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On the night-night before Christmas my true love gave to me, all the things that happened to Kickstarter this week. Lovely little melody, if I do say so myself. Ok, now on to the good stuff, and by good stuff we don't mean stuffed Goose, or candy canes, but awesome news from around the Kickstarter universe. 

First off, it's officially Winter. To mark the seasonal change, The Present posted an update on the shortest day/longest night of the year, aka the pinnacle of their seasonal clock. The first day of Winter is noted by total white, ensuring that the rest of the year will be much more colorful. Awesome.

We usually don't like to talk about ourselves, but this week The Verge posted a great, very well-researched article on Kickstarter and product design, one that chats with successful creators like Scott Wilson, the Glif guys and many others about their experiences using Kickstarter to produce new products. If you need a few minutes away from Nana and her questions about "the Inter-webs," you can read the whole thing right here. In related news, Cosmonauts are flying into your mailboxes, and onto our Tumblr radar. Exhibit A

Erin Wilson, the girl behind Snowbird, has been posting updates like whoa! First, she hit backers with this amazingly real iteration of the emotions on goes through while running a project. It's pretty spot on. Seemingly in the second tier of this emotional trifecta, Erin went all out engaging backers with a virtual dance party. Happy to report that the dance party strategy worked out, as Snowbird reached hit its goal shortly after. Hey Erin, time for another dance party?!?! Bring it. 

While some were dancing, others were helping future creators. Case in point: We Flashy, who took to a guest post on our blog to unleash 5 Tips for Running a Successful Fashion Project. Surprisingly #4 is not "team up with Kanye," rather "Document your product well." As they so eloquently put it, "If apparel is a reward, your backers (your greatest source of feedback) are going to want to see clear pictures or video of it in action. Spend a lot of time making this nice, and it’ll come in handy when you need to promote." Sounds like good advice, though still think you should consult Kanye, if you can.

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And last but not least, in celebration of the holidays, and the impending zombie apocalypse, I gift to you, The Kindly Midwesterner. This project video celebrates the holidays with colorful sweaters, unbriddled cheer and a whole lotta blood. So much blood, they even have outtakes video, more or less, dedicated to fake blood. Happy holidays everyone!

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