Welcome to Campus!

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When you’re working on a new project, there’s nothing more encouraging than having a solid crew of supporters in your corner. About a year ago, we launched Campus for just that –– it’s a space where creators can connect with one another, ask for advice about hurdles they’re facing, and trade insights into the creative process.

Today we’re excited to invite everyone into this space. Anyone can now read what's been posted on Campus, up-vote answers that they find helpful, or subscribe to questions and be notified when there’s a new response. And if you’d like to post a question, you just need a working project draft (all you have to do is click Start, no pressure to launch until you’re ready).

Start exploring Campus.

A few of our favorite exchanges explore everything from making a good video, to the wave of emotions that come with clicking the launch button:

What tips do you have for making a great project video on a limited budget? 

We know that it can be a little intimidating to get in front of a camera and talk about what you’re making. We hope that the conversation on this thread is motivating for anyone in those shoes. As artist Melanie Ann Green suggests: “Be yourself. Be genuine. Be positive.”

Stretch goals: when are they a good idea, and when should they be introduced? 

Film director and producer James Cooper said it best: “I think stretch goals, like any other rewards, deserve very specific consideration in terms of what is being offered, what they'll cost, and the logistics of delivering on those promises.”

The feeling of "omigodwhatif..." 

And this thread is just some real-talk about all of the emotions that come with running a project, and sharing your work. We feel you! <3

Campus is a growing part of our work to help creators find the support they need, connect with peers, and bring their ideas to life. We're excited to provide the Kickstarter community a space that invites conversation about the creative process, facilitates knowledge-sharing, and offers encouragement to anyone looking to run a successful project. If you’re ready to join in, take a look at our guidelines on what makes a good question or read through what’s been posted recently. See you on Campus!