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  1. This Week in Kickstarter

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    We never thought we'd say this, but we're glad that the week began with Nickelback. A Motown Tribute to Nickelback, that is, which is a charming project that's exactly what it sounds like, but better. (We love you, Tambourine Guy.)

    Data nerds rejoice! We just released our Kickstarter Stats page, which shows you live data about projects, success rates, categories, and more. It'll be updated at least once a day, so feel free to "sip data calmly all afternoon."

    A photograph by Shane Lavalette from the series "Picturing the South."
    A photograph by Shane Lavalette from the series "Picturing the South."

    The New York Times shouted out Shane Lavalette's musical/photographic journey through the South with a piece on the premiere of "Picturing the South" at Atlanta's High Museum of the Art. His work will be on display with other notable photographers (like Martin Parr!) through September 2nd. Don't miss it. 

    Frank Chimero's new book of essays, Scratch
    Frank Chimero's new book of essays, Scratch

    Beloved designer Frank Chimero is following up on his wildly successful The Shape of Design with a new book of essays called Scratch. Even puppies loved his first project, so you know that the new one is promising!

    Fledgling fashionistas also got some love from The Grey Lady with a piece on indie designers who turn to Kickstarter. Mentions include the super-multipurpose Versalette and the Brooklyn-based, one woman show that is Ambit

    BioChemies, a demonstration of ideal use (and user).
    BioChemies, a demonstration of ideal use (and user).

    Our new favorite thing ever might be this BioChemie's Flickr pool, where backers contribute photos of the molecular plush dolls in use. It's basically all adorable children and pets (which, in case you were wondering, are what we consider Ideal Subjects around here). 

    Last, but not least, pretty sure we found our new office uniform in Kitty Garden Party leggings. Maybe we should wear them with "Kitten Testicle Grey" Atheist shoes, which are now available for purchase online. 

  2. Kickstarter Stats

    We're big fans of numbers here at Kickstarter, and we've shared many Kickstarter stats and trends on this blog. Those posts have typically been tied to milestones, but we've always wanted a way to share our numbers consistently. Today we're excited to announce a page that does exactly that: Kickstarter Stats.

    The Kickstarter Stats page is updated daily with the raw data behind the site and its thirteen categories. It answers questions like: 

    • How much has been pledged to Kickstarter projects? (More than $250 million)
    • How much has been pledged to successfully funded projects? (More than $215 million)
    • What percentage of Theatre projects have been successfully funded? (63%)
    • How many projects have raised more than $1 million? (Seven)
    • How many projects have never received a single pledge? (More than 7,000)

    And much more! You can access Kickstarter Stats from the site's footer or our help pages. We hope you like it.

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