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  1. Guest Post: The Importance of Updates

    Hand-honing knives for the duo's Fave project
    Hand-honing knives for the duo's Fave project

    Dave Laituri and his son Calvin are responsible for several projects to-date, creating, launching, and fulfilling each from their garage. One thing their projects all have in common, aside from being in the Product Design category, is that they've consistently shared amazing updates with their backers. We asked Dave and Calvin to talk about how and why to use updates in the best way possible.

    After running six projects of our own and helping out on about ten others, we’ve learned that project updates are much more than a broadcast tool to deliver your project's status information to backers — they’re an important component of the product you are creating.

    We’ve learned from our backer’s feedback that being part of the process and having a behind-the-scenes view are a big part of what they like about backing projects on Kickstarter, so we put extra effort into making sure they learn a lot through our updates. After all, most backers are not necessarily creators themselves and appreciate whatever interesting bits of background information that you share.

    Given their value, it’s worth taking some time before launching to plan out the sequence of your update topics in advance — it’s always good to be prepared! For some update topics beyond the obvious (but important) "thank you" or "shipping updates," consider these:

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  2. Happening: Curated by WFMU

    Have you ever complained—or talked to someone who complained—about how radio just "isn't what it was" anymore? Chances are you've been that person, or been in proximity to that person because it's totally true. Radio as we know it now is a very different beast from its golden days. WFMU, however, has been a consistent antidote to everything you don't like about radio since 1958. In addition to thoughtful programming—music and otherwise—the station also holds a yearly record fair that has become legendary in record collector circles. Even if you don't want to dig deep, you'll still find some great stuff. We'd be saying all this stuff if you asked us at any time, but it feels particularly relevant right now. It's music month, and part of that means that WFMU will be coming to our office to host a record fair, performances, and a screening of Sex and Broadcasting, the documentary about the station. RSVP right here.

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