What $4 Billion Pledged to Creative Projects Looks Like

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Last week, the Kickstarter campaign for Street Masters: Aftershock received a pledge of $209. For the creator, the independent game studio Blacklist Games, that represented another step toward bringing their board game expansion to life. For Kickstarter as a whole, it represented a thrilling milestone: $4 billion pledged to creative ideas on our platform.

Over 154,000 projects have been funded on Kickstarter with the support of over 15 million backers, more than 5 million of whom have supported more than one project. That’s 15 million people who have helped over 123,000 creators make hip-hop anthologies, DIY microscopes, animated documentaries, intersectional feminist zines, kinetic artworks, card games featuring combustible cats, and so much more.

But $4 billion is such a massive, abstract figure. What is $4 billion, really?


That $4 billion has enabled thousands of projects from independent creators working in every conceivable discipline. It means a history-making public art campaign can spark civic engagement across the U.S. It means a team of unknown filmmakers in France can share their passion project with the world. It means a historic concert series can continue to elevate independent musicians. It means that over 123,000 people have been able to bring new, exciting, ambitious work into the world with the help of their communities.

And it’s why we want to take a moment to thank all of the creators and backers who have brought us to this milestone. Kickstarter exists for you, and we are honored to be a part of your process. We can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish next.

    1. Roy Morejon

      Congrats to the entire team @Kickstarter for the success!

    2. Dempsey Rice on

      Thanks for the animated documentary shout out Kickstarter!

      All our love, The Animated Mind of Oliver Sacks

    3. Missing avatar

      deborah alper on

      Congratulations Kickstarter!

    4. Missing avatar

      Murat #BoycottKS #KSfraud #KSdelusion on

      Yet there are 2 huge projects that have not delivered to their backers and Kickstarter is washing their hands of it instead of helping the backers. I will not be backing any project on Kickstarter anymore unless Kickstarter implements new policies which also protect the backers. At the very least the shipping charges should be refunded to backers who do not receive what they backed.

      Anyone reading this, do a quick search online for these two:
      Ossic X
      Yarra 3DX

    5. Edwin

      Congratulations to you all for reaching this memorable milestone!

      Agreed with Murat Duru. Kickstarter may have accomplished this extraordinary result, it does come at a serious cost, endangering the future of Kickstarter. Said projects are good examples of it.

      The flipside of the succes is that there's a tendency of companies using our beloved crowdfunding platform as a platform for proof of concept and opportunity to show their new products, using it as a stepping stone to get exposure for possible takeovers, all while withholding essential information, deceiving/misleading the backers who are backing projects in good faith.

      Same goes for backers abusing their account to gain personal profit by pledging $1 and persuade new creators to use third party 'clubs' to promote the Kickstarter campaigns and earning money over the backs of others who pledge for a reward hence taking the risk.

      Apparently project creators can take our money, get away with it without having to account for it, not updating or fulfilling rewards. Kickstarter not (willing to) being able to interfere or prevent this kind of excessive abuse of our community will not be without consequences. A lot of hard core backers currently considering to stop supporting Kickstarter. This is a shame as we're here to support the start-ups created by sincere entrepreneurs.

      Don't overestimate your succes and don't underestimate the backers forming the spine of this platform. Please Kickstarter, take your responsibility to prevent this platform to become a Wild West of golddiggers!!