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Hi!  I’m Cindy, and I’ll be joining the superduo of Yancey + Cassie as part of the new Community Support Triforce. 

I’m a big nerd — and I know these days being a Nerd is supposed to be cool — but somehow that coolness seems to have completely eluded me!  Before coming to Kickstarter, I spent a lot of my time blogging at Geekosystem.com and at my own sci-fi themed blog, Matter Anti-Matter.  For some reason, when I showed these things to the kind souls at Kickstarter, they still wanted to talk to me!  

When I’m not thinking about sci-fi and nerd stuff, my brain space mostly thinks about Food and all the infinite things I could be eating if time travel and teleportation were possible.  I keep a record of all the things I cook and eat here, and hope that when I’m 89 years-old I’ll be able to look fondly at the archives and say, “Wow, I sure ate a lot of food.”  

That’s me in an internet-based nutshell. I’m really excited to be here, and can’t wait to learn about all of your great ideas!

    1. Andrew Michael on

      Dear Cindy, Yancey, and Cassie,

      I received emails accepting 2 projects submitted on 30 and 31 December. And then I signed in to kickstarter.com and its all erased. Will you provide some community support for one of your clients?

      Contact met at soulpal.amp@gmail.com
      Andrew Michael

    2. Andrew Michael on

      Oh this is for the Community Support staff of kickstarter.com, especially Cindy Au who signed the emails.

      One accepted project was called Soul PALs at soulpal.amp@gmail.com. The other was called Oz2 or Oz2Player with the email of poshfreedom@hushmail.com. I sent all of the emails to the support@kistarter.com on 3 January 2012.

    3. Andrew Michael on

      Soul PALs Copyright Andrew Michael 2012

      2012 Campaign:

      Soul PALs

      The language of empowerment comes through visual, emotional, and word cues. When these cues are fused, the power for you to create your own reality and overcome all obstacles is boundless.

      A playful way for you to produce your own reality is embodied in PALs:
      Personally Activated Liberty while Playing At Life.
      Your Soul PALs come to you in many forms: People (peopals), Animals (anipals), and Life objects (pal-its).

      This language of Soul Pals needs to be integrated fully with multimedia so the empowerment possible from can be accessed and used more easily. Kickstart.com will help fund the viideos, presentations, and animation all possible through the web to bring to you - the technology to create your own Soul Pals and achieve your dreams.

      After reading, seeing, and hearing the PALpable multimedia pamphlet: Describing the key Visual and Emotional elements to successful Soul PALs and learning the formuPAL for how to create them to create your best life..
      - Take a visual stroll through Pelican Park filled with Pals.
      Following your introduction to Brownie the Pelican, the original Soul PAL you can win a Soul Pal Web Storybook by describing how you used a Pal in your life or describe a PAL you created.

      Rewards and Incentives: Soul PAL Web Storybooks provided for Contributions

      #1. PAL KIT: https://www.iwork.com/r/…
      How to find you're Soul PALs?
      Actitude defined: Attitude and Actions combine to create your reality through the application of PALs (People (peoPALs), Animals (aniPALs), Life-objects (PAL-its))
      On TAP for your success: Octopus’s Garden, Tiger and Panda

      #2. Octopus's Garden: If not by land, then by sea.
      There is "social" media but what about your success: Here is Your "personal" broadcast system (PBS)

      #3. PALpable & PALendar
      Visual and Emotional Power - The Key elements to Successful Soul PALs:
      - Introduction to 'Brownie' - the Pelican
      - Pelican Park


      Some pieces to Soul PALs have been created and can be found at Google documents, Youtube, and a blog that I used in part to recover from an accident that I had falling down an elevator shaft.

      1. The Blog: http://ourstory.com/otat see the Recovery section of Blog beginning in June 2008. A number of PALs were also recovered at this time.

      2. Youtube introducing in a very rough cut way several PALs: Cows, Leap Frog, Leaping Bull Frog, Sea Horse and Rabbit

      3. Serve as volunteer Director for Partnerships For Change at http://www.partnershipsforchange.com

      Brief Bio

      After passing the California state bar and graduating from U.C. Hastings College of the Law, Andrew worked with State Senator John Vasconcellos drafting environmental legislation and co-authoring a national proposal to catalyze public-private partnerships to promote community empowerment. The Soul PALs concept was born at this point and has been in development ever since.

      Following work in the legislature, Andrew directed Partnerships For Change (PFC) and designed and implemented the Community Summits and Resource Exchange Bank programs to realize greater local self-reliance. He coordinated and organized national conferences on the sustainable development of former military bases, featuring a national summit at the Presidio Officers’ Club in 1996 with Mikhail Gorbachev and Oscar Arias as keynote speakers. From 1993 - 1996, Michael devised plans and identified resources to convert military bases to sustainable and civil uses for the Center for Economic Conversion.

      Andrew was VP responsible for the Bay Area Council’s water, energy and environmental policy work from 1999-2011.

    4. Andrew Michael on

      Posh Venogopal at poshfreedom@hushmail.com also wonders what happened the the accepted OZ2 project. Posh is my colleague.

