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  1. We've made shipping rewards a LOT more flexible.

    There are times when sorting out shipping details for a Kickstarter project can get complicated. Figuring out the budgets and logistics for sending rewards all over the world, communicating back and forth with backers to make sure everyone's included the right mailing costs — the whole thing can turn into a big headache, for everyone involved.

    Our goal is to make it easier for creators to create — so they can spend more time focused on making great things, and less time worrying about mailing them. So we're happy to announce a new feature, one we're sure will make creators even happier: there are now a lot more built-in options for managing shipping. Domestic or international, near or far: creators can set their costs the way they want.

    How does it work?

    Really well, in our opinion! It's a pretty straightforward system. If you're a creator, as you set up each of your rewards, you'll get a choice of three options: "No shipping involved," "Only ships to certain countries," and "Shipping anywhere in the world." Pick either of the latter two, and you'll be able to add a specific shipping cost for any nation you want — this much for Canada, this much for France, this much for Nepal ... whatever makes your project work best.

    Take a look:

    See? Easy as pie. Probably easier, actually.
    See? Easy as pie. Probably easier, actually.

    Choose from a full list of nations and territories, and even one overarching zone for the European Union. Add as many details as you like, including a price for shipping in your home country — or leave one standard worldwide rate for any nation you didn't specify. When someone pledges for that reward, they'll be asked where they need it shipped to, and the right amount will be automatically added to their pledge.

    Anyone who's dealt with the logistics of getting rewards delivered can probably already imagine how much easier this can make life. And not just for creators! Now backers don't have to worry about reading fine-print directions and making sure they've added the right shipping fees to their pledges — it's all taken care of, right from the start.

    So there's one more hassle taken off creators' plates, and a little more time to spend making great new things.

  2. Scream Team: Six Ghoulish Projects for Halloween

    Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. The dressing up, the customizing-of-snacks into spooky versions, and the haunted home decor — it's all best if you do it DIY-style and get weird in the process. In honor of this crafty-creepy date, here's a roundup of our favorite scary projects, ranging from the merely spirited to the very undead. 

    Sam & Mattie's Teen Zombie Movie & Making-Of Documentary

    Sam and Mattie are best friends. For awhile now, they've been working on the most epic teen zombie movie ever — some of the storyboards include a police chase on skateboards, selfie-taking on jetpacks, and a zombie yacht fight. This project is to make the film, exactly as Sam and Mattie envision it, as well as a behind-the-scenes doc about how it all comes together. We really want to see it happen. 

    ZoZo Skeleton Hand Planchette 

     If you're determined to summon the spirit world, why not do so in bone-chilling style? This Ouija board planchette (that's the name for the thing you place your fingers on) is in the shape of a legit skeleton hand, so when you move it, the finger points at the letters on the board. It's pretty much guaranteed to make your seance scarier.

    Ouija in Emoji with Emouija Board 

    But what if your ghost is hypermodern, preferring to communicate in pictograms over old-fashioned spelling? This is the Ouija board for you. Enough said, we think. 


    For decades, author and fantasy artist Clive Barker has been conjuring imagined realms and bringing them to life in vivid, unsetting images. This is the second volume of his incredible, sometimes disturbing artwork, bound together in a book.

    HAUNTERS — The Movie

    Ever wonder about the people who make haunted houses happen? They're fearless craftspeople with skill and style, and they've made it their job to scare you. This fascinating documentary is all about them.

    MICROFEARS: Tiny Dioramas Based on Iconic Horror Scenes

    Career sculptor Jason Bakutis is making tiny, super-detailed dioramas based on scenes in classic horror. There's a minuscule mummy, a diminutive Bigfoot (the contradiction!), and even a wee swinging axe a la The Pit and the Pendulum. And if you want, you can get them unassembled and satisfy your inner garage kit enthusiast at the same time.

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