Building a Creative Career on Kickstarter: A Visit to Kingdom Death

Long before Adam Poots raised a record-breaking $12.4 million on Kickstarter, he raised… much less than that.

Just weeks after Kickstarter launched in 2009, Adam put up a project seeking $1,500 to create a single board-game miniature. He said of his team: “We all share a burning passion for old-school board games, the kind where friends can sit down together at a table playing mighty heroes fighting scary monsters in fantastical settings that fueled our imaginations.”

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Kickstarter Joins Amicus Brief in Support of America’s Tradition of Welcoming Immigrants

Early this morning Kickstarter signed onto an amicus brief alongside 96 leading American companies to stand up for our country’s long tradition of immigration. Signing our name to this friend-of-the-court brief reflects our belief that restricting immigration on the basis of one's national origin or faith contradicts core values of our democracy, and Kickstarter’s commitment to a more equitable world.

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Bust a Move: Four Kickstarter-funded Dance Films Included in Dance on Camera Festival

This February 3–7, Dance Films Association — the Brooklyn-based nonprofit that’s worked to preserve the art of dance on film for 60 years — is teaming up with the Film Society of Lincoln Center to host the spectacular Dance on Camera Festival. It’s an annual must-attend event for dance lovers here in NYC — and we’re thrilled to announce that four Kickstarter creators have films premiering in the festival, including world premieres and the coveted opening night slot.

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Standing Together

Eighteen months ago, we worked with the White House and the UN Refugee Agency to raise awareness and aid for Syrian refugees. That campaign led 27,669 of you to pledge more than $1.7 million to help more than 7,000 people seeking safety.

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Guest Post: How to Chisel a Project Down to a Manageable Size

The first time you take an idea to Kickstarter, you might be tempted to cram every element of it (and then some) into your campaign. But if you look through projects that were successfully funded, you’ll see that most of them have funding goals between one and ten thousand dollars. Many successful project creators — some of whom you may know of, admire, and emulate — scaled down their initial ideas; others may have failed in a first pass and revamped by focusing on one piece of their idea, or even by breaking their idea into a series of separate projects.

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Unsolicited Advice for Rewards and Fulfillment

I spend a lot of time at the post office. In addition to my annual weekly planner project, which I pack and ship myself, I also operate a small online shop which has me dropping off mail several mornings per week. The Williamsburg, Brooklyn post office draws a unique crowd, ranging from parents with young children applying for passports, people moving to or from NYC with giant boxes of their possessions, the type of guy who obviously collects sneakers, and of course, young creative people (aka “people with visible tattoos”) who run online businesses.

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The Year in Kickstarter: 2016

Last year more than 3.5 million generous people from around the world supported tens of thousands of independent creators on Kickstarter. Together they brought imaginative new ideas, and a more diverse culture to life. Today we’re celebrating some of the brightest moments from that community with The Year in Kickstarter: 2016

It was a big year for the team here at Kickstarter HQ, too. We opened up to independent creators in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Mexico, introduced a new way to share and experience the creative journey with Kickstarter Live, published the findings of the first study to trace Kickstarter’s impact on the creative economy, launched The Creative Independent, and so much more. 

Over the next year, lifting the voices of independent creators will become even more important. We’re committed to giving those voices a stage, and helping them earn an audience. To that end we’ve just launched a creative initiative to encourage more people to create in 2017. Speak your mind. Bring your vision to life. Now’s the time to create.