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Kickstarter in Canada: The First Month!

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  2. Kickstarter in Canada!

    Today Kickstarter is officially open to projects based in Canada!

    We’re thrilled that Kickstarter is now available to creators in Canada. We've been waiting a long time for this day to come, and we can’t wait to see what creative projects our friends in Canada will launch — films, art, games, albums, plays, performances, and much more. 

    Since we announced that people based in Canada could begin building projects, more than 2900 (!!) people have started making one. Already several dozen Canada-based projects have launched today. This was the first project to launch.

    Projects in Canada function just like every other Kickstarter project, with a few small differences. Let’s go over how it works. 

    Can people outside Canada pledge to Canadian projects? 

    Yes! Backers from anywhere in the world can pledge to any project on Kickstarter. 

    Is there a Canada-specific Kickstarter site? 

    No. Canada-based projects are listed alongside all of the other Kickstarter projects. Backers can check out projects based in Canada specifically through the location sections of the Kickstarter homepage (the first row of projects under Staff Picks) and the Discover page (the Cities area in the sidebar). 

    What currency are Canada-based projects listed in? 

    Projects from Canada-based creators are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD). If you are pledging from outside Canada, you will see the approximate conversion rate to US dollars before you complete your pledge. 

    Will backing Canadian projects be similar to backing US projects? 

    The mechanics of Kickstarter (all-or-nothing funding, rewards, etc.) are identical for all projects. When pledging, however, backers of Canadian projects will enter their payment information directly on Kickstarter rather than through Amazon Payments. All pledges will be processed securely through a third-party payments processor.

    Are the fees for Canada-based projects the same as UK and US projects? 

    Yes, Kickstarter will charge a 5% fee to successfully funded projects and no fee to unsuccessfully funded projects in Canada. 

    Payment processing fees for Canada-based projects are similar to those for UK projects. For Canada-based projects, the processing fees are: 

    • Pledges less than $10 CAD are charged 5% + $0.05 CAD 
    • Pledges of $10 CAD or greater are charged 3% + $0.20 CAD 

    If a project is not successfully funded, there are no fees.

    Will Kickstarter host workshops for Canadian creators leading up to the launch? 

    We're glad you asked! We've hosted a few workshops and meetups across Canada in the weeks leading up to launch, and we plan on hosting more. You can request an event in your city here!

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