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This Week in Kickstarter we've been getting into the Holiday spirit. Don't believe me? Just scroll over the Kickstarter logo atop the page. Oh, and dig our freshly designed blog header. Maybe this spring the header will sprout flowers as an animated .gif. Designers, take note. 

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As Congress began a markup on the controversial SOPA bill, a new project launched that really puts the ramifications of the bill in perspective — "█ ██████ SOPA ███ ███ █ ███ ███ ████ STUPID T-SHIRT." If you believe in free speech and an uncensored web, we encourage you to reach out to your local congressman or congresswoman and speak your mind. It's now or never. 

We've long been fond of Kickstarter going to Space, and, well, the Three Astronauts Opera project are getting us a little bit closer. Founding Executive Artistic Director Grethe B. Holby was on hand as NASA launched the Curiosity Rover, which will eventually touch down on Mars, to discuss how Art is essential in exploring space and the sciences at large. We couldn't agree more.  

In other WWW-related news, our old pal Allison Weiss popped by Kickstarter HQ and performed a little ditty from her first Kickstarter funded record. Her recent project just finished up this week, so expect new tunes soon, and maybe even a cover of a certain Robyn song. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge.

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God Help the Girl! No, not Allison Weiss, rather Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian's musical film adaptation of his 2009 project God Help The Girl project. As Stuart puts it in his project, the film follows "a girl called Eve who is in hospital dealing with some emotional problems and starts writing songs as a way of getting better." Oddly enough, I was not asked to share the songs I wrote too cheer me up while in the hospital with chicken pox. Hmmm.

Trying to celebrate early this year? The Brooklyn Night Bazaar's got you covered. Even better, the former project creators and teaming with fellow Kickstarter alums  Bring to Light: Nuit Blanche  to host an amazing weekend worth of music, shopping and hanging out. It kicked off last night with a special DJ appearance by Mr. DFA/LCD himself, James Murphy. #swag

    1. SonicSF on

      Hi -- These projects all seem awesome. How does one get a project featured on the blog like this? Or on the front page? I've looked throughout the help and FAQ's. Would also be interested in knowing how to become a "Project We Love" or a "Project of the Week." We're one of only three public radio projects on Kickstarter at all. I have a feeling that will change if we're successful, but I really like being among the first! Feel free to message me if you don't think this is the right place for this question. Keep up the good work!!!

    2. Jesse Pohlman on

      First of all, as a newly-arrived Kickstarter user, I have to say I love that shirt about the myriad "security" acts being put forth. Redactions are always so...Satisfying!

      Secondly, in what is hopefully not a concern vis-a-vis promotion, while I -do- have a kickstarter project active, I decided to use the experience I have gained through starting it to create an article that explains to others that might be interested in funding some of the details of Kickstater's nature.

      You can find said article at this link:

      I know it isn't a huge clipping from a major newspaper's assessment of your service, but knowing how Kickstarter is all about making great, small ideas into larger ones, I'd think that you'd be at least flattered that there's one more article out there about what a good resource this is for entrepreneurs. It doesn't hurt that it's been on Suite's front page for a few hours, now, either!

      My warmest regards,
      --Jesse Pohlman

    3. Leon Davis on

      I'm about hafe way done with my first fiction kickstarter good for fiction writers?

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      Namaku Keren on

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      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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