We Got Mono (It's A Good Thing)

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As part of their Kickstarter project, LA-based band the Monolators offered a fun, limited reward in which they promised a live recording of a song (backer’s choice!) for just $40. A few months later, and the living room recordings are starting to roll in. The covers are great, the filming is sharp, and the dedications are heartfelt … what’s not to love? We’re totally singing along. 

“Song #2 in our Kickstarter Cover Song feeding frenzy. This one is for the fine Mr. Jeff Koga who requested, yes, “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.

You’d think that I would know all the words to this song by now. But no, you’d be wrong, as you can see here. Well, I was close.”

Two down, eight more to go. Keep up with the frenzy over on their blog