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11 Creative Ways to Use The Button on Spotlight

  1. This Week in Kickstarter

    Niamh and Sofia of "Why Can't I Be a Sushi?"
    Niamh and Sofia of "Why Can't I Be a Sushi?"

    Welcome back to This Week in Kickstarter (TWiK?), our periodic rundown of what’s been happening on and around the site. This installment comes during an extremely eventful week. For one thing, we spent yesterday officially launching a great new feature called Spotlight, which you’re welcome to learn about right here. For another, Zayn quit One Direction. It is a little hard to concentrate right now but here goes.

    Contentious! Listen. I can’t speak with absolute certainty, but I’m fairly confident that a Kickstarter project has never before been discussed in great depth in the stock-market research on Barron’s. And yet here we are, thanks to the week’s newsiest project, Billion Dollar Bully. What’s the simple, super-objective way of describing it all? We’ll restrict ourselves to the following list of facts.

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  2. The Process: Lisa Glover on Making Paper Dinosaurs

    We first talked to Lisa Glover when she was running her first project, a paper velociraptor that you could assemble yourself. It turned out the internet loves dinosaurs (who could have seriously seen this coming?), and the project blew up — and nowadays Glover is dedicating her time to all things KitRex. She's running a second project, and this time it's for a paper pterodactyl. We asked her to walk us through the process of putting one of these guys together. 

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