Your Ultimate Kickstarter Games Strategy Guide

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The Games community on Kickstarter is massive. There are card games galore, wrestling RPGs (a personal favorite), throwbacks to 2D point-and-click goodness, hardware ideas, soundtrack performances, custom dice, and so much more. When I worked on Kickstarter’s Support team, I was introduced to terms like a “brick” of playing cards, and frequently responded to requests for a Games digest email (it’s finally here!).

Aside from the tremendous amount of creativity behind this community, their knowledge of Kickstarter and excitement to share with one another is equally impressive. Here are some of the great stories and pointers that Games creators have shared over the years.

Meet our resident games masters.

Anya and Luke head up our Games team and are at PAX East right now! If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them, here’s where you can find them on the internet:

  • Luke shares his top pointers for crafting and running a great campaign. Here’s an excerpt: “If the hardest thing is having a good idea, the second hardest is expressing it. Putting together a story that explains the rationale behind your game, shows off the genius of your idea, and excites other people isn't easy. Here's the thing, though: you can get better with practice.”

  • This conversation with Erin Reynolds, the creator behind biofeedback horror game Nevermind, was about all things horror. Erin and Luke chatted about their favorite scary movies, and the great feeling that comes when people are excited about your idea.
  • Anya’s chat with the sole developer behind Pinstripe, Thomas Brush, was equally inspiring. They got on the subjects of engaging with your fans on social media and creative confidence, and as Thomas said: “Confidence is being willing to create something that you know might not succeed.” Mic drop.

If you want to join our next Creator Hangout, check the schedule here. They’re open to everyone and they’re a great chance to ask other creators how they approach making things and connecting with their audience.

Your new save point is Campus.

Many thanks to all the creators who've asked questions and shared their expertise on Campus. These threads highlight some of the of the insightful conversations happening right now. And you can join each of them!

Bonus Level: Grab all the links!

  • We spoke to some of the incredible designers, developers, and storytellers that have used Kickstarter to make new games. Creator Basics shares their collective wisdom on everything from setting your project’s funding goal to scheduling your game’s development.

What resources or creators did you look to as you were planning your games project? What needs to be added to this list? Let us know on Twitter @KickstarterTips and stay tuned for more news from the Games community by following #KickstarterGames