2018 Was a Record-Breaking Year for Games on Kickstarter

Just when you thought the Games category on Kickstarter couldn’t get any bigger, it did. 2018 was the category’s best year yet, featuring over 3,300 funded projects from both household names like Homestar Runner and new voices like Miguel Angel Espinoza

We at Kickstarter are very proud to be part of such a powerful, positive, and proactive community. Here, we look back at 2018 in numbers and projects. 

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Oriana Leckert Joins Kickstarter to Encourage Experimentation in Journalism Funding

Today we’re excited to announce that Oriana Leckert has joined Kickstarter as our Journalism Outreach Lead. Oriana has spent more than a decade working in the media: She’s written for a variety of outlets, including Slate, New York Post, Gothamist, Atlas Obscura, and Curbed, and she has edited for many more, including MTV News, Hyperallergic, Pitchfork, Voice of Witness, and The Believer. Her first book, Brooklyn Spaces: 50 Hubs of Culture and Creativity (Monacelli Press, 2015), grew out of a multi-year project chronicling the rise and fall of under-the-radar creative places across New York City.

Oriana Leckert. Photo by Ventiko.
Oriana Leckert. Photo by Ventiko.
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These Kickstarter-Funded Films Are Headed to the 2019 Sundance Film Festival

For the eighth year, Kickstarter creators will bring their documentaries, narrative features, shorts, and series to Park City.

This year, we’re thrilled to share that nine Kickstarter-funded projects will be making their way to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah (January 24—Feb 3, 2019), joining the 123 Kickstarter-funded documentaries, features, shorts, and series that have been invited to screen at the fest since 2011.

From Jimmie Fails and Joe Talbot’s The Last Black Man in San Francisco to Knock Down the House, a documentary following the campaigns of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and three other women running for U.S. Congress in the 2018 midterm elections, this year’s selected films push forward new narratives, showcase emerging talent, and enhance the way we tell stories on-screen.

Kickstarter’s Film team will also be at Sundance this January, hosting events, panels, and parties at the Kickstarter Lodge and cheering on creators at their films’ world premieres. (Follow @Kickstarter on Instagram for live updates from the mountain.)

“So many of these films began as projects on Kickstarter years ago,” says Kickstarter’s Director of Documentary Film Liz Cook. “It’s a true testament to the time, grit, patience, and care these filmmakers bring to the stories they tell.”

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Highlights from Bold Type, Our Celebration of French Typography

Version française ci-dessous.

This fall, Kickstarter and the French graphic design and visual culture magazine étapes: teamed up to launch Bold Type, a celebration of typography in France. From September 1 to October 31, we invited artists, designers, and type enthusiasts of all stripes to launch typography projects on Kickstarter.

Twenty creators took part, creating inventive new typefaces, playful typographic illustrations, new design publications, and more. To date, they’ve found support from over 1,200 backers, who have pledged more than $75,000 to help bring these projects to life. (There’s still time to support a few of them!)

Read on for a selection of standout live and successful projects from the Bold Type initiative, and to hear from a few of the creators who joined in.

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What $4 Billion Pledged to Creative Projects Looks Like

Last week, the Kickstarter campaign for Street Masters: Aftershock received a pledge of $209. For the creator, the independent game studio Blacklist Games, that represented another step toward bringing their board game expansion to life. For Kickstarter as a whole, it represented a thrilling milestone: $4 billion pledged to creative ideas on our platform.

Over 154,000 projects have been funded on Kickstarter with the support of over 15 million backers, more than 5 million of whom have supported more than one project. That’s 15 million people who have helped over 123,000 creators make hip-hop anthologies, DIY microscopes, animated documentaries, intersectional feminist zines, kinetic artworks, card games featuring combustible cats, and so much more.

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Make 100 with Kickstarter in 2019

You’re invited to launch a limited-edition project in January as part of Make 100.

In January 2017, over 470 creators launched projects as part of Kickstarter’s first year of Make 100, a creative initiative focused on limited editions of 100. Since then, we’ve seen creators take the idea in directions we never expected.

To kick off 2019, we invite you to join the Kickstarter community and launch a Make 100 project of your own. Whether you’re a curious first-timer or an experienced creator, there’s no time like a new year to take a creative risk, explore a new direction, and make good on your creative ambitions.

A few inventive Make 100 projects by creators Sara V. Ramirez, Jenny Odell, Mike Ambs, Derrick Schultz, Thierry Blancpain, and Jenn de la Vega
A few inventive Make 100 projects by creators Sara V. Ramirez, Jenny Odell, Mike Ambs, Derrick Schultz, Thierry Blancpain, and Jenn de la Vega
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Announcing Zine Quest, a Tribute to RPG Zines in February 2019

This winter, let us summon the ancient forms and blazon our sigils on portentous parchments!

Emerging in the early 1970s, RPG zines were hugely influential in the early days of role-playing game fandom and publishing. Inspired by classic titles like Judges Guild and Alarums & Excursions, Kickstarter is inviting creators to launch their own RPG-inspired zine projects in February 2019 as part of Zine Quest, a celebration of these influential documents.

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