What You’ll Hear on Kickstarter’s New Podcast, ‘Just the Beginning’

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Announcing Just the Beginning, a new podcast from Kickstarter featuring stories about how independent creators bring their ideas to life. The first episode comes out on January 24, and you can listen to a preview now:

Creative work benefits us all—and makes the world less boring.

If you’ve ever sat through a predictable summer blockbuster or watched that empty storefront in your neighborhood become yet another bank, you know we have a sameness problem. The same handful of companies and people decide what gets funded, gets made, and gets out into the world. Kickstarter exists to solve this problem—to help bring creative projects to life, even ones that might be kind of out-there.

On this show, we’ll share stories from creative people who made the choice to stay independent and remain true to their own visions—even if mainstream culture and its gatekeepers didn't buy in. Some of them have been ignored, told to change their ideas, or even laughed out of the room. But they believed in what they were doing, and they found people to help them bring their ideas to life.

You’ll hear stories from creators of all kinds.

We have an expansive definition of creativity here at Kickstarter. It’s art, music, theater, and film—but also food, games, technology, journalism, and so much more. We’ll hear from creators across these categories about what inspires them, scares them, and keeps them going. And we’ll talk about the value of creative work. Not in monetary terms—whether someone can turn a profit or pitch it to advertisers. But how it benefits all of us. How it challenges us—and empowers us to challenge authority. How it helps us face the hard truths of the world—and sometimes escape them.

You’ll meet people making things that bring them joy.

People who have been pursuing their creative dreams since they were kids.

People who create things because … what else would they do?

And people who use their creative skills like superpowers to get through tough times.

The show is like a creative companion—and we want to hear your questions. 

Just the Beginning is for anyone who believes that creative work is essential to our society but often undervalued. If you’re working on projects of your own, think of it as a creative companion—some friendly voices to listen to for inspiration.

Towards that end, we have our own advice columnist: artist and author Adam J. Kurtz. Adam has published books and made a name for himself on social media with his funny but sincere takes on the challenges creative people face. In a recurring segment on Just the Beginning, he’ll respond to your questions and quandaries about your own creative projects. You can call 914-381-0233 to leave a voice message asking Adam for advice. We’ll pick the most interesting, relevant, or just plain weird ones for him to respond to.

Adam J. Kurtz, Excerpt from Things Are What You Make of Them
Adam J. Kurtz, Excerpt from Things Are What You Make of Them

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So join us for an honest conversation about the value of creative work and stories about all the hard work, twists and turns, breakdowns, and breakthroughs that go into it.

Kickstarter has been helping to bring creative projects to life for the last decade—and this is Just the Beginning.

Catch our first episode on Thursday, January 24. You’ll hear a new one every two weeks. Head here to subscribe now. Or find us wherever you listen to podcasts.