We've made shipping rewards a LOT more flexible.

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There are times when sorting out shipping details for a Kickstarter project can get complicated. Figuring out the budgets and logistics for sending rewards all over the world, communicating back and forth with backers to make sure everyone's included the right mailing costs — the whole thing can turn into a big headache, for everyone involved.

Our goal is to make it easier for creators to create — so they can spend more time focused on making great things, and less time worrying about mailing them. So we're happy to announce a new feature, one we're sure will make creators even happier: there are now a lot more built-in options for managing shipping. Domestic or international, near or far: creators can set their costs the way they want.

How does it work?

Really well, in our opinion! It's a pretty straightforward system. If you're a creator, as you set up each of your rewards, you'll get a choice of three options: "No shipping involved," "Only ships to certain countries," and "Shipping anywhere in the world." Pick either of the latter two, and you'll be able to add a specific shipping cost for any nation you want — this much for Canada, this much for France, this much for Nepal ... whatever makes your project work best.

Take a look:

See? Easy as pie. Probably easier, actually.
See? Easy as pie. Probably easier, actually.

Choose from a full list of nations and territories, and even one overarching zone for the European Union. Add as many details as you like, including a price for shipping in your home country — or leave one standard worldwide rate for any nation you didn't specify. When someone pledges for that reward, they'll be asked where they need it shipped to, and the right amount will be automatically added to their pledge.

Anyone who's dealt with the logistics of getting rewards delivered can probably already imagine how much easier this can make life. And not just for creators! Now backers don't have to worry about reading fine-print directions and making sure they've added the right shipping fees to their pledges — it's all taken care of, right from the start.

So there's one more hassle taken off creators' plates, and a little more time to spend making great new things.

    1. Molly Ostertag on

      so great!! I'm fulfilling my first Kickstarter now and really admire how strong and well designed the site is - glad to see you're continuing to make improvements!

    2. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions

      Kickstarter has absolutely needed this. What it ALSO needs is a tickbox for "shipping portion does not apply to the overall funding total of the project"; right now, when you have a $20 book that costs $20 to ship to an international destination, and that option suddenly gets popular, suddenly you're funding twice as fast with half the money you actually need to put towards the actual book. An option to make sure the shipping portion doesn't apply to the funding total would address this.

    3. Greg Pak

      This is a very big deal and you guys are awesome. High five!

    4. Matthew McFarland

      What Fred said.

    5. Sean K Reynolds on

      Great news, thank you!

    6. Robert Burke

      Hurray! This has been #1 on my KS feature wish list! Thank you!

    7. Sarah Giblin on

      What Mattthew said. I'm 3 days into my 30 day campaign. Is this only for new projects, or can I access this flexibility with my live campaign?

    8. Missing avatar

      Doug "Dhomal" Raas

      What Sarah said. Which Matthew said, which Fred said first.

      Fre could probably be a good choice for a Consultancy about this if KS were to look for one!


    9. All Season Sweats on

      Awesome feature, I just launched yesterday, should have waited until today! lol

    10. Minion Games on

      This is great. I hope there is no way for them to edit the amounts or fool the system to think they are from somewhere else!

    11. Jamey Stegmaier

      This is so, so awesome. Thank you, Kickstarter!

    12. Escape Velocity Games on

      Wow, finally! Great job, Kickstarter!

    13. Dead Gentlemen Productions on

      Agreed with Fred Hicks. Is there any way you can make these extra shipping dollars NOT count towards the funding goal?

    14. Broomstick Monkey Games on

      Do we know for certain that the shipping amount IS NOT counted in the funding goal? Either way, this is a fantastic feature, and one that I am thrilled to finally see implemented.

    15. Brad on

      My Kickstarter just finished yesterday.. now you do this. lol

    16. Nauvoo Games on

      Perfect. Time to update the kickstarter project.

    17. Retrobottega on

      That's awesome, thanks! We launched 2 days ago -- hopefully we'll be able to adjust a few tiers... Otherwise, as they say, next time.

    18. Tom Morgan on

      I need more than two people to notice my project before this will really do me any good. Cool feature, though.

    19. Squizmo LLC on

      In my campaign, I only charged shipping for international backers. Somehow, someway, I have 3 backers that are listed as domestic, but entered international shipping addresses in the survey. Does this recent change fix this, or is it still possible?

      Either way, it's a great change. I'm looking forward to more changes that will improve the fulfillment process!

    20. Jacques E Nyemb on

      Kind of makes me sad that I just finished fulfilling my Kickstarter.
      This will be handy for the next one. Great job!

    21. wfincher on

      It says if we launched we can still use this? I don't see how, the reward options are grayed out still.

    22. Nicole Aline Legault on

      yes! this was the only thing that was super confusing to figure out and try to explain to people! thanks for changing it :) (for the next one anyway)

    23. Steven Albert Bush on

      The timing is pretty incredible as I just wrote 2 letters in frustration to support regarding this. I was even making my own charts with prices which people would have to click on and find their cost.... needless to say, no fun. Cool!

    24. Albino Dragon

      This is a great first step in helping creators with the shipping issues that have plagued projects for years. I agree with Fred Hicks, the next big thing is to separate this shipping amount so that it does not apply to the overall goal.

