This Weekend: Meet Your Favorite Comic Book Artists

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For all you indie comics fans out there, if you happen to live anywhere within walking, driving, or flying distance of north Brooklyn, it's completely worth it to make a trip to The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival this weekend. 

While many mainstream comics events can overwhelm with long lines and huge crowds, The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival is a smaller, down-to-earth affair with plenty of opportunities to learn from a group of very talented artists and publishers. 

One of the things that I love most about the festival is how easy it is to pick up a great comic and immediately let the person who made it know how awesome you think it is. Purchasing comic books at small festivals like this doesn't feel like a consumer action. It's about showing the person who just spent 10-15 minutes telling you how Vol. 1 came into being that you believe in what they're doing, and that they should keep on doing it. It's the same energy that fuels support of comics projects on Kickstarter, and an energy that's absolutely exhilarating to see in action.

A number of outstanding Kickstarter creators will be exhibiting at The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival this weekend, including Dash ShawSarah GliddenZak SallyJulia Wertz, and Ian Harker. If you've never read comic in your life, it doesn't matter! Go and learn about comics from some amazing, friendly folks who would love to show you what they've made. 

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      arek on

      Comics was my first love I love to read comics today also, it takes me to my childhood days.