We’re now open to creators in Hong Kong & Singapore!

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We've always admired the artists and innovators from Asia who have joined the Kickstarter community to bring their projects to life. And, notably, we've been overwhelmed by the passionate backer communities in Hong Kong and Singapore, who have pledged over 300,000 times to more than 40,000 creative projects around the world. 

Today, we're making it easier for creators in Hong Kong and Singapore to launch projects from their home countries by officially opening up Kickstarter to creators there. Backers around the world will see more creative and innovative projects emerge — and local backers will be able to take advantage of experiential rewards like attending a film screening or going to the opening night of a new restaurant. 

We’ve created a Facebook group for creators looking for help, and recently put together this FAQ based on questions we’ve received. 

To kick things off, we're proud to highlight a few projects that are now live. From the work of a 13-year-old Singaporean inventor looking to change the world to a conceptual cookbook from one of the oldest and most active independent art institutions in Asia, we're humbled and excited to see how creators will tap into the Kickstarter community.

The GIY Stick: Let nature self-water your pots.

With a vision to “make concrete jungles fertile,” Dylan Soh, a 13-year-old inventor, and his dad created the ultra-simple Grow It Yourself (GIY) Stick. The device requires no apps or pumps, and simply uses recycled bottles and fabric to keep your plants hydrated and healthy.


The Unappropriated Recipes: Para Site's First Cookbook

From Para Site, one of oldest and most active independent art institutions in Asia, this conceptual cookbook reveals the raw and fresh perspectives of Hong Kong. This project is endorsed by Art Basel, as part of the partnership we have to catalyze much-needed support for outstanding non-profit arts organizations worldwide.


URI Led Light Bulb I Modern Lamp Design for Home Interior

These gorgeously futuristic and minimalist LED lightbulbs are created using intricately laser-cut acrylic patterns.


Hydra — Your Plant Care Companion

As his university schedule got increasingly busy, design student Brian Ong invented a watering automation system for his languishing plants. With the ability to water 10 or more plants, Hydra is a simple plant care system that Brian is now sharing with fellow indoor gardeners.


CROZ D.I.Y Digital Camera — Simple. Stylish. Iconic

CROZ is a slim, transparent digital camera with a specially designed acrylic casing.


As more creators launch their projects, you’ll find more projects from Singapore here and Hong Kong here.

A few reminders on how projects from these countries will work: 

Backers from around the world can support any project, including those from Hong Kong and Singapore, on Kickstarter with any Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card. 

Creators can now set their projects’ funding goals in HKD and SGD, and set up their accounts using local banking and business details. When projects are successfully funded, pledges will be collected in HKD and SGD. Similar to any project not listed in U.S. dollars, when looking at project pages, backers based in the U.S. will see the project’s goal displayed in USD. They'll also see reward tiers listed in U.S. dollars, with the HKD and SGD alongside.