What’s the Last Thing You Backed?

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Here are our answers. What are yours? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

Daniella — The Rafiq Bhatia Collective Cannot wait for the NYC jazz ensemble performance this fall! Thanks in the liner notes is an added bonus.

Cassie — Frankie Rose & the Outs It’s standard Cassiecore. Awesome girls playing good music and employing the “by their bootstraps” mentality of getting it all done. Their live vibe is amazing, check the clips of them playing in their practice space for proof, and their rewards are packed to the gills with cool shit. Mix tapes, b-sides, chess games, hair cuts… you name it. Total duh! 

Lance — Frown Town: An Independent and Incredibly Awesome Puppet Show I liked the description and pictures. Good imagery… wish there was a video so I could see more of these dysfunctional puppets! And who wouldn’t want a Frown Town poster for $25?

Charles — Borrowed Language Supporting the music I love by good friends, passionate about their art + craft. 

Sarah — Fibershed When I read: “We have the dirt to thank for our clothes,” I was intrigued and inspired. Then I saw they were planting indigo (indigo!) and I just had to be part of it.

Fred — Grassroots Mapping the Gulf Oil Spill I picked Grassroots Mapping so I could test something and pledged $5, which isn’t a very good story. But once I took a peek, the photos looked incredible and I knew it was worthy.  

And on further thought, I think its one of those perfect Kickstarter projects that comes up only once in a while — creative, innovative, open, and something that would otherwise have a very hard time finding funding on such short notice.

Yancey — ArtFarm: An Art and Urban Farming Project  It’ll turn an ugly slab of concrete in the Bronx into a community-run urban farm. It’s inventive public art, too.

Brett — Henri 2.0 Cindy’s blog post on indie sci-fi projects got me interested, and the miniature film set in the video won me over

Cindy — Delorean Hovercraft Matt Riese completely won me over when he said with great earnestness, “This is really what I do with my time.” Plus, it’s a DELOREAN HOVERCRAFT.

 Perry — The Beast Pageant The video was inspiring. 

Andy — Time Traveling Finger: An Animated Series  I’d never heard of the animated series or its creator, but Time Traveling Finger’s absurdist humor and flawless comic timing sold me. The project video was so intriguing, I went and watched every episode on his website. By the time I was done, I *had* to see the last episode… so put my money behind it.

AndrewPops-Stache Thought the project was really creative, unique and clever. And who wouldn’t want eight pop’s ‘staches for $20? 

What about you?

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