Join us at the Kickstarter Games Festival: Ghost Arcade

Is there a better way to herald the most spine-tingling night of the year than hanging out with your favorite Kickstarter Games creators in an otherworldly arcade? On October 29 at BRIC in Fort Greene Brooklyn, you’ll get to experience video and tabletop games firsthand from New York-based creators — fantastic games like Ghost Pirates, Guns of Icarus, Pixel Noir, and the artful Decemberists-Keith Baker collaboration, Illimat. Blackbox, a new venture from the Cards Against Humanity team, will be setting up a pop-up shop so you can take your favorite games home (we think they make excellent Halloween treats). Confidently abandon your respective realities and step into the Ghost Arcade with us on October 29. Share your get-ups and good times with us by using the tag #KickstarterArcade

We've looked into our archives to find project tips from three Ghost Arcade creators: Shawn Alexander Allen (Treachery In Beatdown City), Alyssa Gundred (Empire: The Game of New York), and Howard Tsao (Guns of Icarus). Below you’ll find their advice on how to build your community and run a successful project.

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Rhode Island School of Design & Kickstarter Partner to Educate Artists

The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) is fostering the next generation of innovative and entrepreneurial artists and designers. Check out the RISD's Curated Page for a look at just some of the creative projects that students, faculty, and alumni have launched on Kickstarter.

On November 5, 2016, Stephanie Pereira, Kickstarter’s Director of Learning and Engagement, will join RISD’s Art of Business Bootcamp to help students discover the resources they need to make their ideas a reality. For those of you who can't attend Stephanie's bootcamp session, we've pulled together a rundown of three successfully funded campaigns launched by RISD students. Wynn Bauer and Nate Mell equipped their production studio with high-quality materials so they could create beautiful custom wares. Crafter Rebeca Raney discovered a place to bring her whimsical world to life; hosting her first pop-up show in New York City. The WOVNS textiles team was able to use the funds they raised to experiment with one-of-a-kind fabrics.

Each artist used the platform to gain exposure, build community and seek out funding to bring their ideas to life. Most importantly, they established real, human connections with their backers and explored the basic principles of entrepreneurship. You can do the same! Learn how by exploring the case studies below for insights into how to make your project stand out on Kickstarter and resonate with your community.

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We're all in this together. Register to vote.

At Kickstarter, we believe in the power of personal expression, whether it be creative or political. That’s why we’re partnering with TurboVote — which used Kickstarter to launch their platform back in 2010 — and joining their nonpartisan, long-term challenge to increase voter participation. Why? Because, as they put it, “a democracy where less than half of people vote isn’t good enough.”

Empowering citizens to create the world they want to live in is a key part of our mission, and a critical part of a healthy democracy. The future is shaped by ideas, actions, and people who take a stand to make things happen. In working with TurboVote — and with partners like Airbnb, Spotify, Instagram, and many others — we hope to reach a goal of 80% voter turnout for the U.S. presidential election.

Join us in shaping the world we live in, together. Register to vote here.

How do Kickstarter project?

Fill in the blank. Creators have asked us about building and engaging their communities, championing through the “plateau” phase, how they can create rewards that’ll excite backers, and more. Below, we’ve answered these questions and more with pointed advice and links to our best and most relevant resources that tackle those questions. Find the questions that have been on your mind and then read, click, and download to get the answers you need to take your project to the next step.

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Kickstarter's Future Fab Lab and More at the 2016 World Maker Faire

Kickstarter’s devotion to creative projects means we’re always on the lookout for groundbreaking tools that open up radical new possibilities for designers, artists, and makers of all stripes. And at this weekend’s World Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science, we’ll present The Future Fablab: a collection of machines that turn our digital dreams into physical reality. This diverse array of Kickstarted technology translates processes typically found on factory floors to your desktop, automating everything from circuit-board assembly to metal cutting. We’re honored to be working with this wildly innovative group of creators and can’t wait to see what new projects makers create — and maybe even Kickstart — with their marvelous inventions.

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Introducing the Creative Independent

This morning Kickstarter launched a new project that we’re very excited about: The Creative Independent.

The Creative Independent is a new resource of emotional and practical guidance for creative people. 

Each weekday The Creative Independent will publish one essay or interview from an established or emerging artist in which they discuss their practice, their process, and the struggles and triumphs that come with it. The Creative Independent is unique in that 100% of its content will come from practicing artists and creators. Over time we hope to amass a kind of oral history of the creative process that can be searched and consulted to help educate and inspire those who create or dream of creating. 

The project launched today with a piece by the poet Eileen Myles.

In the coming days we’ll publish pieces with artists like Ian Mackaye, Björk, Leiomy Maldonado, Shantell Martin, and Philip Glass. 

The Creative Independent is led by Brandon Stosuy. Previously Brandon led Editorial Operations at Pitchfork, and he is a music curator for MoMA PS1, National Sawdust, and the Broad Museum. He is also a published author and an artistic collaborator with Matthew Barney. 

Filling out The Creative Independent team are a wonderful collection of individuals and creators: Laurel Schwulst as Creative Director, T. Cole Rachel as Senior Editor, Charlotte Zoller as Director of Community Engagement, and Hannah Elliott as TCI’s intern. It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with them. 

The Creative Independent can be found online here. It exists in the physical world, too. We’ll host a series of live conversations with artists, authors, filmmakers, musicians, dancers, poets, playwrights, and others. To be notified about upcoming events, you can sign up here

Thanks for reading and participating in this project. We hope you enjoy. 

Kickstarter at the London Design Festival

Though its architecture dates back to the eleventh century, London is at the forefront of contemporary design  —  a distinction it showcases every year during the week-long London Design Festival. The citywide celebration will take place this 17–25 September and features the works of a diverse array of forward-thinking designers, many of whom have brought their creative visions to life with Kickstarter. Whether you dream of weaving with an automatic knitting machine or are genetically predisposed to want your own portable DNA lab, there are wonders to explore around every corner. Here are some of the exhibits and events that feature innovative, inspiring projects from Kickstarter’s thriving Design community:

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Kickstarting Exploration at Dent:Space



For decades, space exploration has been the domain of government agencies and academic institutions. In other words, you did have to be a rocket scientist to take part. But that’s all changing. With an increasing number of private space missions and a groundswell in community-driven — and Kickstarter-funded — innovation happening in science and exploration, there are more opportunities than ever to participate. This democratization will be celebrated September 21–22, 2016, at San Francisco’s Dent:Space, an eagerly anticipated gathering of those involved with the technological, artistic, commercial, scientific, educational, and DIY aspects of space exploration.

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