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  1. At the White House Maker Faire

    Last week the White House hosted the first ever White House Maker Faire. Countless Kickstarter creators attended, including Lisa Q. Fetterman, creator of the Nomiku sous vide machine, who was kind enough to recap her afternoon with the president for us.

    Awaiting the President
    Awaiting the President

    Ceremonious music played and the room got silent; President Obama was about to get on the podium to decree June 18th as the National Day of Making. “Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow,” I said to myself, cupping my face in my hands. “I didn’t know I was sitting in front of the doge meme,” joked a fellow maker. I had to laugh! That comment was so indicative of the people in the room — we are all a little nerdy (okay, maybe more than a little), and I was totally out of my element but delighted like an internet Shiba Inu.

    The OpenROV guys all suited up
    The OpenROV guys all suited up

    Imagine being amongst people whose open-source projects you admire. The White House Maker Faire was like opening up MAKE magazine and having the projects pop out. I salivated over the Pancakebot, gave a glorious connected-circuit fist bump to MaKey MaKey, and got super giddy when I saw the typically laid back OpenROV underwater explorers in their crisp suits. We shared a ribcage-crushing hug so tight that my heart felt a squeeze. 

    Lisa Fetterman and Yancey Strickler
    Lisa Fetterman and Yancey Strickler

    Besides being a dream come true for a maker and science fangirl, the White House Maker Faire validated and introduced a decades-old movement that is starting to dramatically shape the economy from the bottom up. When we first made a prototype of the Nomiku Sous Vide, it was exhilarating but lonely. It wasn’t until we stumbled across Mitch Altman, who was getting interviewed as a “maker” at a Lower East Side vegan restaurant, that we found an ally. Mitch gave us a key to his San Francisco makerspace, Noisebridge, and taught us how to solder in a Brooklyn basement. 

    This man probably needs no introduction
    This man probably needs no introduction

    On June 18th, President Obama invited us over to his house. If Mitch could inspire so many people and change so many lives, just imagine the revolution a “National Day of Making” could set off. We are living in one of most exciting and creative times in history. In his speech, President Obama explained that everyone is a maker: “It’s in our DNA."

    I can’t wait to see what we make together.

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  2. New Security Features: Two-factor authentication and IP history

    Making sure that your Kickstarter account is secure is a huge priority for us, and we’re sure it is for you, too. Today we’re happy to be unveiling two new features, both of which will help keep your account and data safer than ever.

    The first is two-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of protection by requiring a second step to log into your account. It’s now available to all users — all you need to do is turn it on in your Account Settings. If you’ve never used two-factor authorization before, here’s how it works: whenever you (or anyone else) try to log into your account from an unfamiliar device or computer, we’ll generate a special pass code, and send it to you via text message, voicemail, or an authorization app. You’ll be prompted to enter that code before you can access your account.

    Why enable two-factor authorization? More security. This way, even if someone did manage to figure out your password, they wouldn’t be able to access your account without having your phone in hand, too.

    And you’ll know for sure that your account’s safe, thanks to another feature: IP history. Take a look at the bottom of your Account Settings page — you should see a list of each time your account’s been accessed, complete with the IP address and location of each login. (Note: locations aren’t always perfectly exact, so don’t be too alarmed if you see the location of your service provider’s hub in the next zip code.) If you notice any activity you can’t explain, just change your password, consider turning on two-factor authorization, and let us know.

    With these tools, it’s easier for you to know that your account’s safe, sound, and locked up tight.

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