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Putting the Spring in (Project) Springfield!

  1. "Port Cities" Hits NYC, April 28th-30th @ The Waterfront Museum in BK, NY

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    Next week, award-winning visual artist Talya Chalef will begin her multi-year theater project, the first of five Port Cities performances around the globe. Opening night will take place under the sunset at Brooklyn’s Waterfront Museum Barge, employing video projections, sound installation, and live performance to explore 17th century Dutch trade routes and the flow of people and ideas they’ve carried through present day. Living and working in South Africa, Australia, Argentina, and now the States, Chalef is no stranger to travel, and her multidisciplinary, cross-continental theater of five “movements” as she calls them, journeys from New York to Jakarta, Cape Town, Amsterdam, and Perth. Her project ends this Saturday, April 23rd.

    Click here to reserve VIP seating and for more info on the upcoming performance.

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  2. The Garden Summer, Lovin' It!

    The Garden Summer — by Hailey Wist

    Last year, Hailey Wist raised funds on Kickstarter to make a documentary about a summer spent learning, working, and gardening on her family’s rural Arkansas farm. She invited four of her best (ed note: “most willing”) city-dwelling pals to come with her, and they apparently spent the entirety of that summer looking and being totally amazing. I know this because they just posted a teaser of the finished film, and watching it brings an ache to my damp, cold, urban soul.

    So, Hailey, our question is: What is in the water in Arkansas? And, whatever that is, can we get it shipped to our office pronto? We could use some sun-kissed, summery frolicking with dogs in green fields while committing ourselves whole-heartedly to the earth in a show of our robust, organically inclined, free-spirited natures. Seriously.

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