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Sometimes, Kickstarter Projects Don't Make It

  1. A Studio Visit with The Joshua Light Show

    Joshua Light Show: Liquid Loops II — by the Joshua Light Show

    For over four years, the Joshua Light Show has been providing unparalled psychedelic visuals for live performances. From their early days working with the likes of the Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis, to more recent collaborations with Oneida and Woods, the vision of the light show has truly remained the same — to transport audiences with organic, analog projections.

    While their Liquid Loops piece has long been championed as an important piece in the experimental video history, the group felt the need to update the work, melding new visual techniques with the classic light show liquid projections. As part of their current Kickstarter project, they are unlocking Liquid Loops II and, in turn, enabling a whole new generation to re-mix their liquid vision, which, it just so happens, will be performed live this weekend at the American Museum of Natural History’s Hayden Planetarium. In celebration of the event, I recently headed to the Joshua Light Show’s Brooklyn studio to chat about their techniques, and check out exactly how they use all sorts of machines and gizmo’s to create wondrously analogue, handmade atmospherics.

  2. Tangrams, App-ified!

    Project image

    Everything about this delightful little project rubs me the right way. First off, if you didn’t play Tangrams as a kiddo, you missed out. Making animals out of wood shapes ranks high on the list of elegant, frill-free ways to exercise your mind. But we all know it’s impossible to keep anyone’s attention for too long these days without a carcinogenic wireless gadget close at hand. Time to appify this mind game.

    Andrew Hunt’s on it. A graphic designer and software developer by trade, he’s bringing this classic to an app store near you (phew!). What makes this project totally brilliant, though, is that he’s also offering handmade wood sets, too. For just $15, you can have a polar-opposite, totally tangible version of the classic game. You can also theoretically play Tangrams all day long every day from any location from now until the end of apps (or wood, whichever comes first).

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