What Happens When: Deliciousness.

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We may have just forgotten to eat breakfast today, but when What Happens When, a temporary restaurant installation that just might turn eating into an art form, posted their menu and some photos from their opening night, the reaction in the office was unanimous: yum, followed shortly by “When can we go?” And we may be biased, but we’re partial to the photo of the blackboard-wall featuring backer’s names, all of them carefully written out by hand. (Look closely — our very own Kendel is in there!)

As if the food weren’t enough, though, What Happens When also incorporates an experimental sound installation, created by composer Micah Silver:

Micah created a 120-minute composition that comes in and out of perceptibility and presence. Ingredients include “snow slowly covering plastic foliage brought to Walden Pond in Concord, MA; recordings extracted from YouTube videos made by teenagers at rural bonfires,” and the sounds of orchestra warm ups. With speakers placed throughout the dining room, entryway, and bathrooms, the soundscape connects food, time, and place. Hit play below to hear an excerpt of the sound shower at the entryway.
Very cool! If you feel similarly inspired toward culinary adventure after checking out the photos and menu, below, you can make reservations for an upcoming night on Urbanspoon. Or head on over to their project page to support!