UK Projects: First Week Roundup

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It's been a week since Kickstarter officially opened to UK-based creators and we're excited to report on some major milestones. UK creators have launched 171 projects since Oct. 31, garnering more than 15,000 pledges from backers and raising over £588,000. Nine projects have already met or exceeded their funding goals with many days left to go. We're calling cookies "biscuits" around Kickstarter HQ. And tea consumption is off the charts — although that might just be winter setting in. All told, we're thrilled by the initial response from a new shore, and eager to see how communities across the UK use the platform to realize their creative projects.

Although it's always difficult to choose a small handful of ideas to spotlight, we think it's pretty inspiring to survey the quality and diversity of some new UK projects. The five featured below include both the grand and the modest, and span publishing, games, theater, and more. With creators like these paving the way for future UK endeavors, we are very optimistic about the next wave of projects to emerge from across the pond.


Picade will always have a special place in our hearts as the first UK project to launch. The project is a build-it-yourself arcade cabinet compatible with Raspberry Pi and other inexpensive mini computers. With a couple of household tools and the Picade kit, industrious gamers can experience the satisfaction of DIY construction — and clean up at Pacman the way it was intended.


When Tom Allen was 23, he set off on a journey to cycle around the world. Buoyed by the ambition of youth (and increasingly strong quads), Allen traveled from his little English village to Armenia — a distance of more than 3,000 miles. There, he fell in love with a girl, and his story transformed once again. Janapar is the tale of four years, three continents, and a major life decision, distilled into a single long-simmering book.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted
Sir, You Are Being Hunted

The hound picks up the scent... and it's you. Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a first-person survival game pitting you against "tweedpunk" robots that hunt humans for sport. The game features an inventive procedural engine, which generates a randomized British landscape of abandoned villages and creepy moors that's unique for every player — and an endless supply of mechanical aristocrats to thwart. Tally-ho!

Good & Proper Tea
Good & Proper Tea

Emilie Holmes has noticed a change in London as of late. Once the global epicenter of tea time, she's noticed a dramatic boom in coffee culture — and a subsequent decline in the art of a decent cuppa. Good & Proper is an attempt to change all that. She's transforming her vintage Citroën van into a mobile tea bar and filling her shelves with handpicked loose-leaf teas from around the world, brewed at the correct temperature, and served with a smile at the side of the road.

Project Pigeon Theatre
Project Pigeon Theatre

In a week of many "firsts," this one is unique: Project Pigeon wants to produce the first piece of theater performed at a pigeon loft. Based on materials from the Birmingham Pigeon Archive, these three plays dramatize the history and culture of pigeon fancying with predictably hilarious — and charming — results. Project Pigeon is both a community-based arts organization and a functioning aviary, designed to foster creativity and interaction through a shared love of the humble urban bird.

    1. Matthew Benson on

      Do I understand correctly that one of your first UK projects is 'Elite : Dangerous'?

      Somewhere between yesterday and today that project moved from ca. GBP 250k to GBP 330k+, so while the projects that you call out above all sound very exciting (and I understand it's difficult to pick out only a few), wouldn't it be fair to recognize David Braben / Frontier Developments, who seem to have raised more than half of your total pledged monies from the UK Kickstarter so far?

      I note also your 'small print', not to promote a project, and I'd just like to say that I'm not trying to 'promote' E:D, just give them fair dues, especially in light of you rightly being so proud of your early progress (and by the way, I think that's great also, so well done!), and E:D's part in that.

    2. Ricky-Marcel Pitcher on

      I think it's really great that there are so many UK projects on KickStarter now. Hopefully it can become more and more global.

    3. Missing avatar

      Joseph Cheetham-Wilkinson on

      Well, here it is! And at last, we can feel it's ours! I love the fact that all you guys are there drinking tea and calling biscuits biscuits. Perhaps you'll be having fish and chips for lunch? Anyway, I will very soon be joining the throng as I begin to extend the tentacles of my project, 'Amazing Britain'. Quite timely really...chin chin!

    4. Craig & Amie on

      An excellent round-up of some of the UK projects that have received attention and funding after the launch, it would be nice to see some of the low investment projects that would really benefit from some press. An excellent example is Wanna Be A Spaceman? A brilliant, ethical and innovative project that needs to be seen!

    5. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    6. Chris Birch, Modiphius on

      Is anyone seeing issues with American backers 'not getting' £ amounts. I've heard also that some US banks are not authorising US backers cards for UK projects. Any truth in this or is it just hearsay? I'm starting a UK kickstarter in January and would like to be as prepared as possible [assuming they give me approval :-)]

    7. Faryl Zaklin on

      @Chris - I haven't been able to get my card to go through for the UK project I pledged - not sure if others are having the issue too

    8. Missing avatar

      Namaku Keren on

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    9. Missing avatar

      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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