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  1. One Million Backers

    Last week a woman named Rachel Perrie pledged to a film project called Cargo. At that moment she became the millionth person to have ever backed a Kickstarter project.

    Rachel backed the film because she knew the creator. People often support people they know on Kickstarter. People also back projects they discover via blog posts, tweets, Facebook, and our own site and newsletter. Whether to a friend or a stranger, a pledge simply says “I like what you’re doing and I’d like to be a part of it.”
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  2. The Lord of the Lips Makes Us Whistle While We Work

    Lord of the Lips is a documentary-in-progress about The Indian Whistler's Association, which is exactly what it sounds like: a collective of whistling enthusiasts from all over India. The whistling collective welcomes whistlers from all ages and all skill levels, but passion is a prerequisite. There are teeth whistlers, bird whistlers, warblers, and puckers. You'll see kids as young as 10 years old and adults as old as 75.  Characters — and joy — abound (it is, after all, a whistling collective). 

    When we first saw this project, we were gripped. Watching someone whistle into a microphone is perhaps much more amusing, and joy-filled than it should be (see below for proof). The whistling is notably fantastic, of course, and if you back the project for $10, you can get a mixtape of the whistlers whistling their favorite Bollywood classics.

    The Indian Whistling Association was started in 2004 by Rigveda Deshpandey — a champion whistler who is better known in whistling circles as the "Lord of the Lips". His friend, Grant Davis, has set out to make a documentary on the collective and their extensive network. He's raising funds to travel to Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi to film performances and interview whistlers. Grant Davis is a Hindi-Urdu linguist, and the film will be made in the whistler's native Hindi.

    Check out the project to see more of the whistlers in action and hear some of their amazing work. It will probably make your day.

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