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  1. Guest Post: Colin Hanks and All Things Must Pass

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    One of Tower Records’ slogans was “No music, No life.” For me, this statement could not be more truthful. Growing up, music was how I found my identity. As a 15-year-old kid, music helped me become who I wanted to be. Music was how I related to people. “You like [insert band name here]? I like [insert band name here], too! Let’s be friends!” It’s simplistic, but it’s how I continue to make friends this very day.

    Many people think Tower Records was started in Los Angeles, some assume it started in New York City. Others are positive it was San Francisco. What if I told you there were Tower Records stores in Japan before there was even one open in NYC? It’s true. While these bustling metropolitan cities were critical hubs of the Tower Records empire, as well as the most iconic locations, the company’s roots actually started in Sacramento, California. Growing up I always had an immense sense of pride that not only did Tower start in my hometown but that the headquarters were still based there.

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  2. The 2nd Annual Kickstarter Film Festival

    On July 9th of last year Kickstarter was joined by Rooftop Films to host the inaugural Kickstarter Film Festival. The night featured a dozen films, live music, and tasty treats prepared by Kickstarter-ed food vendors. It was an unforgettable evening, and today we’re thrilled to announce that we’re doing it again.

    The 2nd Annual Kickstarter Film Festival will be held the evening of Saturday, July 9th in Brooklyn, New York. Tickets will go on sale exclusively here on Kickstarter next Wednesday, June 29th, at 3pm EST.

    This year's festival will feature 100 minutes of footage from 16 different projects. The clips will range anywhere from two to ten minutes in length, and will cover every conceivable visual form: feature films, documentaries, shorts, project videos, found footage, art films, animation, and music videos. The lineup includes:

    • The premiere of Canyon Candy, the ten-minute short film from the band Javelin
    • A very, very special screening of an extended clip from Girl Walk that you won’t want to miss
    • Selections from Sara Rara of Lucky Dragons’ art film A Ray Array
    • Three of the best Kickstarter project videos... of all time
    • An extended clip from The Twelve O’Clock Boyz, a documentary on Baltimore’s outlaw dirt bike culture
    • A surreal selection from the found Super-8 archive of Our Nixon

    And of course many, many more. Check out our Film Festival Curated Page for the full lineup. 

    All of these will be screened on the roof and in the courtyard of the Old American Can Factory in Gowanus, Brooklyn:

    The evening will also feature a host of amazing vendors and activities. There will be tasty snacks and other goodies from two amazing Kickstarter-funded eateries with specially crafted menu items: Brooklyn’s Colonie and Soho’s What Happens When. And City ‘Lasses Original Blackstrap Molasses drinks will also be on hand, along with a couple others.

    We'll also have innovative and exciting Kickstarter projects in residence.

      • Oneironautics will introduce lucid dreaming and provide one-on-one consultations on how to effectively journey through one’s dreams
      • The Magnolia Photo Booth Company will be on hand to snap pictures of guests with their earth- and travel-friendly photo booth
      • Trade School will offer a belt-making class. And who knows -- after all the delicious snacks, you just might need a new one!

    And that's not even all! We're expecting another memorable evening, and we hope that you can join us. Thanks so much!

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