    25. Foxy Art on

      YES YES YES! This is a godsend. I had to manually reimburse Canadian customers for their shipping last time. This is an awesome addition, thank you Kickstarter People. 8 D

    26. Tor Iver Wilhelmsen

      I think the workaround if you do not want shipping in the pledges is to skip using this feature and instead add "shipping will be charged after the campaign ends" or somesuch in the description. But that will mean having to go to one of the third-party services like Backerkit for post-campaign information gathering since they let you collect more funds via add-ons (as shipping would end up being).

    27. J.M. Martin

      I must also echo Fred Hicks in saying to please make the shipping NOT count toward the funding goal.

    28. David B. Talton Jr. on

      Nice work! And ditto on what Fred said -- "Shipping does not apply to project goal" would be massive when you're producing heavy goods like tabletop games. I find that about 20-30% of our raised funding goes for shipping, and I'd really like to tell backers what the project has raised, not what USPS or Fedex has raised.

    29. Munji Studios on

      Nice feature just as I am setting up my new project, ditto on what Fred said -- "Shipping does not apply to project goal" would be so awesome, it would be a lot easier to work out a funding goal.

    30. Payton on

      I HATE it... Just kidding, you are awesome Kickstarter!

    31. RJ Tomlinson on

      Whoever came up with this system needs a raise and promotion!!! Now if you would only allow multiple items to be pledge on... things would be perfect!

    32. David Heron on

      Wow, wow ,.... This feature will save the few strands of hair I have left trying to figure out this " international headache "
      However, I am just curious and don't know if anyone had asked before...who is the shipper...UPS, FEDEX?

    33. David Jarvis/Gun Metal Games on

      Thanks so much for adding this option, and, like Fred said; PLEASE, for the love of Pete, find a way to make it so shipping costs do not count towards the funding goal.

    34. Melody C. Miller on

      Thank you for making this will add it onto my rewards! :)

    35. Hooke on

      Yeah, I can't edit shipping on some of my rewards. Any idea why I can on some and not others?

    36. CineStill on

      Thank you so much for listening to our feedback! Too bad we cannot utilize this on our existing rewards with backers. :-( The outcry from all our international supporters has been overwhelming. We have to add at least $20 to ship to certain destinations around the world, otherwise we would lose most of the pledge to FedEx. But many destinations (such as Canada displayed in the sample gif) cost much less additional shipping. The problem now is that we have a lot of backers on our rewards, and we cannot modify any of the rewards to utilize this new feature, not to mention that the shipping sticker shock has driven away many supporters we would otherwise have. :-( :-(

    37. John Wrot! on

      Excellent! A great idea. Some of us are wondering if you can split the whole "European Union" into "Western EU" and "Central EU". That's how amazon does it, so it would be helpful to us also. Though we could specify by nation, but the 1/2 would be nice. Regardless... A+ Kickstarter! A+

    38. Tiffany Ross on

      Ok, but does it REMOVE shipping cost from the goal amount, as in, shipping is NOT counted toward the goal, because then it would be perfect, otherwise, this does not fix the problem of a lot of international supporters accidently inflating the amount raised with money that will go toward shipping and not the products produced.

    39. Missing avatar

      Carl Rigney

      Great improvement! And I definitely endorse Fred Hicks' idea to have a "do not count shipping cost vs. goal" option!

      Also, it would be nice to have a "copy shipping pricing from one tier to another" feature to reduce tedious setup.

    40. Zac Phoenix on

      +1 for removing shipping from the total cost of projects. KS, please address this!!

    41. Ken Haan on

      I am launching November 3, 2014, so this will come in handy I think. ( Nor sure) There is not a box to check that says "shipping not included" Is the option "No Shipping involved" mean "no shipping included? It's kind of ambiguous. Can someone please clarify that for me. I will be shipping bicycles and do not want to include shipping since it is a matter of volume discounts and I do not know what that volume is yet. Bicycles are very expensive to ship unless you can use Amazons' shipping volume discounts. Shipping a single bike overseas is ridiculously expensive. What boxes do I check? Anybody Bueller, Bueller, Ferris Bueller....lol www.dualdrivebike.com pedal with your hands and your feet fora total aerobic work-out! Does anybody have any shipping ideas for shipping bicycles? It's an over sized box!

    42. Ken Haan on

      +2 for shipping not being in total amount raised. Why should Amazon and KS get % of shipping costs? I agree with Fred Hicks and Phoenix!

    43. Jack Everitt on

      Attn Kickstarter - FRED HICKS' comment (3rd from the top) is great.

    44. Jasmine Choinski

      +1 On removing shipping from funding goal.

    45. Sandra Metcalf on

      Hello, I had two campaigns and not one pledge. There doesn't seem to be a contact number or help line. The emails I got had a "no reply" return address. I am trying to back a theatrical show and photo exhibit to benefit woman. Neither have shipping involved. Anybody out there!!!???

    46. 3DTotalGames on

      Good show guys :)

    47. Chris Newman on

      Awesome example, because we love paying $20 more to have a DVD shipped outside of the USA.

    48. Paul Ruccio on

      I just opened a ticket inquiring / requesting to remove shipping funds from the overall goal. That would be the cherry on the sundae. Not only would that allow better budgeting and goal setting for the creator, but would allow more projects to become funding because it would remove much of the guessimation from the goal setting process. I suggest everyone to submit a ticket to give it more visibility.

    49. Mike Lambert on

      Thank you! This will make life so much easier :D

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