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Director Brendan Toller on his Documentary Danny Says

  1. Kickstarter Transparency Report 2014

    Kickstarter's mission is to help bring creative projects to life. As part of that mission, we work to foster creativity and artistic expression, while always striving to be clear and transparent about our policies.

    Today we’re reinforcing our commitment to those values by releasing this transparency report. It details requests and claims we received in 2014 about projects and members of our community, from people and companies with copyright or trademark complaints, and from law enforcement and government entities. Transparency around these requests can help to ensure that they are being made for the right reasons.

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  2. The Process: Michael Bilsborough's Capitalist Collages

    When New York-based artist Michael Bilsborough's project HELLO TODAY: Capitalist Collages popped up on the site, we were impressed with the way he took otherwise bland images from high-end business magazines and transformed them into sometimes unsettling, occasionally eerie, but aesthetically pleasing collages. We asked him to explain the process behind creating some of these, and learned that even the act of doing the project on Kickstarter is, in a way, part of the art.

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