melancholy, vital piece of work. We asked DuBois how it came together.

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