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  1. Kickstarter Projects Recommended Just for You

    There are 5,841 creative projects to discover, be inspired by, and support on Kickstarter right now. A couple hundred more from around the world will launch before the day is over. They spring from the minds of emerging and established creators of all stripes, and span the creative spectrum. There’s something for everyone. But how can you find the ones that speak directly to you?

    Today we're announcing something helps with just that: Recommendations.

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  2. The Kickstarter Film Team's Top Five Animated Films

    We're thrilled to share that two acclaimed, animated Film projects from Kickstarter creators have been recognized by The Academy this year. Congratulations to Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson (Anomalisa, nominated for Best Animated Feature) and Don Hertzfeldt (World of Tomorrow, nominated for Best Animated Short) whose groundbreaking films are in the running to win the little gold man. We’ll be crossing our fingers Sunday night as we cheer on these talented Oscar nominees.

    To celebrate these nominations, Liz Cook, George Schmalz, and Dan Schoenbrun from our Film team have put together a list of animated works that have influenced them and had lasting personal resonance.

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