Best Practices for Translating your Project Page

One part of running a Kickstarter campaign is figuring out how to reach the people that will be interested in supporting your idea. This usually involves sharing a compelling story around what you’re making and figuring out how you’ll reach out to people about your project. But it’s important that your project page is inclusive of the community that you’re trying to reach and available in their language. Here are some tips for translating your project page and adding subtitles and captions to your project video. You can also read it in French, German, or Spanish.

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Southern Charm: 11 Kickstarter-funded Films to Play SXSW 2017

Update: We’re thrilled to congratulate director and screenwriter Peter Vack on winning the Adam Yauch Hörnblowér Award at the SXSW Film Festival. The award honors a filmmaker "whose work strives to be wholly its own, without regard for norms or desire to conform.” Learn more about the film below.

Starting this weekend, eleven Kickstarter-funded films are set to play SXSW 2017. More than 23,000 backers pledged more than $1.6 million to help bring these film projects to life — not counting the one that’s currently live!

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All in 1 — The First Fifty

If you’ve been sitting on a project idea, why not make like these creators and launch a project as part of All in 1? You have until the end of March to put a one-week project in the mix — head right over here to get started.

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Enter the Kickstarter Games Castle at PAX East

There’s only one place we know of where you can vanquish dragons and goblins, explore the furthest reaches of outer space, and battle an army of devious infants, all under one roof: the Kickstarter Games Castle at PAX East.

From March 10–12, game publishers, developers, and players will gather in Boston for PAX East, one of the largest games events in North America. We’re back at the event this year with an out-of-this-world mix of Kickstarter-funded video and tabletop games for you to peruse and play.

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Ready, Set, Share Your Project!

Once you’ve launched your project, it’s time to put your promotion strategy to work. Feel free to experiment and try different approaches on spreading the word. The important thing is to communicate regularly, respectfully, and in a way that feels true to yourself.

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A Project Promotion Pep-Talk

There are many ways for creators to spread the word about their projects and encourage friends, fans, and supportive strangers to support them. Here are some helpful tips and stories from people who have have run successful projects on Kickstarter. 

Begin Before You Launch 

Lay the groundwork for a successful campaign. In general, creators who spend at least a couple months preparing their campaigns are much more likely to succeed. 

“Your fundraising campaign begins long before you even join Kickstarter… The most important part of having a successful campaign is having a dedicated audience who are vested in your art. You should be building relationships with your fans long before you make the ‘ask.’ ” — Simon Tam, New Tour Bus for The Slants 

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True/False and Kickstarter Bring Childcare to 2017 Film Fest

True/False Film Fest is a beloved festival in the documentary film community (and beyond) — and it's easy to understand why. It's widely considered one of the more filmmaker-friendly, community-oriented, thoughtfully programmed festivals out there. And for many filmmakers, T/F is a reminder of why they do this challenging, often poorly paid work in the first place. The festival helps renew a collective sense of purpose and creates solidarity within the community, revitalizing individuals’ drive to make documentary films.

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Announcing All in 1: A Creative Sprint for One-Week Projects

In January, nearly 500 creators took part in Make 100. Projects launched across the globe and in nearly all of our creative categories, and had an impressive collective success rate of around 70%. Half of the participants were first-time creators who boldly took a leap and put their ideas out there. And all of these creators, new and seasoned alike, blew us away with what they accomplished: they rocketed past their funding goals by an average of nearly 700%. Kudos to all who took part!

Today we’re announcing a new initiative that will run throughout March. It’s called All in 1, and it’s all about one-week projects. Our aim is to help you get a new idea out there, simply and swiftly, so you can get right to the fun part — creating.

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