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  1. The Wild World of Roman Muradov

    Cover for a volume of "Psychic Detective."
    Cover for a volume of "Psychic Detective."

    Roman Muradov makes comics. They are loosely narrated, wildly imaginative, sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and at all times brimming with a certain vibrant energy.  This summer, he'll also be sharing a table at San Francisco's ZineFest with fellow comic wunderkind/Kickstarter creator Phil McAndrew, and he's prepping a brand new full-color mini-collection of tragicomic funnies for the event. The comic will be based on a recurring character he calls Psychic Detective, and describes as a "demented recluse, a third-rate stand-in, an office plankton, a depressed lunatic, an everyman’s everyman, a rose, a rose & none of those."

    If there's one thing that comics are great for, it's transforming banal, very human woes (office plankton, third-rate stand-in) into fantastical, elaborate adventures spiked with humorous lunacy. If craziness is the currency of a well-crafted comic world, then Roman is definitely rich, and, lucky for us, his idiosyncratic gifts spilled over into his project's reward tiers. 

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  2. Kickstarter Meetup in Detroit

    Hello, Detroit!

    Kickstarter will be in your city next month, and we'd love to meet you. Daniella Jaeger from the Community team will be hosting a get-together for any and all who'd like to meet other creators in their area or simply learn more about running a project. Here are the details:

    Thursday, Aug. 4, at 7 pm
    Cass Cafe (upper level)
    4620 Cass Avenue
    Detroit, MI 48201

    Come out, grab a drink, and schmooze it up. Feel free to RSVP here. Looking forward to seeing you all!

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