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  1. A Day in the Life of a Writer

    Remember this guy? Budding novelist Mr. Nick Miller hit the writer’s life running with his project Isn’t It Pretty To Think So?, and just after it ended he shared this video (above) with everyone. It’s a combination thank you and an answer to a popular question from fans: What are you doing now?

    It’s day in and day out of Cream of Wheat and the comp, looks like. And having experienced an extended Tumblr fail (ahem, Tumblrrrr) that left him incommunicado with his blog audience for far too long, he’s set up a campaign extension that will last just a few more days. So now that you’ve seen this kid’s bedroom, you might be curious enough to pick up a copy for yourself.

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  2. Synergy! Marissa Nadler Unveils New Song on Epitonic

    I had the pleasure of waking up this morning to a long project update from Marissa Nadler directing me to the first cut from her recently produced, Kickstarter-funded album. As I scrolled through the text on my iPhone, anxious to hear the first notes of Marissa’s long-awaited follow up to Little Hells, I noticed that the first song from the new record, “Baby, I Will Leave You In the Morning”, premiered on the freshly relaunched (and, coincidentally, Kickstarter-funded) Epitonic. I believe this is what people in the business world call “synergy” and, in my humble opinion, the best use of synergy I’ve seen in 2k11.

    Take a listen to Marissa’s new song below, which she notes is “the one song on the record with a real Floydian feel to it.” In addition to the new tune, Marissa provided an inside peek into the new album:

    I ended up recording 15 songs with the amazing Brian McTear, with 11 of those on the proper record, and four on a companion EP. There are songs completely acoustic, with just me and my guitar. There are songs that are a tiny bit more flushed out. There are spacey songs that make you want to float away. There are many sad songs of course. There are songs that appear for the first time using absolutely no reverb on my voice (two songs to be exact). I spent over two years writing these songs. All of these songs would not have been possible to be heard in high fidelity without your support. There is a little bit for everyone and I am completely happy with the results. The players consisted of Carter Tanton, Helena Espval, Orion Rigel Dommisse, Bill Callan, Brian McTear, Ben McConnell (and me of course).
    See what you think — take a listen below!

    Marissa Nadler- Baby, I Will Leave You In The Morning

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