Kickstarter + Kodak Launch New Film Partnership

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Hollywood heavy hitters from the Coen Brothers to Patty Jenkins to Martin Scorsese all swear by the value of shooting their movies on real-deal film, and we’re right there with them. Today we’re excited to announce that Kickstarter has partnered with Eastman Kodak on a new initiative to help creators who want to shoot their projects on motion picture film stock. As digital methods of filmmaking become more and more prominent, there’s still an energetic group of filmmakers who feel the best way to present their work is by shooting in film, which allows them to achieve more layered texture and colors. However, film can be cost-prohibitive for many independent filmmakers. This new partnership will provide creators with discounted film stock and support them in launching impactful Kickstarter campaigns for their new film projects.

Here’s how to participate:

Once program participants are selected, Kodak will provide either 35mm – or – s16mm film (negative, intermediate, or print stock) of the filmmaker’s choice, free of charge, correlating to the amount of money raised by the Kickstarter campaign:

* 20% match of the first $100,000 raised by the filmmaker on Kickstarter in list price 35mm (film value not to exceed $20,000).

* 15% match of the first $100,000 raised by the filmmaker on Kickstarter in list price s16mm (film value not to exceed $15,000).

Additionally, Kodak will provide discounted pricing to participating filmmakers on supplemental motion picture film purchases for the project. To further support the participants, William Morris Endeavor’s Global Finance and Distribution Group will mentor the filmmakers on packaging, financing, and sales strategy.

Five incredible filmmakers have already signed on (and some of them even have live Kickstarter projects which you can support right now!):

* LIVE PROJECT: Daniel Levin (Bagatelle) A visionary art-house film that explores humanity and pushes the boundaries of narrative filmmaking in a surrealist way.

* LIVE PROJECT: R. Paul Wilson (DarkFall) Master magician and filmmaker R. Paul Wilson’s latest work focuses on an unexplained massacre that inspires a live TV séance. Told with practical effects … and real magic.

* LIVE PROJECT/SHORT: Miguel Alvarez (Atlantic City) Two day laborers drifting through South Texas are at odds when one decides to leave to find his estranged mother.

* COMING SOON: Derek Ahonen (The Transcendents) A modern day rock-n-roll mystery of a Rasputin-like drifter in search of the elusive band The Transcendents, who arrives in the underbelly of a mysterious city.

Derek Ahonen
Derek Ahonen

* COMING SOON: Antonio Ferrera (Nomads of Art) Ferrera’s follow-up to The Gates is a cinéma vérité film that travels with artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude on their decades long quests to realize site specific public art in Colorado, Abu Dhabi and concludes with the realization of their Project The Floating Piers-Project for Lake Iseo, Italy.

Antonio Ferrera
Antonio Ferrera

If you’re a filmmaker who is interested in being part of this new initiative, email for more information.

Kickstarter is deeply committed to supporting independent filmmakers. More than 20,000 projects have been successfully funded in Film and Video, with over $330 million in pledges and counting. This new partnership also builds on Kickstarter’s focus on restoration initiatives to archive, preserve, and renew creative work. We are thrilled to share Kodak’s mission to celebrate the art of filmmaking. We want to make it easier for filmmakers to focus on storytelling and making their art come to life in the most vibrant medium possible — and this partnership lets Kickstarter creators do just that.