      Oz2 Copyright Posh Ruda' Venogopal 2012

      What is OZ2?

      Before the ocean engulfs the civilized world because of climate change, we ought to have a chance to get our game on. OZ2 is an interactive sustainable development game to activate, educate, and mobilize by using the power of social media to develop sustainably. OZ represents the land of Oz from the Wizard of Oz because we ought to cherish our home and the earth; because there is no place like home.

      Oz-one (1) + Oz-won (1) = Oz2, a formula for changing the planet for those who love life now and for future generations to come. Change the game by getting your game on, win & become champions to beat global warming and promote sustainable development for all. As Albert Einstein said it is insane to expect different outcomes by doing things the way they have always been done.

      The Need to Break the Historical Pattern:

      The Bay Area, like many regions in the world, engages in waves of regional smart growth and sustainable development planning. In the last twenty years, the San Francisco Bay Area has had three large efforts. The piece that has been missing is support from the public from a critical mass of leaders from all sectors. Vocal supporters have been missing in action for regional smart growth and sustainable development, thus each effort to date has fallen short of its goals.

      With the momentum of the popular Arab Spring at our back and the failure of the latest U.N. negotiations on Climate Change action, it is time to shift from the ups and downs of a planning wave cycle to an upward spiral of sustainable development. OZ2- Sustainability with Game, would be an interactive web game to expand the demographics of those supporting smart growth and sustainable development. OZ2 would appeal to a demographic that has rare moments of activism (e.g. the first Obama election) and should be brought more fully into the dialogue of how to grow and develop in each region – Becuz there’s no place like home.

      The Spark would be an upward spiral of sustainable development by adding the missing spark of overwhelming public support. Oz2-Sustainability with game- is an interactive web game. With great prizes to attract players like a super lottery, the game will engage an irrefutable popular mass in the UBI (U.S., Brazil, India) democracies (= majority of global greenhouse gases) to support sustainable development that can prevail over global warming.

      How to fund the creation of Oz2 with Rewards

      With this funding we will convert the prototype game, e30z, to Oz2 - a game with deliverable prizes.

      The prototype for OZ2 is found in the game that was initially called e3oz and based on three contests, each accentuating the primary character trait sought by the characters in the Wizard of Oz: The Tin Man for heart, caring and service,
      the Scarecrow for intelligence, and the Lion for courage.

      The prototype needs to be converted to an easy game, with a low transaction fee that can be applied to players on-line at a desktop or on a mobile phone, not only in the San Francisco Bay Area, but nationally in the U.S. and globally, beginning in India and Brazil.

      The best resume for this effort is the prototype and descriptive website at http://oz2.homestead.com.
      The budget for this entire effort will be $25,000. Development of each of the three contests in Oz2 will cost $5,000. This will cover gaming programming and content expertise for the website. English versions of Oz2 will cover initial play time in the U.S. and India. We will first translate the contests and overall website to Portuguese for the Brazilian market at $4,000. Future translations to Hindi for the massive Indian market will be considered.

      Finally two revenue streams for financial sustainability will be tested: 1. Low transaction fees to play the contests and win prizes. 2. Prize-sponsorship and advertising will also be sought. Six-thousands dollars will be used to secure prizes and advertisers aligned with the sustainable principles of Oz2.

      Personal Background:

      Use of ozone depleting chemicals in the U.S. and globally threaten the poles due to ozone holes generated by ozone depleting chemicals such as CFCs. Posh, following passage of the State Bar, worked on environmental and health policy in the California legislature where she successfully legislated for alternatives to Ozone depleting chemicals. Interestingly, ozone-related chemicals at a different atmospheric level are greenhouse gases - that contribute to global warming. This is the challenge that Oz2 takes on to win in the 21st century.

      Beginning at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janero, Brazil, Posh developed internet solutions to local self-reliance and sustainable development through Community Summits to Map Our Strenght and the Resource Exchange Bank.

      I created partnerships with Franciscan Nuns in Chennai, India to build a Women's Empowerment Center for the "untouchables." Sustainable economic projects were developed in Cambodia and Burma (Myanmar), as well.

      Oz2 open to Doing It With the Help of Others

      In addition to financial support, Oz2 welcomes the expertise of others in gaming programming, shop carts for contests, embedding low cost transaction fees, and web design for everything including prize-sponsors and advertisers.

    5. Andrew Michael on

      ?? I wonder if this will gracefully kickstart the kickstarter community support?

    6. Cindy Au on

      Hi Andrew, you can find your original proposal in your Kickstarter inbox (upper right hand corner, envelope button). To start your project simply click the "Start" button, read through the guidelines, and you'll be able to begin building your project from there.

    7. LOCAL on

      Hi Cindy, are you still doing this blog?

    8. Tiki Todd on

      Hi Cindy, my name is Todd Mason and I had submitted a project Time to Tiki towable tiki bars and it was rejected. They say it doesnt meet the guide lines and that is it. We believe it does and sent supporting facts. This concept of mine will go national. I need your help, please take a look. I can be reached at toddmason@frontiet.com.

      Tiki Todd

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