Kickstarter Transparency Report 2015

Kickstarter is a space for creative people to present and find support for new and imaginative ideas. Like many sites entrusted with hosting others’ content and personal information, we field intellectual property claims and government requests for user information. We’ve developed clear protocols for assessing and addressing each type of claim or request so they’re handled consistently and fairly. And by publishing an annual transparency report, we aim to shed light on process too often hidden from public view.

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Kickstarter + Kodak Launch New Film Partnership

Hollywood heavy hitters from the Coen Brothers to Patty Jenkins to Martin Scorsese all swear by the value of shooting their movies on real-deal film, and we’re right there with them. Today we’re excited to announce that Kickstarter has partnered with Eastman Kodak on a new initiative to help creators who want to shoot their projects on motion picture film stock. As digital methods of filmmaking become more and more prominent, there’s still an energetic group of filmmakers who feel the best way to present their work is by shooting in film, which allows them to achieve more layered texture and colors. However, film can be cost-prohibitive for many independent filmmakers. This new partnership will provide creators with discounted film stock and support them in launching impactful Kickstarter campaigns for their new film projects.

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Your Ultimate Kickstarter Games Strategy Guide

The Games community on Kickstarter is massive. There are card games galore, wrestling RPGs (a personal favorite), throwbacks to 2D point-and-click goodness, hardware ideas, soundtrack performances, custom dice, and so much more. When I worked on Kickstarter’s Support team, I was introduced to terms like a “brick” of playing cards, and frequently responded to requests for a Games digest email (it’s finally here!).

Aside from the tremendous amount of creativity behind this community, their knowledge of Kickstarter and excitement to share with one another is equally impressive. Here are some of the great stories and pointers that Games creators have shared over the years.

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Playing Games at PAX East

Editor's note: We went, we played, we slayed. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a look inside the Kickstarter Games Dungeon —we took photos galore!

Come one, come all (as long as you're over 18) to the Kickstarter Games Dungeon!

Publishers, developers, and the games community at large are descending on Boston from April 22–24 for PAX East, one of the largest games events in North America — and we'll be there to host the Kickstarter Games Dungeon. From a 2D adventure through hell to an arcade-style indie music game featuring Tegan and Sara, METZ, and Metric to that game about exploding kittens, there'll be some seriously amazing Kickstarter-funded tabletop and video games for you to peruse, explore, and — of course — play.

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The 19 Kickstarter-funded Films You Can Catch at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival

This year, there are 19 Kickstarter-funded films at the Tribeca Film Festival — and more than 31,000 supporters pledged more than $2.08 million to help bring them to life. We think that's amazing. <3

For the past six years, Kickstarter-funded Tribeca Film Festival premieres have experienced some incredible successes in theaters, on national broadcasts, and across digital platforms. We’ve seen festival favorites like The Birth of Sake, Mala Mala, Thank You for Playing, Very Semi-Serious, and Welcome to Leith get released theatrically and I Got Somethin’ to Tell You (HBO), (T)error (PBS), and The Genius of Marian (PBS) air on television. Many of these films and their talented creators have even been in contention for major awards — 2015’s Racing Extinction (formerly The Heist) even snagged a nom for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards. We’d like to think these Kickstarter-funded films are the toast of Tribeca — and beyond!

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Kickstarter Projects Get Creative With Oculus

Ever since the Oculus Rift first hit Kickstarter back in 2012, people have been asking, “But what are we going to do with this thing?” As it turns out, lots of other Kickstarter projects can help answer that question. Creators have used Kickstarter to help them develop games, interactive films, and accessories for the Rift and other VR platforms. Now that the consumer version of the Rift is out in the wild, it’s a perfect moment to highlight that work. Here are some of our favorites that are available now or coming soon, followed by some great VR-related projects that are live on Kickstarter. 

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