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  1. Talking Shop: How to Pay Your Writers

    What is a word worth? In publishing, not as much as it used to be. At least, that's the impression writers often get.

    Conversations around compensation – money – are admittedly uncomfortable, and that's if they're happening at all. Recently, a few incredible people gathered at Kickstarter HQ to discuss what they're doing to make sure their writers get paid. Alex Shvartsman (Editor of Unidentified Funny Objects), Lisa Lucas (Publisher of Guernica Magazine), and Ryan Chapman (BOMB Magazine), spoke in a conversation moderated by writer/editor Sari Botton. Hear about their strategies for fundraising and fairly compensating their writers in this installment of Talking Shop.

  2. A Few Tips on Knowing Your Audience

    Knowing who might enjoy the thing you're putting out into the world is a crucial, often overlooked, part of your campaign. It may seem obvious at first that the people that want to see your film, read your book, or watch your play would be a person like you, but it's important to take the time to find out who those people are. What else do they like? What organizations are they a part of?

    By taking the time to think about who your audience might be, you're also helping to focus the goal of your project.

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