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We Heart Rewards

Great projects can spark our imagination, make us laugh (or cry), and, more often than not, make us backers — sorry, bank account! But we love being backers, especially when there’s a particularly awesome reward involved. Whether it be something small that speaks to a project’s creative spirit or an open invitation to become a part of it,  these are a few of the rewards we’re loving this week. Enjoy!

Mortified Live: Concert Film — by Mortified

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Eight years ago, Mortified was born, a storytelling project where people share their most embarrassing childhood writings in front of total strangers. The event has since grown into a grassroots network of stage shows that take place all over the country and the world. Think teenagers’ diaries, love letters, lyrics — anything you saved as a kid and wish you hadn’t — revealed!

Now the Mortified team wants everybody to be able to experience the awkward hilarity no matter where they live, so they’re rounding up all their “Allstars of Angst” in one city on one stage for one night, and they’ll capture the concert + storytelling extravaganza on film. The best part? Audiences both near and far can be part of the movie! We love their $30 reward, which allows backers to send in their own embarrassing teenage photos to be featured in the film. - Daniella J.

Nick’s First Full Length Studio Album!!! — by Nick Neihart

If the screen capture above is any indication (and I would think that it is), you know that a paper-bag puppet monster from musician Nick Neihart won’t be just any ol’ paper-bag puppet monster. It will be a really, really awesome one — with hair made out of yarn, a pair of glasses fashioned from paper clips, and maybe even a bubble pipe. You know, like something that one kid who’s a real show-off would make in kindergarten. Except this is Kickstarter and not kindergarten, so it’s cool instead of sort of annoying. - Cassie M.

The Sticky Chocolate Kingdom — by Regular Films

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For every $10 backer that filmmakers Jonny and Chris receive, they will eat one muffin — on video — and send it to you. You might think “But what about me? What if I want the muffin?” but trust me. After watching them slowly, spectacularly consume at least 15 muffins in their project video (above), you’ll happily cede them all muffin eating territory. I want mine to have blueberries in it, guys! - Cassie M

Pop Culture Paper Doll Project — by Melissa Niemann

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Melissa Niemann has been making collage paper dolls for the past 10 years, and she’s ready to bring the project to the next level  with a series of iconic pop culture figures. This project is everyone’s chance to get in on some magnetic paper doll clothes-swapping hilarity. You can get a full page paper doll set for just $15 and several add-ons thereafter, but at $150 things start to get really interesting.

The portrait “head” of Chuck Norris? That’s crafty culture pop to the nth degree, my friends! Bring on the paper cuts. - Daniella J.