This Week in Kickstarter

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One of the most exciting things that happened in Kickstarterland this week was our announcement of the long-awaited New York City premiere of Girl Walk // All Day! It will be free, open to the public, and screened the the way God intended: from the dancefloor! RSVP here:

Our excitement continued when Alan Moore himself came out of hiding through the wonders of technology, lent his support for the Harvey Pekar project. For $99, have some tea and videconference with him. Impertinent questions welcome. If you're familiar with Moore's work (The Watchmen, V for Vendetta, the list goes on), you're probably emitting something high-pitched and disbelieving right now. If you're not, time to put your googling fingers to good use.

The Wired store also opened this week! Kickstarter has their very own curated nook, filled with a slew of amazing projects and rewards, including the much-loved Revolights bike lighting system. We went on the scene with Kent, who flew in from the west coast and wanted us to tell you that his mustache is for Movember, to set up. The Wired Store is now open for business in Times Square. We hear it's pretty fancy!

Terry Chen, whose project Filled With Sweets has our stomachs grumbling, sent us her recipe for Maple Black Sugar Cookies this week. And yes, black sugar is a real thing. DO NOT PANIC. Word is you can buy it on Amazon. Maybe this is a good excuse to finally try Amazon Prime and spend the weekend making these guys? Let us know how they turn out!

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      Hello, living Ireland and i want to start a project ...what do i do?

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