What's Happening at the Kickstarter Block Party

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By now, you may have heard that we’re having a block party this Saturday, May 3rd from 12-6. You don’t need to RSVP or anything — just show up at any point, and there’ll be a bunch of cool stuff to try out and good food to eat. In addition to the debut of our art gallery, a lot of other Kickstarter alumni are showing off their goods. We asked them what they'll be bringing to the table. 

What can people expect from your booth?

Jix: “Jix is all about creating density and complexity out of randomness and emptiness. It is about being curious, focused, and ready to experiment. Obviously, there'll be a lot of connecting and exchanging.”

Booze Books: “We will be offering a wide assortment of repurposed booze books for sale along with a bunch of free giveaways and tips on how to make your own booze book at home.”

Fire and Bone: “The three of us will be there to answer questions and we’ll have a limited number of our skulls for people to purchase. We’ll also have on display several of the actual skulls we used to create our pieces. We’re excited to talk to people about our project and the process we use to make our miniature animal skulls.”

Kimcheelicious: “When people stop by my kiosk I want them to take a little bit of the experience of my ePUB cookbook with them—and what better way than a tasting. I have vegan kimchee tastings planned followed by three scheduled how-to demos: napa cabbage kimchee, fermented Korean radish, and white miso. If you're hungry I'll be selling 'Chickpea Ssamjang' rice bowl—stewed garbanzo beans tossed in a seasoned Korean chili sauce. I'll also have a few jars of fermented goods ready for purchase.”

MO-TO: “Retail boxes in case someone decides to splurge. A black sheet of foam core to hang cars and oversized cutouts of cars. Somehow install a long IKEA shelf as a jump rap, with landing area where I can place something soft.”

PitchBlak Brass Band: “We are expecting to tear shit DOWN and bring energy and good vibes to the party. Can you expect anything less from a 10-piece hip-hop brass band? We are very excited to part of the Kickstarter block party and very excited to meet perform for other creative people like ourselves. It's gonna be a great day!”

The Kickstarter Block Party is happening Saturday, May 3rd from noon-6pm, at 58 Kent St

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      How about and address and map..

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      Hello and first let me thank you for your great site. We were wondering what the fastest time to reach the goal was. We will be at the block party on Sat AND we will be launching our campaign that very same day. We have really ramped up our advertising for this and we have a REALLY great product that EVERYONE already has will will want! Our goal is to reach our goal in the fast time as well as to reach the most pledges EVER on kickstarter. That is how comfortable we are with our product. We are still working on our campaign and our video will be up sat. but if you want to more go to quicklok.net. What we need is to know what to records are to break. Fastest time and most pledged. We are geared up and so ready for this to happen. Again thank you for starting this site and giving everyone the opportunity to make it.

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