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  1. This Week in Kickstarter

    Over here at Kickstarter HQ, we caught the Halloween spirit so hard last night that we went and carved ourselves some pumpkins. Well, it was either the Halloween spirit or all of that pie we ate. Either way, happy Halloween, everyone! Pie!

    We want to raise a slice of pie to Josh Harker and his Halloween-friendly sculpture project Crania Anatomica Feligre. Setting out with a goal of $500 and the hopes of using 3D printing technology to finally realize his tangly, intricate skull sculptures, he ended up raising over $77,000. This means his project was 15,454% funded, which has to be some sort of record. Josh, as far as we are concerned, you deserve All the Pie.

    In keeping with the Halloween theme, Jon Crispin, the man behind the creepy Willard Asylum Suitcase project, just posted this insanely eerie photo taken at the Chapin House, inside the long-abandoned institution itself. Pretty sure we see dead people in this picture. Seriously.

    The Littleneck Clam Shack is not creepy, but it is open! This food project opened its doors to backers and the very excited public on Wednesday night, and everyone from Eater to Grub Street is hot on the case. Clams!

    Space! People love space almost as much as they love pie. Almost. Which is why we knew we had a curatorial duty to make a page of projects all about that big ol' place we call the Universe. Contemplating your own staggering insignificance optional

    While you were prepping your Roman gladiator slash harajuku girl outfit for Halloween, the creators of CineSkates, Paper Punk and Teagueduino were packaging rewards. Wonder if they each wore this horse mask when they went to the Post Office. That's how most rewards are shipped. 

    Once you finish all that pie-eating and insignificance contemplating, maybe you'll be in the mood for a movie? Why not an epic father-son drama, spanning two decades and three generations, about spirituality, cultural survival, identity, inheritance, family, growing old, growing up, faith, meditation, religion, magic, dreaming, Buddhism, Dzogchen — and past and future lives? Our own Elisabeth Holm will be on hand at the Saturday screening to answer your Kickstarter-y questions. BYOP.

  2. A Trip Inside Brazilian Fuzz Guitar Bananas: The Movie

    In 2010, a compilation came out that changed the way I viewed Brazilian music. It's name, Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas. Prior to that I'd really only been keen to tropicalia, the bossanova sounds of Ipanema, and the occasional samba tune, but DJ/curator Joel Stones tipped me off to a whole new world of utterly far-out jams that would even make dudes stuck in the Summer of Love say, "whoa, man, that's f%^*%* groovy." Luckily for us, the story doesn't end with the compilation. Currently, Joel Stones and Brazilian filmmaker Artur Ratton are re-tracing their steps in order to delve deeper into the untold story of Brazilian psychedelia. This finds them uncovering lost gems, meeting up with the folks behind rare tracks like Bis 14's cover of "God Save the Queen" and expanding on the unknown history behind the elusive, even to Brazilian's genre. We recently headed over to Tropicalia in Furs, Joel's record store full of self-described crazy world music and obscurities, to discuss the stories behind the forthcoming film

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