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New Projects Are Very Near Mint (Volume 2!)

  1. This Week in Kickstarter

    Have you ever worried you'd accidentally post something to your company's social media sites instead of your own? Well, this week on Kickstarter, some beautiful Bulgarian album art (above) was on our Tumblr for about two minutes. We liked it so much we invited it back.

    Our week in blogging started as it should: in the kitchen with some Jewish grandmothers, making rugelach. And to think, all our grandmothers taught us was to program the VCR to tape General Hospital!

    It's almost 2012, though, and we've all but given up on our dreams of going to space, or at least Space Camp. But fear not, as the crew behind ISS Notify posted an update on their nifty device, which blinks when the International Space Station is directly above you. Almost the same thing as going to space. 

    We keep threatening to make a coffee table book (or at least a single-serving Tumblr blog) about something much more mundane than space travel. It will be called Creators Standing In Line At the Post Office, Mailing Out Rewards. This harrowing photo from the Cards Against Humanity guys is a nice contender for the cover. Now that Kickstarter's own Yancey Strickler is deep in the project fulfillment trenches himself, we know who we'll get to write the forward. Yancey, we'd love to help, but we're...allergic to stamp adhesive. Or something.

    If you're just starting your project, though, and are looking for music for your project video, take heed. Free Music Archive just launched their Curated Page. Great page, featuring great projects, and a great resource for creators!

    Art Prize started last week and they also have a great Curated Page. There are a dozen and a half (that's 18) Kickstarter projects participating, so if you're in Ann Arbor, check it out! More on Art Prize next week.

    Every time we play board games they end in a tantrum, but apparently some people enjoy them. And apparently these mature adult humans go bananas for Settlers of Catan. "How bananas?" you ask. So bananas that a project raising funds to make a custom, wood-cut Settlers board has raised over $18,000 and was featured yesterday on everyone's favorite cat video site, The Daily What.

    Karl Blau's KLAPS project ends today, and he's celebrating with a non-stop, 24 hour virtual "Round-The-World Song Relay". We're currently 15 hours in, but fret not, you can still get involved by covering a Blau song, and sharing it here. Grüvy!

  2. The End Is Only the Beginning: The Story of Connie Converse

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    "In 1974, Elizabeth 'Connie' Converse wrote goodbye notes to her friends and family, packed her belongings into a Volkswagen and simply drove away. No one has seen or heard from her since." That's how the story of Connie Converse both ends and begins. Begins because it was only after her unexpected disappearance that her cache of home recordings was discovered — songs recorded in her kitchen, sometimes with friends but most often alone (and very alone, if you get my drift), beautiful and plaintive melodies with an extraordinarily intellectual bent. They revealed a mind both intuitive and highly observant, but seeming to grasp for hope and human companionship. 

    Listening now, the near ethereal quality of her work is only enhanced by its unusual backstory; the whole thing feels like a ghostly fabrication. Which, not surprisingly, is precisely what makes it so appealing. How Sad, How Lovely, a compilation of her songs, was released quietly in 2009, gathering a tiny, but fiercely loyal audience of folk-y romantics and lovelorn dreamer types, not to mention a gushing critic or two. Now, Squirrel Thing Recordings is out to follow it up with a specially packaged double vinyl edition called Musicks, featuring never-before-head recordings, and a bound book of Connie's letters, photographs, journals, and poetry. All of it will be assembled by hand with help from Ugly Duckling Presse (you may recognize the name from their own awesome Kickstarter project). 

    Connie's music exists in such a cloud to me — everything from the lyrics to the way it's recorded, as though Connie was sitting across the room from the recorder, makes it feel very, very far away — that to have and to hold it as a physical object seems like a dream come true. Emphasis on dream. Listen to more of her tunes, and pre-order a copy of the record, here.

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