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11 Tips to Assemble your Project Dream Team

  1. From Idea to Production: Resources for your Design or Technology Project

    Our team is on the ground at the Bay Area Maker Faire this weekend, leading talks, and also planning to catch up with lots of creators. Over one hundred Kickstarter projects will be on display! But if you’re not at #MakerFaire, we’ve got you covered with lots of resources to help you plan your next Technology or Design project.

    This guide just for Design and Technology projects is a good place to start.
    This guide just for Design and Technology projects is a good place to start.
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  2. Kickstarter at the 2016 Bay Area Maker Faire

    You never know what’s waiting around the next corner. A walking cardboard velociraptor? A hovering Delorean? A life-sized version of the game Mousetrap? All of these things are not just possible but familiar at Maker Faire, the Bay Area’s massive annual celebration of creative technology, DIY culture, and nerdy fun of all stripes. With more than one hundred Kickstarted projects proudly on display this weekend, walking around the Faire will be a bit like a family reunion for us. Our team will be there talking about the many inspiring ways makers use Kickstarter, from starting makerspaces and creating educational kits to experimenting with food hacking and turning a personal passion into a business with a first product launch. 

    Here’s where to find us, plus a small sampling of the many beautiful, innovative, and wonderfully weird things our creative community is bringing to the greatest show (and tell) on Earth.

    Kickstarter Talks

    Julio Terra, Director, Design and Technology
    Kickstarter for Maker Pros: From Prototype to Version One Saturday, May 21 1:00–1:25 p.m. Zone 1 Maker Pro

    Join us for a candid and in-depth talk with creators on how they have used Kickstarter to launch products and build community while maintaining creative independence. This panel discussion will explore how creators are using Kickstarter as a core part of their business strategies. We’ll talk about strategies for storytelling, community outreach and engagement, manufacturing and fulfillment, and more.

    Seven Years of Making on Kickstarter Sunday, May 22 12:30–12:55 p.m. Zone 7 Center

    Kickstarter offers makers a unique opportunity to connect with audiences and gather resources to create installations, products, makerspaces, and much more. Join Julio Terra, Director of Design and Tech, to explore the amazing things that creators from the maker community have brought to life on Kickstarter over the past seven years. It’s an amazing cornucopia of larger-than-life installations, digital fabrication tools, banana keyboards, LED art platforms, robots, creative spaces, and underwater ROVs.

    Terry Romero, Outreach Lead for Food and Crafts
    Food Hacking For Fun and a Better World Sunday, May 22 12:00–12:25 p.m. Zone 2 Make: Live

    Makers have been pushing the boundaries of food technology that create better systems in our kitchens and promote socially and environmentally beneficial business models. Join our eclectic panel of socially minded Kickstarter makers of culinary and sustainable innovation.

    Clarissa Redwine, Outreach Lead, Design and Technology
    How to Kickstart a Makerspace Sunday, May 22 1:00–1:25 p.m. Zone 2 Make: Live
    Learn how to build a community around your makerspace while raising funding to bring it to life. This talk is for creators, community members, and teachers looking to create a hub for their community's makers.

    Kickstarter Projects to Explore

    A handful of the more than the one hundred Kickstarted projects on display at Maker Faire.

    Next Thing Co.'s affordable, pint-sized Linux computer, C.H.I.P., will doubtless find its way into many a maker project. Their Pocket C.H.I.P. case adds a keyboard and display, allowing you to program, or just play video games, on the go.

    It all started when Miguel Valenzuela decided to make a pancake printer out of LEGO to entertain his daughters. Now PancakeBot has evolved into a real-deal kitchen product, allowing breakfast artists everywhere to automatically translate their digital designs into blobs of batter.

    Delorean Hovercraft
    Who hasn't dreamed of speeding through the sky in the Delorean from Back to the Future? With flying car technology lagging behind Hollywood's predictions, Matthew Riese settled for the next best thing: converting the iconic '80s sports car into a hovercraft that scoots across the water on a cushion of air.

    Getting started with electronics can be daunting — with so many development platforms to choose from, it’s tough to know where to start. The creators of Thimble aim to simplify things, offering self-contained projects delivered to your door each month. Kids and adults alike can learn to build and program cute little robots, flashy LED cubes, and much more.

    Kraut Source
    Nutritionist Karen Diggs and engineer Eric Klein created Kraut Source to share the fun of fermentation with more people. The kit allows foodies with a DIY streak to make pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, and kefir in their home kitchens, learning a bit about microbiology in process.

    KitRex Cardboard Dinosaurs
    Lisa Glover wore her fifteen-foot-long cardboard velociraptor costume to a costume party in college and people freaked out, demanding to know where they too could get one. Three Kickstarter campaigns later, her line of foldable dinosaur models are a hit with folks of all ages with a prehistoric preoccupation.

    David Lang doesn't just build underwater robots — he makes them accessible for anyone who wants to explore the ocean's mysterious depths. Cousteaus in the making can assemble an OpenROV robot from the company's kits or access the free, open-source plans to build and modify the design themselves.

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